Beauty in The Pot menu & 15 must-order dishes

Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations or any ordinary day— these are the occasions that call for hot pot. For me, it’s almost natural to decide on steamboat as the meal of choice just because of the convenience and comfort that the whole experience brings. No matter the occasion or however much we yearn for comfort, inevitably, soup will always be for the soul. Beauty in The Pot is one of my go-tos, because they not only incorporate delicious steaming pots of soup, they also use nourishing healthy soup bases that come with beauty benefits.

However, I can’t help but feel pressured by the array of ingredients to choose from. From premium picks to steamboat constants, the selection is endless.

Spoilt for choice? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Experience the richness of beauty with ease as I recommend 15 best items to order at Beauty in The Pot for a divine premium dining experience.


Beauty in The Pot exudes a warm interior and quality service— as expected of Paradise Group. But first, shall we look at what they have to offer?

Beauty In The Pot Full Menu (Updated 2023)

Note that all prices are for half portions, except for the Specialty Assorted Platter.













Chope Deals

I’m sure you might be overwhelmed by the good things they have to offer, as such, here are the top 15 things you can order from Beauty in The Pot.

1. Kurobuta Pork Collar 


If you ask me for a staple in a hearty hotpot meal, it has to be protein. Meaty juices enunciate the primary soup base’s flavour, making you reach out for more. The Kurobuta Pork Collar (S$12/S$24) would be my definite choice, as it’s the type of Japanese pork that can be considered the equivalent of wagyu for beef.

The half portion is served at 100g while the full portions of meat are served at 200g. One word of advice is to not leave your pork slices in the broth for long, as they’re all thinly sliced so it’ll definitely cook quickly.

2. Ebiko Prawn Paste

Credit – Beauty in The Pot

This one’s got to be a favourite amongst all. The Ebiko Prawn Paste (S$18.90) is essentially finely minced shrimp that has been de-shelled and devein, but marinated and mixed into a paste-like texture.

For those who’ve been loyal to the I-hate-deshelling-prawns club and have not been enjoying shrimps, don’t worry— me too. The Ebiko Prawn Paste is a no-frills dish that’ll satisfy your longing for shrimps without dirtying your hands!

Once cooked, bite into freshly cured shrimp roe that provides a burst of flavours from the sea that’ll have you popping ball to ball in your mouth. 

3. US Marbled Beef Cube 


Not a fan of pork? No problem. Beauty in The Pot has a great selection of beef for you to choose from. One of the notable options would be the US Marbled Beef Cube (S$18.40/S$36.80).

I totally know what you’re going to say— who orders beef cubes in the setting of a steamboat?! I had the same doubts till I tried this dish.

Take a closer look and you’ll see the detailed marbling on each piece of beauty. Uncommon to us purists, try this out for a change! 

4. US Wagyu Beef 

Credit – Beauty in The Pot

One always needs variation in life, and who can ever say no to treating yourself to a good meal? So get another plate of US Wagyu Beef to feel slightly boujee.

Undeniably, this dish is on the pricier end of the spectrum, as it costs S$26.90 for 100g and S$53.80 for 200g. However, note that Paradise Group does not scrimp on quality meats.

If you’re unsure on how to cook beef, dip a slice of luxury into your piping hot broth of choice for about 30 seconds and you’re good to go. I usually like to pair this with Beauty in The Pot’s iconic Beauty Collagen Broth (from S$10.30), which comprises shark’s cartilage for a creamier flavour profile. 

5. Sliced Toman Fish 


There has to be a reason why Toman Fish (S$9.80/S$19.60) is so popular. The very reason is its soft, flaky texture once cooked.

Aside from its delicate personality, the Sliced Toman Fish is the most affordable fish dish in the seafood category. If you’re a fan of seafood but on a tight budget, do yourself a favour and give this dish a go. 

6. Beef Ball 


Beauty in The Pot serves a range of meatballs in their Assorted Balls Platter (S$13.90). It includes favourites like the soft bone pork meat ball, Teochew-style fish balls, mushroom balls, and cuttlefish balls.

What the platter doesn’t include is Beef Balls (S$5.90/S$11.80). These are special because their meatballs are handmade in-store daily, so if you’re thinking about instant meatballs that you find in the supermarket— think again. There’s a distinct difference between Beauty in The Pot’s beef balls and any assorted fish or meat balls that you find at most steamboat outlets in Singapore.

7. Alaskan Crab Stick


Are you a fan of crab sticks? You’ll be won over by the Alaskan Crab Stick (S$7.40/S$14.80).

I’ll be honest— this was the fattest, freshest crab stick I’ve eaten in my life and you’ll definitely find me at any Beauty in The Pot outlet reordering this dish over and over again. One piece was probably the size of 3 of my thumbs, and they’re much larger and more premium than other crab sticks I’ve eaten before.

Furthermore, I’ve always been against ordering instant items at steamboat restaurants such as crab sticks and fish balls, but Beauty in The Pot proved me wrong with their premium rendition of a dish. 

8. Pork and Chive Dumpling 


What’s your favourite type of dumpling? I’ll start: Mine’s the Pork and Chive Dumpling (S$5.40/S$10.80).

Delicate, bite-sized treats of Chinese chives and ground pork encapsulated into a thin layer of dough will create an explosion of sweet and salty flavours in your mouth.

I particularly appreciated how Beauty in The Pot’s dumplings are handmade with love, beautifully pinched into fat, delicious delights!

9. Assorted Mushroom Platter 


Had enough protein options and want something lighter on the palate now? Mushrooms are always a great option, so opt for the Assorted Mushroom Platter (S$18.90).

The platter features white and hon shimeji mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, and fresh mushrooms, so if you like variation, you’ll have plenty with this.

The earthy, woody flavours from this platter are best paired with the Longevity Wild Pine Mushroom Broth (from S$8.80)— amazing for mushroom-lovers if you like herbaceous flavours.

10. Signature Homemade Fish Tofu


The Signature Homemade Fish Tofu (S$2.80 per piece) is made from yellowtail fish, soy bean and egg white. This koi fish-looking tofu is moulded by the skilful expertise of the chef, and blended into a lovely silky melt-in-your-mouth texture.

From the looks of it, I almost thought this was white chocolate— looks can be deceiving!

Taste can be deceiving as well. Don’t be fooled by the dish’s name; despite how this is supposedly “tofu”, it tastes nothing like tofu. Instead, it has a subtle sweet flavour, as with yellowtail fish and has a buttery feel.

11. Fried Beancurd Skin


Fried Beancurd Skin (S$5.80/S$11.60) would probably be one of the top 5 items in any steamboat dinner. Informally called ‘juan juan’, it got this nickname because of its cylindrical shape.

Its popularity is warranted from its crispy-like texture with a hybridity of sogginess. Despite its fried nature, the traditional soy food is not unbearingly oily. Instead, once dipped into the comforting broth, it soaks up rich umami flavours from the broths.

12. Pearl Sweet Corn


Finally, a vegetable listed in this list! If I had to select one option under the Wild Mushrooms category, it’ll be their Pearl Sweet Corn (S$4.50/S$9).

Be sure to add these in the broth much earlier so that the broth will soak up all the natural sweetness from just this singular ingredient. You’d be amazed by how 1 ingredient could do wonders to the soup.

Once out from the piping hot soup, biting into the sweet corn would be similar to biting into a fruit. Those plump and shiny kernels will surprise you with how juicy it gets— this experience is even better after it has been in the soup for a long while as it soaks up all the goodness.

13. Potato Wide Vermicelli

Credit – Beauty in The Pot

I realised that most of what I’ve already listed are mainly absorbent ingredients. That’s because Beauty in The Pot’s broths are amazingly delicious in taste, and all these dishes soak up all that flavour.

The Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth (from S$8.30) is simmered over slow-fire for more than 2 hours, utilising fresh kampong chicken breast together with a myriad of premium herbs which make it taste heavenly. Pop several long strips of Potato Wide Vermicelli (S$3.90/S$7.80) into this well-loved broth and your carbohydrate fix will be settled for the night.

14. Assorted Dumpling Platter 

Credit – Beauty in The Pot

If you’re indecisive, perhaps the Assorted Dumpling Platter (S$13.90) would appeal to you. Serving up a platter of pork roll, pork and chives dumpling, prawn rolls and prawn dumplings, you can satisfy your dumpling fix over here.

All these would be boiled to a succulent measure, making it delightful to savour. I particularly love the prawn rolls as it is reminiscent of hei zho— a crispy Teochew dish that is popular in Singapore, except it’ll be a boiled rendition!

15. Sliced Pork Belly 


How could I have missed out on Sliced Pork Belly (S$9/S$18)? This particular part of pork is loved and fancied by the majority of the population. I guess everyone just loves fatty meat because of how the fats luxuriously melt in your mouth once cooked.

Order a serving of Beauty in The Pot’s pork belly to fill your table with premium meats. You’ll certainly leave the restaurant filled to the brim from the feast that you just had. Remember to get the yuzu dessert before you leave and a scoop of ice cream from Beauty in The Pot’s in-house ice cream cart!

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