Anti:dote: Liven Up Your Work Week With New Innovative Tipples & Tapas At Fairmont Singapore


If you’re a fan of unconventional tipples, you need to check out Anti:dote’s new cocktail menu. Specially designed by Head Craftsman Bannie Kang and Head Chef Tryson Quek, this menu is full of innovative cocktails and tapas with Asian influences.


Conveniently located in Fairmont Singapore, the dim evening lighting of Anti:dote makes it a great hangout spot for post-work drinks. Several items on the new menu will beckon you to the ocean, with seafood bites and a number of tipples that’ll transport you to sandy beaches and crashing waves.

Antidote New Menu 2018 01

With a range of cocktails from light to heavy-hitting, there’s something for everyone on Bannie’s cocktail menu. We started the night off with the lightest of the lot.

The Atlantis Lea ($23) is a tequila-based concoction which combines the refreshing taste of cucumbers with the lightness of aquafaba.

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Otherwise, down the drink with some oysters, like we did. The Irish No.3 Oysters ($25 for half a dozen, $40 for a dozen) came with pickled seaweed, spicy tomato ice and butter caviar.

The slightly briny flavour of the oysters went really well with the light cocktail. The butter caviar also helped to elevate the dish, with its nutty aroma and creamy, savoury flavour.


The second drink we tried was the Rabbit Hole ($23). While not exactly ocean-related, I was really intrigued by the cocktail’s presentation: served in a ceramic jug with an edible baby carrot, this drink was too adorable for words!

The Hendrick’s gin and elderflower liqueur mixture tasted very healthy indeed, and the lemon and carrot juice brightened the drink considerably.


You should definitely take a bite out of the baby carrot! Sweet and fresh, it’s best enjoyed after soaking up a bit of the gin concoction. This went very well with the Chicken Liver Parfait ($16).

Antidote New Menu 2018 02

I bet you haven’t seen bar bites as adorable as this dish! The Chicken Liver Parfait was served in a ceramic bird with an Arugula Nest, and crispy bread on the side.

The chicken liver had a consistency like whipped cream, after being sous vide for 45 minutes. The slightly gamey flavour was complemented by the sharper, peppery taste of the arugula.


We also tried the Taproot Sangaree ($23). Combining house-made beetroot wine and mezcal resulted in a sweet drink with strong smoky and earthy notes. This drink helps in digestion, so you won’t be getting an upset tummy from all the rich food.

Antidote New Menu 2018 03

The tapas dish that came with this cocktail reminded me of kueh pie tee, with the tartlet shells and savoury filling. With Beetroot, Edamame, Burrata and Manuka Honey ($16), this was a flavour explosion in my mouth. Bonus points because it’s both healthy and delicious!

Antidote New Menu 2018 05

My favourite tipple was definitely the Su Jung Gwa ($25). Made with Remy Martin VSOP, Absinthe, Angostura Bitters, Red Dates and the mysterious Su Jung Gwa Syrup, this drink was specially created by Bannie. She drew her inspiration from a traditional Korean tea but gave it an intoxicating twist.

Antidote New Menu 2018 06

The red dates came in the form of a dense fruit jelly. This alcoholic drink was also sprayed with absinthe, and 24K gold shavings were sprinkled on top.

The tangy and mildly astringent taste of this cocktail went well with the Hokkaido Scallop Tartar ($26), served with Smoked Lime Ponzu, Fresh Sea Urchin and Caviar.

Antidote New Menu 2018 04

The Hokkaido Scallop Tartar was best enjoyed with the rice crackers that had the distinct crunch of our local favourite keropok, which helped to capture some of the lingering scallop flavours.


Coming in a close second on my list of favourites was the Philoso’Me ($25), a Negroni variant that packed a punch. This cocktail was served with a piece of dark chocolate, which went very well with the intense coffee notes.

The taste evolved from sweet to a bitter finish, with a sustained smoky undertone throughout.

Antidote New Menu 2018 05

We enjoyed this drink together with Grilled Octopus with Crispy Parsnips and Sherry Porcini ($20). The octopus was cooked for 10 hours in five spices to achieve its chewy tenderness.

Parsnips are usually just the garnish or side dish, but the sweet, creamy and smooth parsnips in this dish almost stole the show.


The next drink we tried was The Out-Of-Towner ($105) which came in a lovely Ferris wheel which serves four to six people. Made with spiced rum, this drink gets its beautiful colour from the butterfly pea flower. It tasted pleasant too, like an alcoholic Ribena drink!

Antidote New Menu 2018 06

This came with the Threadfin Fish with Fats Chip and Petit Pois Soup ($18), inspired by the quintessentially English Fish & Chips. Head Chef Tryson Quek chose threadfin fish instead of the traditional codfish because codfish is an endangered species, and he wanted to add some local flavour with a fish commonly used in Asian dishes.

Sweet and delicate, this buttery fish went well with the mint-infused pea soup. The chips were made from potatoes cooked in duck fat, adding a layer of gamey flavour.


The final drink of the night was the Lord Kane ($23), a cheerful cocktail that reminded me of a Pina Colada. Made with Bacardi, salted pineapple, lemon juice and lavender coconut syrup, sipping this cocktail transported me to a sunny beach.

Antidote New Menu 2018 12

This drink paired well with the dessert dish, Raspberry with Pistachio Whip and Verbena Granite ($12). The powder on the side is actually ice cream in dehydrated form, and the tart icy-ness went well with the sweet jelly LEGO-shaped figurines.

We were definitely satisfied and stuffed after our session at Anti:dote, though we didn’t even try everything on the menu. Time to gather your drinking kakis for a night of unconventional tipples and innovative dishes, so sea you there!

Expected damage: $30 – $60 per pax

Anti:dote: 80 Bras Basah Road, Level 1, Fairmont Singapore, Singapore 189560 | Tel: +65 6431 6156 | Opening Hours: 5pm – Late (Daily) | Facebook | Website