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Artichoke Revamps Their Menu To Serve Cuttlefish Shawarma & Baklava Cheesecake

Last Updated: October 30, 2019

Written by Wani

I believe Artichoke to be one of the best restaurants in Singapore, given its souped-up renditions of Middle Eastern dishes and Chef Bjorn’s quirky and colourful personality splashed across the walls of his cosy, yet vibrant restaurant.

artichoke new menu 2019

I know it’s a tall order and a sweeping statement coming from a single person, but if you haven’t already visited, now’s the time to dig into some amazingly delicious nosh from Artichoke’s new menu!

Artichoke's New Menu 2019 3

One of the must-try dishes is their famous hummus—they serve a few varieties, like the Hummus & Iraqi Spiced Mushrooms (S$14), which was a thick, generous serving of velvet-smooth blended chickpeas and a plethora of seasoning.

Be sure to take a hearty handful of homemade bread as well, to mop up every last drop of hummus; please leave your carb concerns at the door.

Artichoke's New Menu 2019 4

Cuttlefish Shawarma, Chicken Fat Dressing, Lime (S$25), anyone? Who would’ve thought to use chicken fat on seafood? All these questions raced through my mind as I chewed on these incredibly tender morsels and wondered why it was so uncommon to find non-rubbery cuttlefish served in restaurants.

The cuttlefish pieces left a gratifying fatty mouthfeel that wasn’t cloying or overwhelming; instead, I simply wished that I could’ve finished the plate on my own.

Artichoke's New Menu 2019 9

Seriously, though, be sure to make more room for the Thicc Hashbrown, Sour Cream, Fresh Herb Za’atar (S$14) because this ain’t just another tummy filler. The za’atar was light and airy—something you’d not expect from it at all.

The hashbrown, although truly thicc, wasn’t dense, and instead was fluffy with a gratifying crisp exterior that you’ll really love.

Artichoke's New Menu 2019 11

There’s no sweeter way to end your meal than with the Baklava Cheesecake, Pistachio, Orange Blossom, Cream (S$22), a great alternative to traditional baklava but less saccharine. The cheesecake wasn’t a creamy one—it leaned more towards a soft-baked dough that soaked up rich notes of orange blossom.

I truly enjoyed both the textural and flavour contrasts of this unique dessert, from fluffy and creamy, to sweet and tangy.

This is only a fraction of the impressive spread that Artichoke has in store for diners with their latest menu additions. New patrons and regulars alike will agree with me—it’s bound to be one of the best meals of your lives.

Dates & Times: New menu is available at Artichoke | 4pm – 10pm (Wed – Sun), Closed on Mon

Prices: S$30 – S$60 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


161 Middle Road, Singapore 188978

Our Rating 5/5


161 Middle Road, Singapore 188978

Operating Hours: 4pm - 10pm (Wed - Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 4pm - 10pm (Wed - Sun), Closed on Mon
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