Yang Ming Seafood @ Ubi celebrates its 2nd anniversary with new dishes

Just this 1 Dec, Yang Ming Seafood @ Ubi celebrated their 2nd anniversary. Upon achieving this milestone, they decided to add new store-exclusive items. While those items will be rolled out onto their standard menu, there’s something festive about having them this month. It’s almost like you’re celebrating with them.

Yang Ming Seafood - outside

Like their flagship store in Bishan, Yang Ming Seafood @ Ubi offers an ocean’s worth of fresh seafood zichar. Alright, maybe the ocean is quite an exaggeration but they do plate up fresh seafood for your dining pleasure, all at reasonable prices.

Yang Ming Seafood - Andrew Lobster
Credit – Yang Ming Seafood

Their menu still hosts old-school zichar favourites like Andrew Lobster Chee Cheong Fun (S$108 for 2 pieces of Boston Lobster, S$147 for 3 pieces of Boston Lobster, S$148 for Australian per 1kg), which is one of their signature dishes.

Yang Ming Seafood - Pig Stomach Chicken Soup

Another classic is the Pig Stomach Chicken Soup (S$78), which was my personal highlight out of all the dishes. Although peppery, reminiscent of Bak Kut Teh, it’s not the most dominant taste in the soup. Both the pig stomach and kampung chicken are tender, which pairs well with the slightly thick and collagen-rich broth.

Yang Ming Seafood - Steamed Baby Sotong

Yang Ming Seafood brought out their ⁠Steamed Baby Sotong (S$20 for Small, S$30 for Large). For this, you can opt to have the fried version (S$20 for Small, S$30 for Large) as well.

Yang Ming Seafood - Salt and Pepper Prawns

A unanimous favourite around the table was the ⁠Salt and Pepper Prawns (S$30 for 500g / S$60 for 1kg). Served up like a bouquet in a cup, it makes for easy grabbing and will leave you licking your fingers.

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Yang Ming Seafood - Chao Tah Pig Trotter CCF

For their new dishes, I want to start with the Chao Tah Pig Trotter Chee Cheong Fun (CCF) (S$25). The group that I was seated with – because let’s be real, zichar always tastes better with company – was puzzled at first.

Yang Ming Seafood - Chao Tah Pig Trotter CCF 2

I can best describe this dish as the lovechild of char kway teow and chai tow kway. In fact, most of us there thought it was either or. It had a smokey scent of wok hei, and felt familiar even with the innovation.

Yang Ming Seafood - Dry Shrimp Vegetables

Another new dish at the Ubi branch that’s simple but well executed is the Dry Shrimp Vegetables (S$25). There are fragrantly cooked choi sum topped with dry shrimp. Considering the rest of the stronger-tasting menu, it was a good break for a moment.

Yang Ming Seafood - Golden Gravy Crab with CCF

Golden Gravy Crab with Chee Cheong Fun (CCF) uses either an Indonesian live crab (S$95 per 1kg) or a Sri Lanka live crab (S$100 per 1kg). ‘Golden’ in this dish refers to the pumpkin gravy. Even with the sweetness from the crab and stock used, it was light in flavour.

Yang Ming Seafood - Umami Crab Seafood Paofan

The final new dish I got to try at Yang Ming Seafood was the Umami Crab Seafood Paofan (S$138), which was seafood heaven. Filled with a bounty of prawns and a live crab, the stock was deeply rich and made each bite of rice addictive.

Yang Ming Seafood - new dishes

If you’re looking to have a lavish meal that is well worth the dollars put in, Yang Ming Seafood really takes the crown. The seafood is undoubtedly fresh, so you may as well dive in to try the new dishes.

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Yang Ming Seafood

71 Ubi Cres, Excalibur Centre, #01-05, Singapore 408571

Yang Ming Seafood

71 Ubi Cres, Excalibur Centre, #01-05, Singapore 408571

Operating Hours: 11am - 2.30pm & 4.40pm - 10.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 2.30pm & 4.40pm - 10.30pm (Daily)
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