Beloved zi char place, 83 Seafood Restaurant, closes down for SERS on 30 Apr 2023

Many folks (myself included) are anxious over the many closures happening recently. Some examples are hawker stalls like Da Chang Jin Handmade Chee Cheong Fun and restaurants like Steeple’s Deli. So it is a disappointment when 83 Seafood Restaurant in MacPherson ceased operations as well on 30 Apr 2023.

Also known as 83 Live Seafood, this zi char stall was known as a seafood paradise. With fresh seafood at affordable prices, what was there not to love? Many customers were frequent visitors to this spot on MacPherson Lane, often having been regulars for many years.

83 Seafood Restaurant — Storefront

Although the announcement (which was made via Google) was abrupt, the closure seemed to be expected. The reasoning behind their closure had not been explicitly said by 83 Seafood Restaurant, but was speculated by some Facebook users that it was the en bloc redevelopment.

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According to the news, Blocks 81 to 83 MacPherson Lane had been selected for the Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) since 31 May 2018. This redevelopment was no exception for the 27 shops or 2 eating houses in the vicinity. One of such eating houses housed 83 Seafood Restaurant.

83 Seafood Restaurant — Announcement

However, many folks were lost as to why the stall announced a closure rather than a relocation. One particular comment shed some light on this issue, stating that 83 Seafood Restaurant will be taking 6 months for a break before considering a location for relocation.

That did not stop other customers from speculating, such as whether the rental cost had been increased too high, especially since rising rental costs have been a common reasoning for many closures.

83 Seafood Restaurant — Mussels

Nevertheless, it is clear that 83 Seafood Restaurant will be missed dearly. One of their popular dishes was the Garlic Steamed Mussels (S$15). Fresh yet juicy mussels lathered with a flavourful soy base, this dish was deemed incredibly worth its value.

Perhaps 83 Seafood Restaurant would release news on their relocation soon. I am sure many are awaiting their return to Singapore’s food scene until then.

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83 Seafood Restaurant

83 MacPherson Lane, Singapore 360083

83 Seafood Restaurant

83 MacPherson Lane, Singapore 360083