Angie’s Oyster Bar: Enjoy S$1 Oysters Daily With An Amazing View Of The City Skyline

Angie's Oyster Bar 2

I love seafood, and I really love oysters, so when I heard about Angie’s Oyster Bar and its $1 oyster promotions, I knew I had to pay the restaurant a visit.

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The place is located on the 45th floor of 50 Raffles Place, making it one of the best places to have a drink while enjoying the view of the sun setting over the CBD skyline.

Angie's Oyster Bar 1

Although I visited for the $1 oysters, I found out that there were a lot of other great promotions running at the same time, like getting 50% off a whole Boston lobster or $10 cocktails after 8pm, so I decided to get the Beer Paddle ($15 for three, $20 for five).

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I started off with Half A Dozen Fresh Oysters (usual price $23, $1 each from 6-8pm daily), three Fine De Claire and three Black pearl oysters. The Fine De Claire oysters were size four and that meant they were small, but they packed a great punch of flavour.

Angie's Oyster Bar 5

The Black Pearl oysters, however, was much bigger and firmer at size two. The taste profile was also completely different, with a slight bitterness at the start giving way to a sweeter, briny aftertaste.

Pairing these with the lager, I felt that the beer left a clean finish, without being too gassy.

Angie's Oyster Bar 4

Next up was a half dozen of Freshly Shucked Clams (usual price $23, $1.50 each from 6-8pm), from the Netherlands. The clam meat was chewy and I could taste the sweetness of the sea permeating through. This was recommended to be paired with the Big Wave beer from Hawaii, and the taste really did change. It started out with a clean finish, but after having it with the clams, the fruity citrus notes gave way to a slight hop aftertaste.

Angie's Oyster Bar 8

How can you say no to Fish & Chips ($23) at a seafood-centric restaurant? Beer battered mackerel with homemade tartar sauce and thick cut fries, this dish is definitely filling enough for one person. The texture of the fish wasn’t the best but the batter was crispy and light, while the tartar sauce was tangy and added a bit of bite.

Angie's Oyster Bar 9

I usually don’t add condiments like ketchup or chilli to my food, but I’m going to recommend trying some of the pineapple chilli the restaurant provides. The sweetness of the pineapple pairs perfectly with the slight kick of spice, and it definitely whetted my appetite for the dish and went well with the fluffy fries.

Angie's Oyster Bar 10

But the real question is: Is the 50% off the Butter Lobster ($58 whole, $28 half) worth it? For me, it’s a resounding yes. The Boston lobster has herb butter smeared on it before it’s cooked over a charcoal grill, imparting beautiful grill marks along with a delicious smokiness that gives a nice depth to the sweet flesh of the crustacean. The herb butter was earthy and herbaceous with a hint of lemon, which added a nice zesty flavour.

Angie's Oyster Bar 3

Great food and an amazing view, I’m not sure what other motivation anybody would require to visit Angie’s Oyster Bar. I know I’m definitely heading back with a group of friends soon for the delicious seafood!

Expected damage: $20 – $40 per pax

Angie’s Oyster Bar: Level 45, 50 Raffles Place, Singapore 048623 | Tel: +65 62219555 | Opening hours: (Mon – Thurs) 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm, (Sat) 6pm – 11pm, Closed on Sun | Website | Facebook