5 Boba-Inspired Snacks & Sweets From Shopee for Bubble Tea Lovers

I hope everyone is still in the mood for bubble tea during Phase 1 of safe reopening, because there are still ways to get bubble tea-flavoured snacks and sweets safely to you, straight to your doorstep. 

I don’t know about you, but when I think of bubble milk tea, I think of Taiwan and its many night markets—the aromatic  street food with countless bubble tea stalls to accompany them. Because boba is such a hit in Taiwan, many of the snacks in this list consists of products imported from Taiwan, so don’t be surprised to see snacks and sweets that infuse boba with other popular Taiwanese snacks. 

If boba isn’t your thing, check out our previous article on other Taiwanese snacks you can get from Shopee during this #StayHome period. For now, here are 5 boba-inspired snacks and sweets from Shopee you should check out if you’re a huge fan of the delectable beverage. 

1. Royal Family Bubble Milk Tea Mochi

Bubble Tea Boba Flavoured Snacks Sweets Shopee Singapore May 2020 Online

Starting off the list strong with a delightful chewy dessert, we have the Royal Family Bubble Milk Tea Mochi (S$5.90). For those who are unsure what mochi is, it’s a Japanese rice cake made out of a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, water, sugar and corn starch. Typically soft and chewy, mochi is a yummy dessert that is enjoyed by all. 

Add the boba flavour to it and you have the perfect dessert to satisfy any bubble tea lover. Filled with a bubble tea-flavoured paste that’s made out of sword beans, black tea powder and brown sugar, there’s also a round jelly in the middle of the paste resembling a pearl. 

These are available at Sheng Siong Supermarkets, but if you don’t intend to leave the house or don’t have a Sheng Siong outlet near you, opt for buying these on Shopee instead. You can get these at S$5.90 per pack, and it will be conveniently delivered to you!

Royal Family Bubble Milk Tea Mochi: Available on Shopee

2. Bubble Milk Tea Pineapple Cake

Bubble Tea Boba Flavoured Snacks Sweets Shopee Singapore May 2020 Online 2

Another Taiwanese hit, there’s also the Bubble Milk Tea Pineapple Cake (S$7.40). Apart from bubble milk tea, Taiwan is also known for their pineapple cakes. They usually come in the form of flaky pastry that wraps around sweet and gooey pineapple paste. 

In this rendition of the famous snack, the filling of the cake is a combination of both pineapple and bubble tea flavours, so be prepared to have a tantalising taste of the two popular Taiwanese snacks in harmony. 

There are many different versions and brands of this cake, and it’s the type you’d typically spot at Ximending when you’re shopping for souvenirs. On Shopee, you don’t have to worry because these are directly imported from Taiwan. 

For your convenience, each box is individually packaged. Treat yourself to some delicious bubble tea-flavoured cakes from the comfort of your own home when you purchase from Shopee!

Bubble Milk Tea Pineapple Cake: Available on Shopee

3. Bubble Tea Nougat Biscuit

What’s another famous Taiwanese snack most people bring back to Singapore after a rewarding holiday? If you read our article on the Taiwanese snacks you can find on Shopee, you’ll find that Cow Rolling Chives Cake is definitely a crowd favourite. 

Bubble Tea Boba Flavoured Snacks Sweets Shopee Singapore May 2020 Online 3

These snacks are basically chive biscuits with sweet and chewy nougat sandwiched in between them. One of my favourite snacks from Taiwan is the Cow Rolling Chives Cake. For any boba lover, the Bubble Tea Nougat Biscuit (S$8.64) will definitely tickle your fancy. 

Infused with bubble tea pearls, the nougat makes for a chewy texture along with the crunchiness of the savoury biscuits. At S$8.64 for a packet of eight pieces, have the delicious combination of Taiwan’s most famous snack and beverage delivered right to your doorstep. 

Bubble Tea Nougat Biscuit: Available on Shopee

4. Brown Sugar Milk Tea Almond

Bubble Tea Boba Flavoured Snacks Sweets Shopee Singapore May 2020 Online 4

I’m sure this snack is well-known amongst us Singaporeans, especially those who love to travel. One of the most popular snacks you can find at Korea, Tom’s Farms has a Brown Sugar Milk Tea Almond (S$9.90) flavour everyone is just dying to have a taste of.  

Dubbed as a must-try for milk tea lovers, this delightful snack is highly addictive with its sweet and savoury taste. While many people sometimes think that most bubble tea-flavoured snacks don’t retain the taste of actual bubble tea, the reviews for this snack prove that the flavour is most definitely there

Priced at just S$9.90 for one pack, the Brown Sugar Milk Tea Almond is available on Shopee. Grab yours now and munch on these delicious nuts while working from home during this #StayHome period! 

If you prefer different types of Korean snacks, check out our list of Korean snacks you can buy on Shopee for more alternatives. 

Brown Sugar Milk Tea Almond: Available on Shopee

5. Tao Kae Noi Bubble Tea-Flavoured Seaweed

Tao Kae Noi New Flavours online 1
Credit – Tao Kae Noi

Landing in Singapore not too long ago last year, the bubble milk tea-flavoured Tao Kae Noi seaweed sparked interest in many foodies out there. Tried and tested, this snack is definitely a healthier alternative to an actual cup of bubble tea. 

With hints of teh tarik flavours, it’s definitely a snack that will appeal to the boba fans. These Thai seaweed packets are available in Sheng Siong supermarkets, but if you don’t have an outlet near you, consider buying from Shopee instead. 

Priced at S$17 for six packets, you can now stock up on these delectable seaweed snacks to get you through Phase 1 of the safe reopening. 

Bubble Milk Tea Tao Kae Noi: Available on Shopee

With these five suggestions, it’s time to satisfy your bubble tea cravings with delicious snacks you can munch on. Because most of these are considered a healthier option as compared to having the actual beverage, enjoy that extra perk while you’re snacking during this #StayHome period. Happy shopping!