Afterwit Mexican Taqueria: Singapore Cafe Review

Last Updated: November 7, 2016

Written by Cassidy Duvall

Chilled out cafe serving up Mexican bites – Halal style

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Exterior

Located on the ever-bustling North Bridge Road in the Arab Quarter, the co-owners of nearby Working Title have opened the doors on their newest cafe venture, Afterwit Mexican Taqueria.

Taking advantage of the relatively untouched area of Mexican Halal restaurants in Singapore, Afterwit provides a welcome twist on the everyday cafe menu, offering a variety of classic Mexican dishes and refreshing beverages.

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Interior Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Interior

Having collaborated with The Methodology Works located just up the stairs, the interior of the cafe is very relaxed, providing both peace and space for those looking to work on their computer, or stage a friendly business meeting.

The chairs are even a nice mix of cafe contemporary and comfortable sofas. If you desire, the entire location can be rented out for larger groups or events. On occasion, Afterwit also plays host to live performances by local bands in the evening.

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Lychee Mojito

I kicked off lunch with a refreshing virgin Lychee Mojito ($7.00), one of Afterwits most popular blended drinks. Although I could not see any visible mint leaves signature in a mojito, it had a nice bright flavor that balanced out the spices of my forthcoming meat and salsa based dishes nicely. I would have been more than happy having about three or four more – good thing they are mocktails.

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Carne Asada Tacos

Carne Asada Tacos ($12.00 regularly, $10.00 for the set lunch 12pm-3pm on weekdays). The set lunch option during the week includes a canned drink, or for an additional $2, a fresh juice or coffee. The soft shell tacos come on flour tortillas and are lined with slices of roast beef.

The taco shells are served warmed and were a little hard near the edges, but overall had nice, soft texture. The roast beef slices were appropriately thin, and while being cooked well done, had a nice flavor.

Before I arrived I was a little concerned about consuming large amounts of Mexican food and then promptly falling asleep on my laptop, but the tacos came in a perfect lunch-sized portion.

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Nachos Pancho de Pollo Cajún

The Nachos Pancho de Pollo Cajún ($14.00) are listed on the Sharing Menu. I personally would have much preferred the taste and texture of real shredded cheese over nacho cheese.

The nachos were not as flavorful as the tacos, as they were missing the salsa that was served with the other dishes and sour cream, but the portion size was nice for a small group. Plus, I have never met a plate of nachos I didn’t like.

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Pato Jarabe de Arce Burrito

Afterwit’s burritos are the main attraction. The Pato Jarabe de Arce Burrito ($15.00 regularly, $12.00 for the set lunch 12pm-3pm, weekdays) is made with thick slices of maple-glazed duck. The moist and tender duck meat paired nicely with the warm melted cheese and black beans. The generous serving of Mexican rice inside the burrito was very flavorful and filling.

The burrito was my most favorite item on the menu. In addition to the offered duck, mushroom, beef and salmon burritos, Afterwit plans to offer limited edition speciality burritos incorporating various local Singapore flavors.

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Chichén Itzá Dessert

Named after the ancient Mayan city for its similar structure, the Chichén Itzá ($12.00) dessert dish was hard to say no to even though Mexican restaurants always left me stuffed. The fluffy brioche toast (the same used in their Eggs Benedictinos dish) was scattered with a generous dusting of cinnamon and sugar – reminiscent of the classic Mexican churro.

The sweet maple syrup and bananas were a welcome finish to the meal. The dish would also be a great stand alone sweet treat paired with a coffee.

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Flat White

Flat White ($5.00). The co-owners of Afterwit understand that coffee culture in Singapore is no joke. In fact, they are so passionate about their coffee they started their own mobile coffee business, Of Mice and Men, bringing specialty coffee to various events around Singapore.

My flat white was spot on in all areas. The taste was strong and very well balanced and had a lovely creamy texture. If you are not keen on Mexican Halal, Afterwit is worth a stop for the coffee alone.

Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Interior Afterwit Mexican Cafe-Exterior

Overall, Afterwit offers a refreshing break from the standard work-friendly cafe vibe and  menu. Their offerings are even more impressive considering they do not have a large kitchen. Staff members are equal parts barista, server and chef.

The food is pretty true to Mexican taste, however note this is not the place to slug down pitchers of margaritas and get rowdy with a group of friends as it is halal and doesn’t serve alcohol. Afterwit is, however, a great place to check out if you are looking for a peaceful place to work, or a low key cafe to meet up with a friend while enjoying some tasty tacos or a quality cup of joe – or both!

Expected Damage: $12 – 22 per pax

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Afterwit: 778 North Bridge Road, 198746 | Tel: 6299 3508 | Website

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