Batikrolls By Nura: Feast Your Eyes & Tastebuds On These Aesthetically Pleasing Batik Cakes By A Singaporean Online Bakery

With such an aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-worthy design, it comes as no surprise that Singaporean online bakeryBatikrolls By Nura, is fully-booked for 2017’s Hari Raya when it comes to her handmade batikrolls.

The cakes are hand drawn either with a stencil or freehand, and they come in three different flavoured fillingsNutella, Vanilla, and Blueberry Buttercream.

Even though I have yet to enjoy any of these sweet delights, I cannot help but fall in love with the intricate exterior patchwork. In fact, batik is a traditional Indonesian way of hand-dyeing textiles with vibrant prints, and the inspired designs on these cakes are simply amazing.

Each of these batikrolls measures nine inches, and they can be purchased on the website. You’ll have to self-collect them on a weekday evening at Marsiling MRT station. For those who are living in Malaysia and Brunei, you can also place your orders and have them delivered over as well.

Unfortunately, the online bakery will only be accepting orders after 17 July 2017, but these cakes would be good for any occasion, no?

Expected damage: From S$26 (Nutella, Vanilla, and Blueberry Buttercream)

Batikrolls by Nura: Email: [email protected] | Facebook | Website | Instagram