Yogurtland Singapore: Have As Much Froyo As You Can Fit In One Cup + Unlimited Toppings For Only S$6 At Suntec Till 2 July ’17


Yogurtland is the top American brand for self-serve frozen yogurt. It usually costs $3 per 100g of froyo, but from now till 2 July 2017, you can get as much yogurt as you want in a cup, with unlimited toppings.

That’s right. It now costs $6 per cup, but how much yogurt you put in it is all up to your dexterity and the laws of physics. Looking at some of the pictures of people who have cashed in on this, you can get really good value for your money.


I honestly had no idea you could get it that high. You don’t need to get the tallest cup of yogurt to get a free cup anymore (that was a promotion this May 2017), so feel free to get the size that you want, and to add on all the toppings that you love.

This offer ends soon on 2 July, so be sure to grab a cup and get as much froyo as you can. The sky is the limit!

Price: $6 per 8oz cup

Yogurtland Singapore: Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11am – 10pm | Tel: +65 6252 2007 | Facebook | Website | More Info