Batu 11 Pan Mee: Hidden spot in residential area serves large bowls of pan mee at RM9 & huge dumplings

I’ve noticed that the best makan places often fly under the radar, that’s why I’m always thrilled when I discover a hidden gem to dine at. Tucked away in a residential neighbourhood in Taman Indah, Cheras, you’ll uncover Batu 11 Pan Mee— a clandestine treasure renowned for its generous portion of pan mee and sui kow (dumpling).

Batu 11 Pan Mee - Road sign outside of the eatery

If you’re driving there, be cautious not to overshoot as the road sign is quite inconspicuous, with almost half of it covered by leaves. I chose to take public transport instead since it was just an 8-minute walk from Batu 11 Cheras MRT

Batu 11 Pan Mee - Store front

I was lost for a moment when my Google Maps indicated that I had reached my destination. I struggled to locate the establishment amidst the numerous parked cars that day, with some possibly obstructing the eatery’s signs. I then double-checked the door number to confirm I was at the right place. As it turned out, the cream-coloured corner lot house in front of me was exactly where I needed to be. The eatery has no signage.

Batu 11 Pan Mee - Courtyard seats

I went there during off-peak hours so it wasn’t too crowded. The establishment had limited seating, with the majority of it located outdoors in the courtyard. The seating arrangement exuded a warm ambience, reminiscent of the comforts of home.

Batu 11 Pan Mee - Indoor seats

Indoor seating options are also available for those who prefer it, but I opted for the courtyard seat for its cosy atmosphere. 

What I tried at Batu 11 Pan Mee

Batu 11 Pan Mee - Pan mee soup

Instead of ordering pan mee, I ended up with a Mee Hoon Kueh (RM9) due to miscommunication with the staff. However, this didn’t diminish my excitement for trying out their delicious offerings. The dish was served to me after a brief 5-minute wait.

The bowl was generously filled with an array of ingredients, including a substantial portion of crispy fried anchovies, fried shallots, diced meat, and Chinese spinach.

Batu 11 Pan Mee - Fried anchovies

I wasted no time indulging in the crispy fried anchovies, savouring their golden-brown hue and delightful crunch, which delivered a burst of savoury goodness in every bite.

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Batu 11 Pan Mee - The noodle

I noticed numerous hand-torn traces in the mee hoon kueh; each piece varying in shape and size. However, they all shared a common trait— their thinness. Unlike the typical sliced mee hoon kueh, these were shaped more like strips instead. It offered a smooth and tender texture rather than being chewy.

Batu 11 Pan Mee - Dumpling

Recommended by fellow netizens, the sui kow was hailed as one of their signature dishes. I decided to order one to see if it lived up to the hype. 

When it arrived, I was astonished by its size— the sui kow was so large that it barely fit on the spoon.

Batu 11 Pan Mee - Dumpling

Much to my surprise, the sui kow impressed me even more than the mee hoon kueh did. Beneath its delicate skin, I found a generous filling of minced pork, carrots, and sargassum. The minced meat was richly seasoned and bursting with flavour, subtly enhanced by a touch of cooking wine. It seamlessly soaked up the soup, enriching each spoonful with depth.

Final thoughts

While I indulged in my meal, the eatery began to fill with patrons. Overhearing conversations, I learned that customers had the option to choose between thick or thin pan mee when placing their orders. 

The hidden residential-style setting of this establishment lends it a mysterious allure, evoking the sensation of unearthing hidden treasures while dining there. Despite not being overly impressed by the mee hoon kuey, I’m still eager to return to sample their pan mee, particularly the thick one. And of course, the sui kow!

Expected damage: RM9 – RM12 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Batu 11 Pan Mee

T-36, Jalan Indah 3/6, Taman Indah, Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia 43200

Our Rating 4/5

Batu 11 Pan Mee

T-36, Jalan Indah 3/6, Taman Indah, Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia 43200

Telephone: +6016 307 3468
Operating Hours: 8am - 2.30pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue
Telephone: +6016 307 3468

Operating Hours: 8am - 2.30pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue