Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅: One Of The Best Collagen Steamboats In Singapore

beauty in the pot onekm

Look no further than to Paradise Group’s latest addition, Beauty In The Pot (not beauty in a pot ah), for your next steamboat fix. Open till 3am, foodies in the east won’t need to be vexed on finding late-night food haunts anymore with the steamboat joint over at oneKM mall (their first outlet) as well as multiple locations all over Singapore.

Not to be mistaken for your usual steamboat fare, Beauty In The Pot’s menu offers so much more than a classic, family-heartwarming meal. Inspired by the culture of food for health, this hotpot concept offers nourishing soup bases that are collagen-based (yes ladies, you heard me) that promise rich flavours coupled with abundant benefits.

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The cosy interior of Beauty in the pot exudes a sense of warmth, but still bordering on the whole casual dining feel. Inspired by the concept of Yin and Yang, they have managed to achieve a balance of a dark ambience complete with enough natural lighting.

However, this Yin Yang inspiration does not just stop at their cosy interior design. It extends to their hotpot culture as well, offering the yin yang soup bases, the Beauty Collagen Broth and the Spicy Nourishing Broth ($25 served conjointly, $20 each served separately), which complement your meal perfectly. Not to forget, refills are free flow as well!

beauty in the pot steamboat collagen soup

Both comprising of shark cartilage as the main ingredient, more than six hours of hard work goes into the making of the robust and collagen-rich broths. The Spicy Nourishing Broth even uses chinese herbs like red dates, wolf berries, ginseng, dang gui and dang shen, complete with 3 levels of Szechuan chilli oil to create an invigorating Mala sensation that leaves you dying for a cup of water.

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But come on, what is steamboat without its prime ingredients right? Offering quality ingredients that are made from scratch by hand, Beauty In A Pot does not seem to compromise on its ingredients, sourcing for the best experience for their customers as much as possible.

Even so, each table is served attentively by their experienced in-house hotpot masters, introducing each dish and the soups and helping whenever necessary.

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Starting of with the Fried Beancurd Skin ($3 for half portions), Paradise group made a good impression on us already. Dipping the skins into the tasty soup, they managed a balance of crispiness and a taste of their signature broth without presenting a soggy beancurd skin, which I really appreciated.

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Sliced US Short Ribs ($8)

beauty in the pot kurobuta pork

We tried half portions of their US Wagyu Ribeye ($21), and the Sliced US Short Ribs ($8). The meat was sufficiently thinly sliced, and were well marbled, signifying good quality. The US Kurobuta Pork ($9) was also fulfilling, thinly layered with jellied fats.

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Their Red Garoupa ($28 small) was also very fresh, perfectly suitable for the steamboat meal. Full portions are also available, at double the price.

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We also tried other interesting concoctions on their extensive menu, including the Homemade Fish Tofu ($1.80 per piece), which tasted nothing much like tofu but instead, authentic soft yellowtail fish paste. It was a pleasant addition to our meal, and added different textures to our palate.

The collagen soup seeped and was well integrated into the fish tofu, making it very soft and juicy, very much like biting into a homemade fishbowl laden with soup juices.

beauty in the pot steamboat-1261

beauty in the pot-7

We also tried many of their Specialty Homemade Paste, which I really loved, including additions such as the dried scallop fish ($12), century egg ($10) and ebiko prawn paste ($12). My favourite was the Ebiko Prawn Paste, as with the tiny ebiko bits mixed with the paste, it provided a very interesting texture and taste to the whole side dish.

Originating from its fishball paste predecessor, I can say that this creative innovation is definitely a success. All their pastes would absorb the soup very well, making it juicy yet springy at the same time.

beauty in the pot steamboat- meat balls

We also managed to try out Beauty In A Pot’s range of meatballs in their Assorted Balls Platter ($10), including favourites such as the soft bone pork meat ball, fish balls, mushroom balls and cuttlefish balls.

Handmade in-stall daily, there is a distinct difference between theirs and any assorted fish balls you find in most steamboat outlets in Singapore. With a much softer and semi- springy texture, their range of meatballs stand out from the crowd, and would certainly be a crowd pleaser.

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Again, priding themselves on quality handmade ingredients, Beauty in A Pot chooses to painstakingly fold the dumplings in-house as well. The dumplings managed to absorb juices from the soup broth well, allowing for a soupy, wanton finish. We had their Assorted Dumplings Platter (Pork Roll, Pork and Chives, Prawn Roll and Prawn Dumpling) for $10.

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Not forgetting their sauce bar, comprising of many special sauces for customers to create their own individual blend of sauces to cater to each and every need. We tried Beauty in A Pot’s signature blend of the shacha sauce, sesame sauce, light soya sauce and chilli oil.

Go wild and create your own customized sauces limited only by your imagination and stomach strength.

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Beauty in the Pot even offers complimentary palate cleansers after the meal.

Overall, the whole experience was a great one, and I would definitely recommend this steamboat joint to anyone looking for a satisfying, hearty meal (that’s healthy too with all the collagen used). The only caution that some readers might want to take note of is the use of Shark’s cartilage as their collagen source, which might not be agreeable to some.

Paradise Group latest addition offers yet another affordable option for a value-for-money meal, so put Beauty in A Pot on your to-go list for steamboat today.

P.S Beauty In the Pot also does steamboat delivery if you’re lazy to head down.

Expected Damage: $30 – $50 per pax

Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #02-21 OneKM, Singapore 437157 (Multiple locations) | Tel: +65 6284 8820 | Website