Partying with AirAsia Bloggers’ Community in Bangkok 2015

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Thanks to the wonderful folk at AirAsia Singapore, I recently got to represent Singapore’s bloggers with Tony and Tiffany at the 2nd year anniversary of AirAsia Bloggers’ Community 2015 in Bangkok and rub shoulders with bloggers from all over Asia.

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Hosted in Eastin Grand Hotel Santhorn, this huge bloggers event saw enthusiastic representatives from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and of course, Singapore.

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We began the event in the day with a Photo Hunt Rally, where different nationality bloggers were grouped into teams and sent on a photo hunt around Bangkok, with the task of taking group selfies with landmarks like a shrine, shopping district and Thai food.

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The energy in the room was truly captivating, with renown bloggers all excited to rush off and win prizes for honor and glory.

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Here we have my hardworking group (5) planning their route and strategizing who has the longest hands to hold the camera for selfies while I slacked off taking event photos.

airasia bloggers community 2015-7168

I’ve never seen so many high-end DSLRs in a room before, and you can tell everyone is a professional in their own right.

airasia bloggers community 2015-7179

Once the signal was given, every team literally ran off to find their targets in mind, but unfortunately the more slug-like ones like myself were impeded by the technical lack of lifts which couldn’t fit a horde of spirited bloggers.

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The rule was that we could only travel by Bangkok Sky Train (BTS) which made exploring Bangkok all that more authentic and localized.

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Siam Paragon was one of the hotspots for the bloggers, with many photo objectives easily satisfied there if you know where to look.


One of the zillion selfies we took during the photo hunt, credit goes to my teammate model-blogger Marianna Henud who really made me work hard for a great selfie shot. The result, was of course nothing short of spectacular. Think I’ll stick to photographing food though, my hands just aren’t long enough.

airasia bloggers community 2015-7191

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After a tedious afternoon of running after tuk tuks and eating Thai mango salad, we got back in one piece with our final group picture.

Introducing my amicable teammates from the left: Sutiknyo (Indonesia) , myself (Singapore), Marianna Helud (Philippines), Mek Onie (Malaysia) and Nguyen Tuan (Vietnam).

It truly was a blast guys! Think I burnt off the entire trip’s calories in that one sweaty afternoon (nah who am I kidding lol).

But WAIT, there’s more!

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Evening was where the AirAsia bloggers’ really came out to party.

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Contrasting the casual attire we wore in the afternoon, most guests came hella pimped up. There was also a best dressed national costume contest and boy these guys didn’t pull any punches.


And then there was me, in my uh, Singapore national corporate office-wear outfit. At least Tiffany had something more native on, although that could easily also be Malaysia’s national costume (ok Singapore is a multi-racial country anyway).

I’m not too sure what IS Singapore’s national costume anyway, a singlet with shorts and a Good Morning towel around the neck, maybe? Like coolies in the old days.

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Mr. Santisuk Klongchaiya (Head of Commercial, Thai AirAsia) gave out the prizes for the winning photo hunt rally teams.
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The live band commenced and we all had a great time mingling, sharing stories and networking with bloggers all over the Asian region. Sometimes being a full-time blogger does have its perks, and AirAsia’s Blogger Community party was definitely one stellar example.

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Another big thanks to AirAsia Singapore for sending us on this wonderful journey. It was an amazing, vibrant experience meeting other like-minded bloggers who love what they do. I’m already looking forward to next year and hope to be included again.

Yes, I know AirAsia Singapore is reading this. *VERY BLATANT HINT HINT*