26 Best Craft Beer Watering Holes in Singapore for Beer Geeks

If you’re like “Nah, I’m not a beer lover, craft beer wouldn’t be my thing.”… think again.

Craft beers can be very different from your usual commercialised beers and are very different from one another. Different bottles seek to bring out a different medley of flavours. So amongst the millions of different craft bottles out there, there’s such a high probability you’ll find one you simply adore.

As the cocktail scene in Singapore is gradually gaining its much deserved fame, craft beers are gaining more attention too. Many cafes and restaurants are beginning to offer a few bottles in their drinks menu. And impressively, a handful of independent local breweries are blossoming as well.

If you don’t like beer and think craft beer probably wouldn’t be your thing, you might wanna reconsider.

This one’s for the craft beer fans, or the ones sick of commercial beer, or the hipster alcoholics and just… simply whoever. To the best craft beers in Singapore.

—  By the bottle only  —

1. Thirsty

thirsty best craft beer bars singapore

Craft Beer enthusiast heaven – seemingly endless rows of shelves for filled with craft beers from all parts of the world. But there is only one smol (small but cute) table for you to sit and taste some beer and that’s all.

Thirsty: Serangoon Gardens, 1 Maju Avenue, #01-04, myVillage, Singapore 556679 | Tel:  | Website | Mon-Sun, 12pm-10PM

2. Good Beer Company

the good beer company best craft beer bars singapore

From the same dude who founded Smith Street Taps, Good Beer Company mainly focuses on selling bottles.

But craft beer in a kopitiam/hawker centre? YES TO THAT. Now you can save money on your food that still tastes great coz it’s hawker, and can afford to splurge on that CRAFT.

Good Beer Company: Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre, Blk 335 Smith Street #02-58, Singapore 050335| Tel: 9430 2750 | Website 

3. Booze Pharma-C

best craft beer bars singapore booze pharma-c-4

Booze Pharma-C is a recently opened hybrid of a liquor convenient store retailing more than a hundred different craft beers and ciders. Kind of like a candy store for adults.

Craft beer on tap will be available soon with a rotating selection of beers, but the main draw is the still impressive number of bottled beers.

Bottle draft beer brands available include Tempest brewing, Stone, Buxton, Harviestoun, lost coast, siren brewing, yeastie boys, etc.

best craft beer bars singapore booze pharma-c

There are a couple seats at the back where patrons can enjoy their bottled craft beer at retail prices. If not, bring your stash home for a relaxing time.

Booze Pharma-C: 50 Tiong Bahru Road #01-03, Link Hotel, Singapore 168733 | Tel: 9191 0677 | Facebook


—  Craft beer on Tap  —

4. The Great Beer Experiment

best craft beer bars singapore thegreatbeerexperiment

Occasionally only a few (2~3) available taps, The Great Beer Experiment mostly retails craft bottles but there are a few tables for you to sit around and enjoy your beer. Even better, since it is in Pasarbella, you can buy a bunch of other food like Pork Knuckles, Crackling Pork or Paella to go with your beer!

The Great Beer Experiment: Pasarbella @ The Grandstand, Unit 42, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994 | Tel: 6469 7291 | Website

5. JiBiru

best craft beer bars singapore Jibiru

Japanese craft supplied by Eastern Craft. They serve a bunch of Japanese beers, mostly Hitachinos and Yona Yona. Fans of Hitachino would adore Jibiru as they bring in an extremely wide range of Jibiru both on tap and bottle. They change up their beers on tap often so check out their facebook if you’re interested to know what beer they’ll be serving that day.

Occasionally bring in Fujizakura Heights beers are brewed at the base of Mount Fuji using the mountain’s fresh water.

JiBiru: 313 Orchard Rd #01-26, Singapore, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895 | Tel: 6732 6884 | Website

6. Smith Street Taps

best craft beer bars singapore Smith STreet Taps

Kopitiam Craft Beer? Yess sire.

By Daniel Goh of Good Beer Company Adding so much more flavour to our metropolitan kopitiam scene.

Their kegs are almost always a one-off thing so chances of drinking the same brew you’ve fallen in love with, is really slim. Still, this keeps things fresh and ever-changing. You can be guaranteed freshness in the sense of quality and quantity.

Smith Street Taps: 335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex #02-62, Singapore  050335 |Tel: 9430 2750 | Website | Opening hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays: 6.30pm-10.30pm 

7. Nickeldime

best craft beer bars singapore Nickeldime craft beers

A great place to sit back, relax and gain some knowledge! Nickeldime offers 15 craft beers on tap with 10 changing almost every weekly.

Nickeldime_Craft Beers (3 of 4)

Manager, Frank is a lovely craft beer nerd who aims to change Singaporeans’ tastes in beers one pint of craft at a time. He, along with other Nickeldime staff, will willingly tell you more about the different types of beers they carry. All you have to do is ask!

Nickeldime offers beer tastings on a paddle. A paddle includes 3 different 150ml beers.

Nickeldime: 273 Thomson Road #01-06, Singapore 307644 | Tel: 62560261 | Website | Opening hour: Mon-Thurs, Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm, Fri-Sat: 11:00 am – 1:00 am |

8. Draft & Craft

best craft beer bars singapore Draft & Craft_Craft Beers (1 of 2)

Draft & Craft_Craft Beers (2 of 2)

They carry about 50 different types of bottle beer a month plus 7 taps on rotation. Their craft beers are mostly from the USA — you’ll see familiar faces like Stone, Deschutes and Rogue — and they also have a particular page strictly dedicated to the Belgium craft beers they curated.

They offer cheese pairings with craft beers on tap at $12 for one set, and $25 for a taster set with four 4oz

Draft & Craft: 31 Circular Road, Singapore 049387 | Tel: 6532 0604 |Website

9. The Armoury

The Armoury_Craft Beers (2 of 2)

Previously an armoury during Singapore’s early years hence the creative name, The Armoury is a contemporary gastropub beside Vatos whose co-founder also co-owns and helms the kitchen of The Armoury.

They have a pretty remarkable menu serving a variety of burgers, like the Spicy Bacon Avocado Burger ($20).

The Armoury_Craft Beers (1 of 2)

I know some of you just want to know what beers they have to offer so: The Armoury has 15 craft beers on tap. Look out for their happy hour where they have 1 for 1 on selected craft beers.

The Armoury: South Beach Quarter, 36 Beach Road, Singapore 189677 | Tel: 6385 3173 | Website

10. Druggist

Druggists_Craft Beers (2 of 2)

Apart from a really cool name from a really cool storefront, Druggists is ultimate cool because they have 23 taps.

best craft beer bars singapore Druggists_Craft Beers (1 of 2)

That’s right, they have 23 taps, pouring craft beers from across the globe all year round, mainly offering beers from European countries like Denmark, The Netherlands.

There’s also food to accompany your special beers.

Druggist: 119 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207547 | Tel: 6341 5967 | Website 

11. TAP

best craft beer bars singapore TAP_Craft Beers (1 of 1)

Inspired by American tap rooms, TAP prides themselves as one of the first tap rooms to boast 20 taps and 80 different bottled craft beers.

The look for TAP is simple and sleek, no gimmicks – just purely focusing on giving you quality craft beer.

Considering the location, food and ambiance, TAP is already a nice place to chill add. But when you factor in craft beer + on draft, whoooosh, up it goes, off the charts! Hahaha

Jokes aside, TAP makes me itch to visit them! Plus, they open til 12am daily.

TAP: Capitol Piazza, 15 Stamford Road, 01-K1/K2, Galleria, Singapore 178906 | Tel: 6384 7188 | Website 


—  Singapore Craft Beer Breweries  —

12. Blue Bali Brewhaus

best craft beer bars singapore Bali Blue_Craft Beers (2 of 2)

Blue Bali Brewhaus is Singapore’s first nano-brewery, which is a scaled down version of a micro-brewery. Definitely not your typical mug of beer, Blue Bali dreams up eclectic flavours, many of them infused with tropical fruits and Balinese spices.

A recent brew, Bali Dreamin is infused with honey, basil and ginger – a soothing herb medley to liven up an ale. Their signature brew, the Pink Mamba, is a refreshing and delightful wheat beer infused with red dragon fruit, with a subtle white wine aroma (according to them).

Bali Blue_Craft Beers (1 of 2)

Situated in Botanical Gardens, Blue Bali is surrounded by lush greenery and is decorated with Balinese influences. So think wooden veranda, water features and traditional Balinese huts – cue the resort feels. Sounds like a nice place to drink your island-vibe craft beers, aye?

Blue Bali: One D Cluny Road (behind NUS Bukit Timah Campus opposite Law Faculty Eu Tong Sen Building), Singapore 259600 | Tel: 6733 0185 | Website 

13. The Pump Room

best craft beer bars singapore The-Pump-Room_Craft Beers (1 of 1)

Probably more famous for its nightclub, The Pump Room is actually also a microbrewery.

All of The Pump Room’s beers are unfiltered and unpasturised; no added chemical or flavouring. You’re guaranteed au naturale fresh beer from the heart of the pump room. So Swig your craft to the beat!

The Pump Room: 3B River Valley Road #01-09/10, The Foundry Clarke Quay Singapore 179021 | Tel: 6334 2628 | Website |

14. LeVeL 33

LeVeL33_Craft Beers (1 of 1)

Atas modern craft brewery with a penthouse view, LeVeL 33 is the  self-proclaimed “Highest Urban Craft Brewery in the world”. The concept behind LeVeL 33 is maintaining traditional European craft flavours while employing modern technology.

Rest assured that their modern technology is highly effective and reliable, as LeVeL 33’s microbrewery machines are researched and developed by SALM & Co Gmbh, one of Europe’s oldest manufacturer of brewery machines.

level33 craft beer singapore

What they offer: 33.1 Blond Lager,  33.15 India Pale Ale,  33.3 Stout,  33.4 House Porter and 33.9 Wheat Beer are brewed based on heritage recipes, one of Europe’s oldest manufacturer of breweries. Seasonal beers are brewed every 3 months or so.

They also serve some fine-looking food of course, at a fine price. Located at a prime place, armed with a scenic view and killer modern industrial aesthetics, you bet it doesn’t come cheap.

LeVeL 33: 8 Marina Boulevard #33-01, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore 018981 | Tel: 6834 3133 | Website 

15. The 1925

best craft beer bars singapore The 1925_ONLINE

The 1925 pride themselves as a true blue Singaporean craft brewery as the ownership and even the brewmaster himself is local. Their beers also have a very local story behind them and the beers have been brewed with the common Singaporean taste profile in mind.

They have already brewed 9 types of beers! With that many beers to choose from, they do offer beer sampler set where you can try up to 5 different beers including those of imported taps. Co-founder, Ivan Yeo, is a very friendly dude who willingly imparts beer knowledge onto eager minds.

Other than good beer, they also have a pretty big menu even including brunch food.

The 1925: 369 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208997  | Tel: 6294 9215 | Website

16. Brewerkz

Brewerkz_Craft Beers (1 of 1)

Brewerkz is a local microbrewery founded by American born Mr Devin Otto Kimble and Daniel Flores in 1997. Since then, they have swept the nation with their handcrafted beers, going on to win a myriad accolade – including an incredible World Beer Cup medal for best English Style IPA – and invading the taps of many local watering holes.

You recognise Brewerkz for it’s distinct industrial-style custom-made microbrewery, standing steel at Riverside Point. Along with it’s offsite brewery at Kampong Ampat, Brewerkz brings six signature beers, created more than 50 different seasonal brews over its history ad serves 13 different brews on tap at any point in time.

You’ll be sure to find a spectrum of craft beers here, ranging from light, smooth Golden Ale, to a full-bodied award winning XIPA and  of course the darker variety like Oatmeal Stout.

They also have a  substantial menu full of hearty American-style food, think Buffalo Wings, Nachos, Chili Cheese Fries and plenty of burgers.

Brewerkz has a few other outlets and apart from their own bar, their beers can be found on tap at Cafe Iguana.

Brewerkz: Riverside Point, Singapore Indoor Stadium, Orchard Parade Hotel and Sentosa Boardwalk, Singapore 058282 | Tel: 6438 7438 | Website 


17. RedDot Brewery

best craft beer bars singapore RedDot Brewery_Craft Beers (2 of 3)

Home of the Monster Green Lager Beer.

Singapore’s first ‘locally owned, independent commercial microbrewery’, founder/ brewmaster Ernest Ng is the pioneer of local microbrewery scene, having been brewing beers himself since 1997. He is both the designer and builder of the brewery, designing the industrial brewing tanks himself ( in accordance to American Society of Mechanical Engineers standars).

By carefully choosing RedDot’s locations, he also imparts rich symbolism to RedDot beers by brewing them in heritage buildings teeming with Singaporean history.

RedDot Brewery_Craft Beers (1 of 3)

According to RedDot Brewhouse, “the beer that you drink here is unfiltered and unprocessed (straight from the fermenter), and thus retains all the yeast nutrients, original flavour, and unique aroma.”

best craft beer bars singapore RedDot Brewery_Craft Beers (3 of 3)ac

Their signature Monster Green Larger Beer is green as it is brewed with Spirulina, a green cyanobacterium full of vitamins and anti-oxidants so basically, it is kinda beneficial for your health to drink RedDot’s monster beer.

The Monster Beer is a permanent brew, along with 6 other permanent brews that you can always enjoy at both RedDot outlets. They do about 2 seasonal beers every year.

RedDot Brewery: 33/34 Boat Quay, Singapore 049823 | Tel: 6535 4500  | Website

18. Archipelago Brewery

best craft beer bars singapore Archipelago_Craft Beers (1 of 1)

Probably the first commercial craft brewery in Singapore, Archipelago Brewery has been brewing local craft beers since 2006. Their beer-brewing technique is highly influenced by Germany’s brewing traditions and standards, hence maintaining that lovely quality and flavour that many have come to love.

They have 4 permanent brews, inspired by popular global beers with occasional seasonal brews. Places that serve Archipelago beers include Timbre, The Tuckshop, The Pit, Queen & Mangosteen and Boulevard Craft Beers.

Timbre @ The Arts House ( A flagship bar that offers Archipelago Brewery’s beers on tap): 1 Old Parliament Lane #01-04
Singapore 179429 |Tel: 6336 3386 | website

19. Little Island Brewing Co.

best craft beer bars singapore Little Island Brewery Co_Craft Beers (3 of 3)

Apart from its name, and being a ‘microbrewery’, nothing about else about LIBC is small. Little Island Brewing Co. sits on a 5000 sq. ft of land, houses 10 industrial brewing tanks, 270 seats and a large wood fired oven to cook some smoked ass meat. It’s pretty much a gargantuan minimalist-industrial themed brewpub and smokehouse, dedicated to that #slowlife.

Little Island Brewery Co_Craft Beers (2 of 3)

The interior and general ambiance promotes a whole sit-back-and-relax-with-as-much-craft-beers-as-you-want-while-appreciating-slow-cooked-wood-smoked-meat vibes, so yknow, like generally really chill but they definitely don’t chill when to quality.

Little Island Brewing Company makes sure that both their beers and food are fresh and flavourful, borrowing brains and skills of award-winning British Brew Master Stephen Spinney as well as New Zealand Chef, John Edwards.

Little Island Brewery Co_Craft Beers (1 of 3)

This is a self-service and self-pour brewery/brewpub and eatery that serves cult craft beer. And while you’re sampling as much (or as little) craft beers, you should definitely also try their 15-Hours smoked beef brisket and supposed melt-in-your-mouth pork belly.

Little Island Brewing Co.: Block 6 Changi Village Road,  #01-01/02 Singapore 509907 | Tel: 65439100 | Website |

Other worthy restaurants/bars that offer more than your typical beers

20. Lepark

best craft beer bars singapore lepark_Craft Beers (1 of 1)

Rooftop bar with the view, the food, the music and the beers. This hella rad bar stocks more than 10 different, close to 20, craft beers, making it easy to pair with their mod-asian tapas.

So obviously, it lives up to it’s namesake as a place to just lepak.

Lepark: People’s Park Complex, 1 Park Rd, #06-00, Singapore 059108 | Tel:  6908 5809| Website 

21. Bottles and Bones

Bottles and Bones_Craft Beers (1 of 1)

Quite a decent selection of bottled craft beers – 5 in bottles and 2 on tap. Opened in November 2015, it’s a relatively new watering hole but has been gaining a steady stream of patrons especially from the after-work crowd.

Bottles and Bones: 30 Raffles Place, #01-42 Chevron House, Singapore 039803 | Tel: 6532 2114 | Website

22. HopShop

A hidden gem at Bukit Timah Plaza, HopShop is a craft beer bottles shop with a really wide selection, including rarer ones. Both an online and physical store.

Basically like Thirsty and The Great Beer Experiment, but just without space for sitting.

HopShop: Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #B1-15, Singapore 588996 | Tel: 9297 0579 | Website

23. Brewers’ Craft

Again, like Thirsty and The Great Beer Experiment, but just without space for sitting.  Brewers’ Craft is a brick-and-mortar shop that does home deliveries too. They offer customisable beer pack gifting. Doesn’t that just make gift-giving so much fucking easier.

Brewers’ Craft: Blk 354, Clementi Avenue 2, #01-191, Singapore 120354 | Tel: 98152613 | Website | Opening hours: check their fb as they tend to close for certain periods. 

24. Homebrew Co-op

For the hardcore hobbyists,

Homebrewery Co is a homebrewery supply store that alsos hosts workshops on beer brewing. Plus you can go there and brew your own beer. Say whatttt

Homebrew Co: 297A River Valley Road, Singapore 238338 | Tel: 87167161 | Website

25. Restaurant SELA


Although 5 is pretty few, these are some pretty uncommon/special Japanese craft beers. The yellow and purple labels for example are by Fujizakura Heights beers, which are brewed at the base of Mount Fuji using the mountain’s fresh water. Very few places in Singapore have them and they are usually in limited quantities.

Restaurant SELA: 32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388 | Tel: 6337 6358 | Website

26. Epic Haus; Otto Berlin Haus

Otto Berlin Haus_Craft Beers (1 of 1)

Rare to find a Kopitiam that has more than the usual commercial beer. Sooooo what more an international kopitiam that offers German, Thai, Vietnamese etc. Savour some Pork Knuckles while you knock back some German beers. Sounds like cheap chills (..geddit???)!

Otto Berlin Haus @ Epic Haus: Blk 211, #01-01 Lorong 8, Toa Payoh, Singapore 310211 | Tel: 9833 7486 | Website 

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