Bar On Chulia: Enjoy Fresh Oysters At Just S$1 Every Thursday Night

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Need a well-deserved break from your hectic work life? Why not head down to Bar on Chulia. Conveniently located just beside the OCBC Centre right near the huge Henry Moore Sculpture, the alfresco-style bar is the perfect place for after-work drinks.

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Begin your night with refreshing cocktails such as the classic Mojito ($15). A generous amount of white rum and mint leaves are thrown into the concoction for this one.

And if you want more than just a single cocktail, then you’re in luck. An all night free-flow cocktail buffet is available at just $35++ and $42++ for girls and guys respectively.

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Prefer to have a glass of wine? Go for the Lychee Sparkling Wine ($16 per glass). Infused with lychee, the wine has a nice fruity aroma that is accompanied by a sweetness that lingers in your mouth upon each sip.

Ladies, do take note that they serve free-flow wine from 6pm – 7.30pm on Wednesday nights!

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Air-flown from Canada, these Oysters ($1 each on Thursdays, $1.50 each on Fridays) are guaranteed to be of the freshest variety as they are served on the same day the stock arrives. Drizzle lemon over the oysters and they are an absolute delight to have.

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Each oyster is pretty sizeable if I do say so myself. I’m sure places selling fresh oysters at such a cheap price are rare and hard to find. Now, you know where to get them. 

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Another popular pick among customers would be the Crabmeat Pasta ($21). Served with fresh chunks of crabmeat and tossed in a homemade tomato sauce, this was a hearty dish to have after slurping down all the oysters.

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The other ingredients in the pasta such as garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil really added a nice kick to the overall taste, as well.

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For those with a huge appetite, get the BOC Platter ($42) to share with your friends and colleagues. Featuring scotch eggs, satay, chicken wings, pork sausages and mini burgers, this is great as a main or even as bar bites to complement your drinks.

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Dip the tender skewered meats in the fragrant peanut gravy and delight in these delectable bite-sized portions.

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The fried chicken wings come with a tangy sauce that makes them even more delicious.

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Soft boiled and wrapped in sausage meat, the scotch eggs are coated in bread crumbs before being fried. Bite into the crisp exterior to find an oozy egg yolk encased within.

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The mini burgers simply came with a beef patty and a tomato slice with lettuce. Sliders are always great with a couple of beers, in my opinion.

For a fun-filled evening of alcoholic beverages and an array of delicious bar bites and mains, Bar On Chulia is the place to be. With a different daily deal each day of the week, they’re here to prove that bar crawling can be value-for-money too. 

Daily deals at the moment:

Monday – All Draught Beer @$10 Per Pint (Guinness/Erdinger/Heineken/Tiger)

Tuesday – A Bucket 5 bottles of Asahi @$35

Wednesday – Girls Night Out 6pm – 7.30pm Free Flow Wine

Thursday – $1 Oyster Night

Friday – $1.50 Oyster Night

Address: Bar On Chulia, 67 Chulia St, Singapore 049515 | Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (11am – 11.55pm), Saturday (6pm – 11.55pm), Closed on Sundays | Tel: 6438 0566 | Website