Get Boozy With Bailey’s Original Ice Cream Petites On Sticks Now At FairPrice Outlets In SG

Usher in the “alco-holidays” early this year with Bailey’s Original Ice Cream Petites, exclusively available at FairPrice!

Bailey's 1

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Rum & Raisin as the ultimate store-bought alcoholic ice cream. Well, there’s another player coming in stronger this season. Bailey’s Original Ice Cream Petites seem like they could take the alcoholic ice-cream market by storm.

Bailey’s older ice cream creations were sold in tubs, while this latest dessert is sold on sticks. Each box comes with six petite sticks, at S$12.50 per box. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Bailey's 2

Wrapped in a golden matte plastic wrap, the Bailey’s ice cream gives off a luxurious feel which might also represent the richness of the ice cream.

Bailey's 4

The ice cream had a hard and sturdy dark chocolate shell encasing the decadent Bailey’s ice cream. To my surprise, the shell withstood the sweltering weather of Singapore without melting too quickly. So if you’re afraid of getting your hands messy with this dessert, don’t worry because it won’t melt into a gooey mess.

Bailey's 3

The ice cream is supposedly flavoured with Bailey’s, however, the alcoholic taste is notably subtle. The original Bailey’s drink has a complex chocolate aroma with hints of exotic vanilla and the soft aromas of Irish whiskey. So if you’re looking to enjoy an alcoholic ice cream yet not get intoxicated, then this might just be the ice cream for you.

So what are you waiting for? Swoop by your closest FairPrice to get your hands on some Bailey’s flavoured ice cream sticks!

Date & Times: Now available at all FairPrice outlets

Price: S$12.50 per box