Yakiniku-Oh Goen: Get Your Grill On With Ingredients Air-Flown From Japan

Yakinikuoh - Storefront

If you’re looking for affordable yakiniku in Singapore, Yakiniku-Oh Goen is the go-to place for grilled meats and Japanese beer. The interior is relatively small with only a few tables, so by late evening, this relatively new restaurant gets pretty packed.

Yakinikuoh - Entrance

yakiniku oh

Expect a wide range of beef cuts on the menu, such as the beef short rib, sirloin, thick skirt and beef tongue. Yakiniku-Oh Goen serves A3 grade beef, which is one of the most popular beef grades in Japan.

Besides beef, there are also chicken, pork jowl and pork belly on the menu. You can also order vegetables like mushrooms and leeks for grilling alongside the meats.

The best part about this restaurant is that the ingredients are air-flown from Hokkaido, guaranteeing the quality and freshness.

Yakinikuoh - Yakiniku-ou Salad

The Yakiniku-oh Salad ($12) is a simple starter with beef slices on a bed of vegetables. The sweetness of the beef paired well with the fresh vegetables, and I loved the Japanese sesame dressing.

Yakinikuoh - Kimchi Set

The Kimchi Set ($12) comes with quite a hefty price tag, but if you’re looking for a refreshing accompaniment to the meats, this would be your best bet. The chilled cucumber, radish and cabbage were also great as a palate cleanser.

Yakinikuoh - Wagyu Tongue

The Beef Tongue ($12) at Yakiniku-Oh Goen is something I’ll definitely be back for. After grilling, the slices of tongue were packed with flavours and firm with every bite.

I’d recommend squeezing the lemon wedge over as an extra marinade before grilling.

Yakinikuoh - Sirloin

One of the most popular cuts at Yakiniku-Oh Goen is the Sirloin ($12). The slices have the perfect meat to fat ratio to achieve that melt-in-your-mouth effect.

Yakinikuoh - Ichigo

The Ichibo ($18) comes from the rump of the cow, with layers of fat on the sides. After the meat is grilled, the slices become slightly tougher, requiring a little more jaw work.

The flavours from the marinade though were on point, and I’d happily order this again.

Yakinikuoh - Platter

Can’t decide what to choose? Opt for one of the beef sets:

  • Set Chief ($36 for three different cuts)
  • Set Manager ($48 for three different cuts)
  • Set General Manager ($72 for four different cuts)
  • Set President ($120 for six different cuts)

Yakinikuoh - Meats on Grill

As the flames can get quite intense, it is best to flip the meat every so often to avoid overcooking it. We were unfortunately not warned about this and ended up overcooking the first few batches of the meat.

Perhaps, it would be better if the meats were cut slightly thicker to handle the heat.


Yakiniku-Oh Goen also offers a range of alcoholic beverages to choose from such as sake, beer and whiskey. Some diners actually even come here just to drink.

Yakinikuoh - Sapporo Beer

Coupled with a beer or two, Yakiniku-Oh Goen is a nice spot for dinner with your friends after work. Take your time grilling and drinking to really make the most of the experience.

Expected damage: $20 – $50 per pax

Yakiniku-Oh Goen: 122 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068591 | Tel: +65 6336 3366 | | Website

Opening Hours: (Lunch) (Mon to Fri) 11am – 3pm, (Dinner) (Mon to Sat) 5pm – 11pm, Closed on Sun & PH