Build your own Adidas Superstar shoe with LEGO

Collection of Adidas LEGO collaboration

A collaboration that will send all the nerds that are sneakerheads or all the sneakerheads that are nerds into quite the frenzy. LEGO has been serving us rather wonderful drops like this LUIGI interactive set. This time, LEGO has teamed up with Adidas Originals for one of the coolest collaborations ever. A classic of the German sportswear brand, the Superstar is one of the most iconic sneakers to get your hands on. But that’s not all, after you assemble your shoe in a buildable LEGO brick model you can display for all the world to see.

Close-up of LEGO adidas collaboration

If you successfully build this 731-piece, you’ll get a replica of this iconic Adidas shoe complete with a stand. For all those sneakerheads, it is worthy to note that this even comes in the blue box. This sneaker measures 27 centimetres long, 9 centimetres wide, and over 12 centimetres tall, a shoe that is as true to scale as it can be.

Front of LEGO adidas collaboration

Now, let’s talk details. Just how close is the Adidas x LEGO replica is to the real thing? Oh, it’s mightily accurate, alright. These shoes have the classic off-white colourway with Adidas’s iconic three-stripe motif in black. Plus, these sneakers also have the signature mermaid shell toe-box. As the cherry on top, you even have the shiny golden trefoil logo emblazoned on the tongue.

Although you can’t really wear these shoes, the set comes with real shoelaces so you can tie them however you like. The other cool thing is that you can decide whether you want the shoe to be left or right-footed; of course, if you have the extra moolah, just get both so you can have a complete set.

The LEGO® adidas Originals Superstar 10282 model is exclusively available at LEGO Certified Stores, adidas Originals store at Vivocity and adidasSingapore Online, at S$149.90

Date & Time: This LEGO x adidas Superstar set is available at LEGO Certified Stores, adidas Originals store at Vivocity and adidasSingapore Online.

Price: S$149.90

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