Beast & Butterflies: Cute Test Tube Wine Bottles & Futuristic Asian-Western Fusion Dishes At Robertson Quay

Beast & Butterflies is an East-meets-West fusion restaurant located in M Social Singapore, right beside the Singapore River at Robertson Quay.

The moment I walked into this restaurant, I was in awe with its design; composed of beautiful modern chandeliers and fancy TV screen table-tops, the bar area was unlike anything I’ve seen before.

With its interiors designed by French visionary genius Philippe Starck, do count on those artsy lava lamps and lighted table tops to complete your perfect Instagram shot.

The most impressive part of Starck’s design was the tablet-lined wall that added a futuristic touch to this place and they serve the main purpose of displaying contemporary art videos.

Laying on the tv screen tables were a selection of French-imported wine packaged in 100ml tube bottles that are priced at $16.90 each.

The recommended ones are from Chateau Tour De Goupin (left) and Bon Baiser De Bordeaux (middle and right). 

If you can’t choose between having white, red or rose wine, feel free to pick all three of them. Furthermore, you can choose to keep these cute tube bottles.

For starters, we tried Simply Scallop ($25), an Asian-inspired carpaccio made with thin slices of Hokkaido scallops marinated in yuzu and ginger.

The copious amount of fried shallots gave an uplifting crunch to the bite and the kaffir leaves certainly added a tinge of aroma to this dish.

Next up we had Poke Salad ($25), a wasabi kani miso (a crab brain paste that screams umami) dressed Japanese salad that combined all my favourite ingredients.

Greens aside, there were home-made garlic chips, chunky cuts of salmon sashimi, avocado, Alaskan crab meat, generously topped with ikura (bursting pops of heaven aka salmon roe).

If all salads looked like this, I wouldn’t mind having them all the time.

For meat lovers, you’ll have to try the Assam Shortribs ($35). The pink cut was sous-vide in tamarind broth for about 10 hours, which resulted in an intensely flavoured meat that melted in my mouth.

Paired with sauteed pea sprouts and a slightly sour chickpea mash, this short ribs dish does not make you feel jelak towards the end of your meal.

The Ham Hock Half ($25) came in a very generous portion for its price. This crispy German pork knuckle was served with a spicy Thai chilli sauce and Asian sauerkraut. While the latter wasn’t sour enough to be called a sauerkraut, the sesame oil flavoured vegetables did pair really well with the pork.

Although the meat was a little too dry for my liking, the crispy skin and condiments were commendable.

Served in a hot stone bowl, the Lobster Porridge ($35) was a comforting bowl of traditional Teochew porridge with a fragrant broth that was boiled with chicken, pork bones, mud crab and flower crab.

Apart from the obvious lobster and abalone, the flavour of this dish was enhanced with dried scallops and fried ginger shreds. If you’re familiar with Teochew cuisine, you will enjoy this type of porridge.

Lastly, we had the Yam Brulee ($10), a modern twist on the traditional orh nee (Teochew yam paste dessert). The yam paste was creamy, but not overly sweet.

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of yam, the caramelised sugar carapace and the creamy coconut ice cream managed to convert me and I actually enjoyed every bit of it. Now, I am proud to say that I enjoy orh nee.

With so much effort being put into such aesthetically pleasing ambience, you know that the team behind Beast & Butterflies is serious in providing a wholesome dining experience to its patrons.

I would definitely bring my parents to try the orh nee brulee and lobster porridge at this artsy place.

Expected Damage: $35 – $55 per pax

Beast & Butterflies: 90 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238259 | Opening Hours (Daily) 6am – 10.30am, 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5pm – 10.30pm (Bar opens till 1am)| Tel: +65 6657 0018 | Website