11 Funky Beers to Try at Beerfest Asia 2016 in Singapore


Beerfest Asia returns to Singapore this June 2016 for the eighth time, bringing with it a whopping variety of over 500 beers from all over the world. Held yet again at the breathtaking Marina Promenade, you beer enthusiasts get to enjoy the ambiance of our beautiful city at night whilst sipping on your booze.

The four-day event fetches us the largest ever collection of beers from all over the world, with several new beers making their debut in our Little Red Dot. That means that you’ll get to try some hipster beers way before they get cool.

Don’t worry, you won’t be sipping beer amongst a crowd in awkward silence – Beerfest has an awesome line up of international, Singaporean and regional bands for non-stop music you can bob your heads to.

If you want to get a wide scope tasting of the various beers, Beer Sampling Platters are priced at $6 – $8 per platter. That way, you get to decide which one’s your favourite before chugging it.

Let me introduce some funky beers you should check out while you groove out at Beerfest:

11. Baird Angry Boy Brown Ale (6.2% ABV)

craft beers-0138

Brewed by Bair Brewing Company/Fishmarket Taproom in Shizuoka-ken Numazu-shi, Japan, the Bair Angry Boy Brown Ale is an English Brown Ale style beer that calls out to the warrior in all of us.

Its light sweetness, toasted dark malts, and barely controlled bitterness give it slightly wild edge. Robust and easy to drink, the Angry Boy is for all you heated spirited souls out there.

10. Thatchers Green Goblin (6% ABV)

green goblin-0103

Matured in century-old oak vats, the Green Goblin is a cider beer that offers a refreshing burst of crisp apple flavours, beautifully balanced with complex tannins. Its fruity accents rouse from the blend of various apples, particularly the Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak, all grown in the West Country orchards.

Its slightly sweet flavours are balanced with a pleasant acidity, and ends with a medium dry finish.

9. Iwate Kura Oyster Stout (8% ABV)

craft beers-0174

Brewed with oyster shells by Sekinoichi-shuzou Iwate Kura Brewery, their Oyster Stout Beer has revived a beer style that has been longstanding in the UK.

Well fermented Oyster Shells give this Russian Imperial Stout styled Beer its thick depth, and hints of saltiness with tones of slightly bitter dark chocolate.

Note: Tastes a bit like chicken essence, actually. Nutty in flavour.

8. Brewdog Jackhammer (7.2% ABV)


A new addition to the collection, brought in by exhibitor TSA Wines Pte Ltd, the Jack Hammer’s forceful hoppy bitterness, like a drill, will beat and bleed your tongue out.

I’d call this one an extremity of craft beer brewing, right smack at the end of the bitter spectrum. The Jack Hammer sure is a lively one, with a slight hint of grape fruit and a sharp bite of caramel.

Warning: Only for those who love bitterness as much as they love their mums.

7. Konishi Snow Blanche (4.5% ABV)

craft beers-0150

The award winning Konishi Snow Blanche is a Belgium-style Witbier that is well rounded, spicy and smooth. Brewed by Belgian style top fermentation, the Snow Blanche was its first ever kind in Japan and was awarded a Gold Award at European Beer Star Award for three consecutive years.

The predominant flavours of Coriander and Orange, representative of the “Belgian Twang”, give this light-bodied wheat beer a refreshingly sour taste.

6. Flensburger Radler (2.4% ABV)

craft beers-0117

I’d say that the Flensburger Radler is more suited for lightweights with its low alcohol content and how it tastes more so like a lemon soda than it does a beer. It’s remarkably refreshing with 50% of the drink consisting of the finest lemonade, and the other 50% original Flensburger Pilsener, creating a lovely balance of carbonation and lemon tang.

You’d think such a sweet drink would be sinful to even take a sip out of, but the Flensburger Radler has got no artificial flavours and a low calorie content, so I think its safe for some chugging action, if you please.

5. ABK Rose (2.8% ABV)

craft beers-0095

This drink really reminded me of a typical Rose Syrup Drink one could get from the coffeeshop. Pink and extremely sweet, the Rose is more suited for those who prefer cocktails over beer. With 50% consisting of lemony soda and the other 50% Spezialbier Edel, it’s such a fruity sweet concoction that we foresee will be a hit among the ladies.

The organic brewed-on-site lemonade element in the Rose makes it a perfect summer refreshment.

4. Cockies Ocean Road Pale Ale (4.7 % ABV)

craft beers-0079

Cockies Ocean Road Pale Ale is a new face to the collection at Beerfest. Reigning from the Barrabool Hills Brewing Company, made with the freshest, most natural ingredients of just water, malt, hops and yeast, this pale ale holds no preservatives whatsoever.

I imagine drinking this over an animated game of Foosball and using the term “bruh” to refer to my friends while I’m at it.

It’s spicy, full and has hints of citrusy fruits that surmount to a crisp clean finish.

3. Swan Lake Koshihikari Rice Lager (5% ABV)

craft beers-0050

Brewed as a specialty grain beer in Hyouko Yashiki No Mori Brewery (Swan Lake) with the most expensive rice in all of Japan, the Koshihikari’s rice flavours really come through along with a crisp floral fruitiness.

This clear refreshing lager has won many coveted awards at both domestic and international competitions, such as the Japan Craft Beer Selection Gold Award, and rightfully so.

2. SpezialBier Edel (5.8% ABV) & 1.ABK Dunkel (5.2% ABV)

craft beers-0044

Spezialbier Edel: Brewed specifically for the purpose of traditional festive celebration and merry cheer, the ABK Spezialbier Edel is extremely full-bodied with malty tastes and a pillowy head. This crisp and refreshing beer would be perfect for an evening of boisterous merry making.

Dunkel: A winner of the DLG Gold Award, the Dunkel is full-bodied, well balanced and has a bittersweet flavour with a slight tinge of caramel. The Dunkel, the most popular choice amongst ABK beers, has won several awards like the German Style Festbier Gold Award and the European Beer Star 2015 Gold Award.

Beerfest Asia 2016 will be held between 16 to 19 June 2016 at the Marina Promenade (the F1 tracks behind the Singapore Flyer).

Tickets are now available for purchase at SISTIC, with limited UOB Exclusive 1-Day passes at just $15, and advance 1-Day passes from $25. Everyone gets a complimentary welcome beer at the fest with a purchased ticket (to be claimed on festival grounds).

Go taste some funky beers, celebrate and have a good time!

For any additional queries or information on Beerfest, head on over to their official website.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Beerfest Asia 2016