5 Taiwanese Snacks From Shopee to Relive Your Taiwan Food Adventure

From bubble tea to lu rou fan, Taiwanese food has won our hearts and stomachs over and over again. Taiwan houses one of the most delicious foodstuffs around the world; simply walk along the crowded aisles of any Taiwanese night market and you’ll understand why it is so popular amongst travellers from all over the world.

Our travelling plans might have been placed on pause amidst the COVID-19 pandemic but that doesn’t mean we can’t land ourselves with some delectable snacks from Taiwan. We’ve curated a list of five Taiwanese snacks from Shopee that you can savour in the comfort of home!

1. Cow Rolling Chives Cake

Online Shopee Cow Rolling Chives Cake

This snack is sure to hit the spot. A quintessential Taiwanese snack, this crispy nougat-filled biscuit is a crowd favourite among travellers. Addictingly delicious, this bite-sized biscuit is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The crispy Cow Rolling Chives Cake (S$6.56 for a packet) features savoury chive biscuits sandwiched in a layer of sweet nougat. A sweet and salty combination, this popular confection is flaky and savoury. The creamy and smooth filling melds perfectly with the savoury chive biscuits. For those who seek a little more excitement in their snacks, this sure promises to surprise you with its interesting marriage of contrasting flavours!

This snack is available in original and another with added cranberries. I don’t know about you but I’m craving one of these right now!

Cow Rolling Chives Cake: Available on Shopee

2. Hua Tiao Chinese Drunken Chicken Instant Noodles

Online Shopee Hua Tiao Wine Chicken Noodles

Craving a piping hot bowl of Taiwanese noodles? The Hua Tiao Chinese Drunken Chicken Instant Noodles (S$10.01 for three packets) is a close call. It takes its name after the popular Chinese drunken chicken dish which incorporates hua diao jiu (Chinese rice wine). Interestingly enough, it encompasses real chicken meat, unlike your usual instant noodle.

It consists of a noodle block, sauce pouch with cubes of chicken meat, seasoning powder, seasoning oil, wine pouch and a sachet of seasoning paste. This product has been highly raved on Shopee, with it being saturated with many positive reviews.

Online Airfrov Ttl Hua Tiao Chicken Noodles

The noodles possess a good bite and texture whilst being rich in flavour with the fragrant rice wine flavours permeating through the broth and infused into the chicken. They also resemble freshly cooked chicken meat whilst the wine-spiked broth is robust and full of flavour.

This hearty bowl of noodles comes pretty close in replicating one of Taiwan’s famous street dish. It is surely worth every penny!

Hua Tiao Chinese Drunken Chicken Instant Noodles: Available on Shopee

3. Thick Yi Fruit Jelly


Shopee Thick Yi Fruit Jelly

If you’re craving for something a little sweeter, Thick Yi Fruit Jelly (S$7.20 for two packets) would surely not disappoint. Available in eight different flavours, these treats are perfect for cooling down amidst the balmy heat in Singapore.

Mini jellies in a cup with sliced nata de coco and fruity flavours, they are soft, chewy and absolutely refreshing. They make an amazing tropical flare, satisfy your sweet tooth and shush those cravings!

Thick Yi Fruit Jelly: Available on Shopee

4. Tai Chung Bakery Tai Yang Bing

Online Shopee Sun Cake

Tai yang bing, also known as sun cake, is a delicious dessert originating from Taichung, Taiwan. Characterised by their flaky crusts, the pastry resembles the shape of the sun. For those who have a soft spot for buttery pastry, this is for you!

The Tai Chung Bakery Tai Yang Bing (S$19 for two boxes) comes in two flavours, brown sugar and original. Possessing a soft crust filled with maltose, its buttery fragrance and taste profile is absolutely irresistible. Light, well-balanced and not cloyingly sweet, this incredibly fluffy and crispy Taiwan delicacy is sure to please!

Tai Chung Bakery Tai Yang Bing: Available on Shopee

5. Pearl Milk Tea Chocolate

Online Shopee Pearl Milk Tea Candy

Bubble tea fans, we heard you! The Pearl Milk Tea Chocolate (S$4.95 per box) features boba pearls encased in a milk tea-infused chocolate.

With bubble tea being all the craze right now, an alternative snack is sure to excite your tastebuds. Those who love the chewiness of boba pearls are sure to love this delectably soft and chewy sweet treat. This snack could be just the fun snack you need while binge-watching your favourite Netflix series!

Pearl Milk Tea Chocolate: Available on Shopee

Are you missing Taiwan and their scrumptious snacks and delicacies? If you’re feeling a little sombre about being stuck in Singapore during this period of time, take heart in the fact that you can still enjoy these delicious snacks from Shopee!