4Fingers introduces series of massive JawBreakers burgers till 30 June 2022

For me, 4Fingers is a place I would normally head to when I’m looking to satisfy my fried chicken cravings. I have always been a fan of their crispy fried chicken and rice boxes, but one thing that I have not tried often would be their burgers. Now, I have every reason to do so.

Picture of 4Fingers burgers

Recently, 4Fingers rolled out their new JawBreakers series. This exciting launch will present diners with the biggest, juiciest, and crispiest burgers. Their monstrous JawBreaker burgers are incredibly tall, and you may have to stretch your jaw a little to get a bite of them.

Picture of 4Finger burger

First up on the list would be their Monster Tower (S$11.95).

Indeed, this burger lives up to its intimidating name with it being the tallest burger out of the trio. Inside this enormous burger are two huge chicken burger chops, which comes in either 4Fingers’ Signature Hot Sauce or Soy Garlic Sauce.

The burger also comes with smoked cheddar cheese, various greens with thousand island sauce, and two toasty sesame buns. This is truly the epitome of a jaw-dropping burger.

Picture of 4Finger burger

Next up is 4Fingers’ Chees-Zila (S$10.95) – a match made in heaven for cheese lovers, as you’ll get to enjoy up to four different cheeses in one single burger.

This burger comprises of a blend of smoked cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese, as well as cheese sticks and nacho cheese sauce. Of course, you also have your chicken chop wedged right in the centre, which also comes with mixed greens. All in all, it simply cannot get much cheesier than this.

Lastly, 4Fingers’ Chicky Crisp (S$9.95) features a single crispy chicken chop doused in soy garlic sauce, along with your classic greens and smoked cheddar cheese. Don’t be fooled by how simple this burger is, as this epic combination can be incredibly addictive! 

This new lineup of burgers is now available at all 4Fingers outlets till 30 June 2022.

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