5 Best Fresh Meat Wholesale Suppliers in Singapore

If you are starting a new restaurant, or need to buy meats for a home BBQ and looking for the best fresh meat wholesale suppliers in Singapore, this article is for you. I’m a bit of a steak fanatic, so this guide will focus mostly on beef steaks.

Most steakhouses or any restaurant for that matter in Singapore will be using one of these wholesale meat suppliers listed below. For the home cook, some of them allow self-collection, or even delivery services!

Don’t settle for mediocre meats from the supermarket; get the best fresh meat from good suppliers with excellent cut, service and value. The common misconception is that prices are way more expensive; this is false.

There are cuts that are priced the same as what they sell at the regular supermarket, but way better. And if you pay a little more premium, you can easily get restaurant standard steaks in your own home.


culina dempsey meat wholesaler

Culina is one of Singapore’s most renown and reputed wholesale meat distributors. They have a snazzy gourmet bistro retail concept in Dempsey, as well as many butcheries within various NTUC Fairprice. Culina focuses mainly on Australian beef.

Serving a wide variety of premium steak cuts from Australia due to a wider variety of feeding patterns and cattle breeds available, Culina can also cater more unique cuts like bone-in tenderloin or secondary cuts like bone-in rump. Farm brands include Ranger’s Valley, Cape Grim, Blackmore MBS 9+ wagyu as well as my favorite Robbins Island grass-fed Wagyu (personally endorsed by Chef Tetsuya himself). This is one wholesale meat and seafood provider you have to know.

Culina has a good industry reputation for its sourcing abilities, competitive pricing, excellent after-sales service and prompt delivery for wholesale. The retail outlet at Dempsey is also an excellent spot to buy meats home.

Minimum Order Quantity for wholesale delivery: $150 | Home delivery: No

Address: Blk 8, Dempsey Road, #01-13 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247696 | Tel: 6474 7338 | Website

Angliss Singapore

Angliss wholesale fresh meat supplier

Angliss Singapore is an integrated food services company providing a full line of quality products including meat, poultry, dairy, ingredients, vegetables, fruits and groceries to over 3000 customers. The company is well-equipped with its own 5,000-tonne cold room with processing facilities and a test kitchen on-site to deliver the highest quality food product  in South-east Asia.

Angliss sells chilled and frozen meats from the USA, Brazil, Europe, New Zealand and Australia with most cuts of meat. Beef brands include 1855 Black Angus, IBP and National beef. With over 28 delivery trucks, Angliss has superb logistics and sales processing system to ensure consistent delivery.

However, Angliss lacks a retail showcase for consumers like Culina or Hubers, and is harder for home consumers to browse and pick meats. You can however, do self-collect at their cold room as well. Angliss is more geared towards restaurant wholesale.

Minimum Order Quantity for wholesale delivery: $120 | Home Delivery: $120

Address: 232 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128420 | Tel: 6778 8787 | Website

Fresh Gourmet

Fresh Gourmet meat wholesale supplier singapore

Fresh Gourmet was started with the vision of bringing the finest meats to your doorstep. They are dedicated to importing and distributing quality meats and services, and is considerably more niche in beefs; they don’t sell much of other wholesale food products.

Fresh Gourmet is also the distributor of many US meat products like USA Chilled Wagyu Kobe Beef, the legendary highly marbled meat coveted by beef connoisseurs. Apart from that, Fresh Gourmet also trades in Airflown USA Chilled Kurobuta Pork, as well as Airflown Australian Chilled Lamb.

One of their most famous brands include Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef, also known as ‘butter knife beef’. From this farm, they also bring in Kurobuta pork

Many chefs have commented about the excellent flexibility and service of Fresh Gourmet, who will portion, customize and save parts of your meat in their chiller as long as you are a recurring client. A very personalized service. Self-collect available too.

Minimum Order Quantity for delivery: $150 | Home Delivery: $150 Only to nearby areas

Address: 52 International Road, #01-09/10/11, Par Investment Building, Singapore 619626 | Tel: 6278 6255 | Website

Huber’s Butchery

Huber's Butchery Singapore

Huber’s Butchery is a swiss-inspired premium specialty store serving one of the widest selection of meats with an emphasis on service, and high quality standards. A family butchery business, the service here is impeccable. Huber’s really puts in effort to do that bit better than competitors. They are at this moment the only supplier with the ISO 22000 food safety management standard.

Specializing in meats, hams and sausages, the meats are imported directly from farms like Stockyard, while the hams and sausages are produced in-house for control of quality.

Huber's Butchery Steak

They have a small retail bistro concept also in Dempsey along with Culina, with a simple hotplate to cook their fresh meats of your choice. This might not be the best equipment especially for thicker cuts, but you can be guaranteed it’s fresh.

The user-friendly online butchery also allows any home cook to easily order their gourmet meats to be delivered straight to the home kitchen. Huber’s website is probably the most informative out of all the other sites, with useful tips on cooking and selecting meats. Home delivery is available from Monday – Saturdays. The wholesale range of meats is much wider than what the home consumer can buy though.

In addition, Huber’s butchery provides a one-stop solution for F&B restaurants, with a variety of wines, vegetables, seafood and other ingredients needed to compliment a kitchen.

Minimum Order Quantity for wholesale delivery: $150 | Home delivery: $75

Address: 18A Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249677 | Tel: 6737 1588  | Website

Swiss Butchery

Swiss Butchery Singapore

The meat and sausage specialist, Swiss Butchery was awarded by Singapore Tatler for the Best Gourmet Meats in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011. Like Huber’s, they also have an online store with free home delivery for orders more than $75.

Meats come from the Australia Tasmanian region like Free range beef from King Island, as well as Angus beef from Produce of Heaven.

What sets apart Swiss Butchery from the other wholesalers is the level of customization that they can provide for their customer’s meats. In terms of meat preparation and marination, they offer wider and better range of services like portioning it and marinating per your recipe (with a substantial order). They are one of the few butcheries I interviewed that can do do a Ribeye Cap cut.

Access is easy with retail outlets at Greenwood avenue as well as at Tanglin road too. It’s no excuse now for any home cook to be using subpar meat. Many of the butchers are also chefs who will explain in detail how to cook your meat. Below the butchery at Tanglin is also their new steakhouse Feedlot.

Swiss Butchery’s wholesale delivery quantity is also a lot more flexible, and they will cater for you if you have an account and a long standing client relationship.

Minimum Order Quantity for wholesale: $75 | Home delivery: $75

Address: 22 Senoko Way, Singapore 758044 | Tel: 6555 3343 | Website

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*Editor’s note*


So there you have it, a wonderful list of places to buy premium meats at very affordable prices. I sincerely hope every home chef will stop buying the horrible meats from supermarkets and get a decent steak from fresh butcheries instead.

You can get fresh, good quality Australian Angus beef from just $5 – $9/100g, and around $12 – $14/100g for Australian Wagyu.

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