Kakao Friends “Character-Flavoured” Water is So Cute You Better Get Your Hands On Them Now at 7-Eleven SG

The one thing that Korean and Japanese messaging platforms have, which the dull and colourless WhatsApp can never satisfy, is the availability of cute character stickers. 

7 Eleven Kakao Online 2

Started out as mere mobile messaging app personalities on Kakao Talk, the characters from Kakao Friends rose to fame, becoming one of the country’s most beloved group of characters alongside their rival, Line Friends. 

Ryan the Lion and the absolutely lovable Apeach, not only won the hearts of local Koreans, but they also gained the likes of international fans with exposure through collaborations with cosmetic brands and electronic appliances, releasing a series of adorable products worldwide.

7 Eleven Kakao Online 3
Credit – 7-Eleven SG

This time around, Ryan and Apeach has once again reached our shores and are nearer to our homes than we expected. In fact, they can now be found disguised as water bottles in our local 7-Eleven just around the corner.

Available in orange (Ryan) and peach (Apeach) flavours, these limited edition “character-flavoured” water is now on sale for S$3.90 in all 7-Eleven countrywide. As we noted, while some lucky Singaporean Kakao fans have got their hands on these bottles, not all the outlets have them stocked up at the moment. Thus, be prepared to make a trip or two to different 7-Eleven outlets to check them out for yourselves!

As I read in a comment, “This is one of the best things 7-Eleven ever released. WHO DOESN’T LOVE RYAN?” Yes, I totally agree. Cuteness aside,  this is probably one of the best ways to stay hydrated in this sweltering weather!

Dates & Times: Available at all 7-Eleven outlets, while stocks last 

Price: S$3.90 per bottle

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