COVID-19 Outbreak Led To The Birth Of Insta-worthy Dragon Fruit Bread In Vietnam

This is what I like about the human race; despite our cold and apathetic pretence, we tend to outdo ourselves in times of uncertainty and crisis with an unknowing display of community spirit and support for one another. 

Amongst the little significant acts happening around the world, Ho Chi Minh-based ABC Bakery, is playing its part to help their local farmers amid the COVID-19 outbreak by selling bread. 

Dragon Fruit Bread Online 2

Capturing the hearts of the customers are these beautifully baked coral pink bread made using unsold dragon fruits in the country, which faced being wastefully disposed of when significant amounts of trade activities with China have been halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Thus, to support their local farmers, owner of ABC Bakery, Mr. Kao Sieu Luc, came up with the idea of adding this tropical fruit into their bread in a bid to enhance its favours and also purchase the unsold fruits in the market. 

Dragon Fruit Bread Online 4

The Dragon Fruit Bread which comes in two flavours—Original (~S$0.36) and Taro (~S$1.09)—were birthed after a series of trial and error, and became an instant hit in Vietnam all thanks to its instagrammable appearance and amazing fruity flavours. 

Dragon Fruit Bread Online 3

Due to its popular demand, the chain has increased its production to make 20,000 loaves of Dragon Fruit Bread daily. Even with that, customers are now limited to the purchase of five loaves at a time!

With the success of ABC Bakery’s Dragon Fruit Bread, Mr. Kao Sieu Luc is already in the midst of working out more recipes for their baked goods using Vietnamese farm produce such as durian, watermelon and avocados. 

Yes, my fellow Singaporeans—I hear and feel your disappointment. As we are now rather cautious travelling in and out of the country, it’s nearly impossible getting hold of these beautiful-looking Dragon Fruit Bread. 

Until any of our local bakeries try their hand on this brilliant recipe, why not try it for ourselves in our kitchens? A little birdie just told me Mr. Kao Sieu Luc has his recipe up on ABC Bakery’s Facebook page for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty!

Dates & Times: Now available at all ABC Bakery outlets

Prices: Original (~S$0.36), Taro (~S$1.09)