Have easier & better periods with the help of TCM by YY Wellness

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Periods. Menstruation. Shark week. Da yi ma. Anybody menstruating would know that the time of the month is no fun. The moods, the spotty skin, back pain, the cravings and the feeling like your the biggest elephant to walk this planet, though no disrespect to actual elephants. YY Wellness is here to make your periods a little better with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

YY Wellness stands for Ying Yi Wellness, where they combine tradition and culture for the busy modern women. Just like TILY Tea, YY Wellness understand the countless benefits of Chinese medicine to help rebalance the body to have better periods. Working together with a group of Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians, YY Wellness has a YY Period Care Routine (S$50 each month) consisting of 2 tea-bags split into three sections for different parts of your period.

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It starts with the Yellow Pack consisting of 12 tea bags. This is reformulated from Bupleurum & Peony Formula (加味逍遙散) to relieve tensions and improve sleep quality. You have ingredients such hawthorn fruit to promote digestive function and reduce bloating while preventing cholesterol accumulation in the blood.

Plus, there are ingredients such as white peony root and liquorice nourish liver yin and effectively relieve muscle contractions typically associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

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Then it’s the Pink Pack that consists of five packets that you take at the start of your period. This formula is delicately balanced with ingredients derived from the Tang Kuei & Peony Formula (當歸芍藥散).

This tea helps to relieve lower abdominal pain which nourishing your blood and regulating the liver. This gentle blend of herbs will help you to zen out when your hormones are bouncing all over the place.

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The last one is the White Pack for those couple of days after your period. This set consists of five tea packets to assist in the natural process of nourishing your qi and yin by supplementing those deficiencies with a modified Ginseng & Ophiopogon Formula (生脈飲). There are ingredients such as Chinese Magnolia Vine used to astringe, reduce perspiration, and restore exhaustion.

Personally, I like to call the week after your period the ‘Golden Week’ where everything from your hair, skin, moods are working in sync. A beautiful time, albeit a week.

As someone who suffered from nearly debilitating cramps every month, this sounds like something I would love to try. It’s also useful to know that YY Wellness teas are all-natural, sugar-free, caffeine-free, GMO-free, and most importantly, hassle-free. It works on a subscription model with a 28-day cycle so at a click of a button you’ll get these wellness teas delivered straight to you—it’s that simple.