11 Best Avocado Dishes in Singapore For Some GOOD Fats

Last Updated: June 20, 2018

Written by Rachel Lee

Research has proven that the avocados contain 20 different vitamins, minerals and fibre. As such, it is a unique type of fruit which has many of beneficial effects on health. Avocados also contain a large majority of monounsaturated fats – good fat that help lower cholesterol.

In recent years, the avocado has become an increasingly popular food amongst health-conscious individuals. An avocado a day keeps the doctor away, I say.

The avocado can be eaten in many ways once the flesh is mashed up. This fickle little fruit is hard to get the ripeness right, but oh so worth it when you do.

With a huge passion for avocado, this article highlights all sorts of the best avocado-based dishes in Singapore which are available at cafes and dessert outlets. Any others to recommend?

1. Lokal Ricotta

Ricotta with Avocado best avocado singapore

The Lokal, a cafe located at the heart of Singapore, the German twist to the name of the cafe signifies the cafe’s goal of being more than just a local cafe. Otherwise known as “ricotta with avocado”, the lokal ricotta ($19) is a mix of ingredients with cross-border origins.

The dish is made up of smashed avocado, pomelo and almonds placed on top of toasted sourdough.  The avocado being mashed has a creamy texture with small pieces of crunchy avocado fruit. When eaten with the almonds and ricotta, it’s a party of velvety richness that compliment each other.

Upon bite, the pomelo bits burst open to give the ricotta some refreshing acidity.

The Lokal: 136 Neil Road, Singapore 088865 | Tel: +65 64239918 | Website

2. Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

Available as one of the all-day breakfast mains here at Oriole cafe, the avocado toast ($14) is made up of crushed avocado and smoked tomatoes on focaccia bread, topped with basil leaves.

The avocado could use a bit more seasoning and perhaps some additional complimenting flavours to zest things up rather than being a little on the plain side. Most certainly a healthy and clean offering thou.

Oriole Coffee + Bar: 96 Somerset Rd, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard,#01-01, 238163 | Tel: +65 62388348 | Website

3. Avocado Coffee

best avocado singapore Avocado Coffee-2

The avocado coffee ($8.00) here at A.E.I.O.U Cafe is a one-of-a-kind, creative whip up of a silky avocado beverage. Diners are able to adjust the level of sweetness or bitterness of the beverage by adding as much or as little coffee to the avocado milkshake.

The pairing of the two different ingredients evoked a desirable complement of flavours. It felt like I was literally savouring the ice-blended avocado with a delectable tinge of caffeine flavour. Will definitely be back here again for this.

A.E.I.O.U Cafe: 111 King George’s Ave, Singapore 208559 | Tel: +65 62912698 | Facebook

4. Salmon Avocado Multigrain

best avocado singapore Salmon Avocado Multigrain

Definitely a healthy dish option, the salmon avocado multigrain ($12) at Group Therapy Cafe is built from the combination of nutritional ingredients combined. Multigrain toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, arrugula and avocado, served with salad.

I especially love Group Therapy’s idea of using avocado slices, instead of mashed avocado as one of its sandwich ingredients so there’s more bite. The smoked salmon is on the salty spectrum, but when bitten into with the avocado, the latter neutralises the saltiness, making the dish buttery and tasty.

It offered an overall crunchy and revitalising taste in terms of both taste and texture.

Group Therapy Coffee: 30 East Coast Rd, #01-11, Singapore 428751 | Tel: +65 64444554 | Website

5. Avocado and Lychee Martini Ice-cream

best avocado singapore Avocado and Lychee Martini

Going for something back-to-basics? Try opting for a double scoop at The Daily Scoop with avocado and lychee martini flavour ($6.20). This is an ideal selection for one who is going for a refreshing, fruity flavour.

The sweet and creamy avocado ice-cream balances off the lingering tart taste of the lychee martini. The combination of flavours is one which is light, simple, yet flavourful.

Refining the texture well, the smooth avocado ice-cream and the crunchy lychee bits are a good match in terms of enhancing each of their flavour and texture.

The Daily Scoop: 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, #01-78, Singapore 278115 | Tel: +65 64753128 | Website

6. Avocado Milk Fruit Juice

Quoted by many who tried to be the “best avocado juice ever”, the avocado milk fruit juice ($2.50) at the Mr Avocado Exotic Fruit Juice Stall is a must-try. This drink is a blended mix of the avocado fruit, fresh milk, as well as evaporated milk.

The beverage is a rich and thick mixture, and is very sweet and gratifying to the taste buds. A healthy drink option which saves you from any feelings of guilt while rewarding yourself with a sweet, marvellous after-meal dessert.

Mr Avocado Exotic Fruit Juice: 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Alexandra Village Food Centre, Singapore 150120 

7. Salmon Avocado Roll

Considered the most popular food item here, the salmon avocado roll ($2.80) is a sushi flavour that deviates from the norm. Once again, avocado makes a good pairing with salmon.

However, the quality of the sushi rice texture here at Aussie Roll isn’t that fantastic. But definitely a good place to for one to try out ingenious, avocado-based food items.

Aussie Roll: 30 Raffles Place, Chevron House, #B1-04A, Singapore 048622 | Tel: +65 67463077

8. Scrambled Egg and Avocado

The scrambled egg on toast, $9.00 (+$3.00 for avocado), is a classic combination seen in many Australian cafes. Ronin’s scrambled eggs are silky and not too runny. Paired with a freshly cut piece of avocado fruit, the latter is able to enhance the entire dish as an alternative to bacon.

Definitely a healthy choice of dish for breakfast after a nice morning run at the nearby Singapore River. Saves you from any feelings of guilt of loading additional calories after a workout.

Ronin: 17 Hongkong St, Singapore 059660 | Facebook

9. Horlicks Tim Tam and Avocado Ice-cream

Horlicks Tim Tam and Avocado

Combining two of their novel ice-cream flavours, the choice of horlicks tim tam and avocado for the double scoop ($6.40) is a recommended blend of new taste.

The horlicks tim tam was a rich, sweet taste, consisting of the sweet and sticky tim tam biscuit bits. Paired with the avocado ice-cream, the latter was effective in enhancing the sweetness and crunchiness of the horlicks tim tam.

Salted Caramel: 246 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370 | Tel: +65 67531718 | Website

10. Sweet Balsamic Chicken

best avocado singapore Sweet Balsamic Chicken

Just by studying the menu alone, one would not be aware that apart from the signature avocado eggs benedict at Lola’s Cafe, the sweet balsamic chicken ($11) is another avocado-based dish available at this cafe.

The avocado is nicely sliced and is of a generous portion of serving, making up a quarter of the dish. The smooth, silky texture of the fruit highlights the natural and fresh flavour of the shreds of chicken, upon chewing into the combination of flavours.

The balsamic vinegar provided a good contrasting sour taste to lightly-flavoured avocado and chicken slices.

Lola’s Cafe: 5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893 | Tel: +65 62840349 | Website

11. Avocado Eggs Benedict

best avocado singapore avocado-eggs-benedict.-lola

And of course, the famed Avocado Eggs Benedict ($15) is one of the signatures of Lola’s cafe as mentioned. Creamy hollandaise and a runny poached egg goes amazingly with the thick avocado slice. Savoury and hearty, this is the breakfast of champions.

Lola’s Cafe: 5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893 | Tel: +65 62840349 | Website

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