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14 Ways to Get Your Favourite Bubble Tea in Singapore During CB Period

Last Updated: May 20, 2020

Written by Deanna Lim

Remember that moment of panic on 21 April 2020, when the Singapore government announced tighter regulations, including the temporary closure of bubble tea shops? Oh, how the boba fans despaired.

Fast forward to now, and everyone’s beloved McDonald’s is back, but the bubble tea shops are still closed. We’ve all started looking for alternative places to get bubble tea delivered, or even tried to make our own—through DIY bubble tea kits and making our own tapioca pearls.

Well, never fear, because while we’re still on this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, there are actually ways to get ahold of your favourite bubble tea brand. And yes, it’s all perfectly legal. Here’s our list of 14 ways to get your favourite bubble tea brands!

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1. KOI Thé

Top of many boba fans’ list has to be KOI Thé, one of the big brand bubble tea shops to arrive in Singapore early in the boba game.

If you’re die-hard KOI Thé fan, you’ll be happy to know that they’re available for delivery.

Yes, you can order your favourite Black Tea Macchiato through GrabFood, and through foodpanda’s central kitchen in Tampines Food Co.

Alternatively, if you’d like to get your frothy milk tea together with food, why not try ordering from Grain?

Grain offers Meals on Demand (delivered as quickly as 30 minutes), Meal Plans and catering services. This means you can get a wholesome meal like Caramelised Beef Char Siew (S$12.95) or Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken (S$11.95), and pair it with a delightful Brown Sugar Milk Tea (S$4.50/medium, S$5.80/large) from KOI Thé!

KOI Thé: Available on GrabFood | Available on foodpanda | Available on Grain | Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. Gong Cha

For those who prefer Gong Cha over KOI, you have a few more delivery options.

Getting lunch together with bubble tea? Try one of these F&B outlets: Wolf Burger, Express by Chatterbox, and Chen’s Mapo Tofu. Do note that only four drink options are available—Brown Sugar Fresh Milk With Pearl (S$5.60), QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea (S$5.20), Taro Drink (S$4.70), and the OG Pearl Milk Tea (S$4.50), but these cover most of the bases.

Snag your Gong Cha drink through Wolf Burger’s website, available for island-wide delivery. You’ll need to order it in a set meal with the burgers, but looking at the delicious burger and fries that come with the Original Wolf Burger x BBT (S$16.90), I don’t think that’s a problem.

Alternatively, if you stay around the Redhill area, you can get Gong Cha bubble tea and support a good cause at the same time. A social enterprise which hires employees with special needs, Professor Brawn Bistro @ Enabling Village in Redhill offers Gong Cha drinks together with their meals too.

Gong Cha: Available on oddle (Express by Chatterbox, Chen’s Mapo Tofu and Professor Brawn Bistro) | Available on Wolf Burger’s website | Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. LiHO

Another fierce boba competitor, LiHO is also available for delivery. You can find LiHO on GrabFood, bundled together with Paik’s Bibim, Woo Ricebox, Tino’s Pizza and Gong Yuan Ma La Tang.

For these F&B vendors, there are only nine LiHO drinks available, and it’s delivery only—no self-pick-up. Here’s where you can find the F&B outlets:

F&B vendorLocations
Paik’s BibimBedok Mall
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Tiong Bahru Plaza
Woo RiceboxOrchard Xchange
Tino’s PizzaTiong Bahru Plaza
Gong Yuan Ma La TangChangi City Point
Funan Mall
Heartland Mall
Orchard Xchange
Suntec City

You can also order through foodpanda, or LiHO’s dedicated delivery website, Boss Happy Delivery. For the latter, note that you’ll need a minimum order of S$30, and a delivery fee of S$5 applies. You’ll get free delivery with minimum spending of S$45.

LiHO: Available on Grabfood (Paik’s Bibim, Woo Ricebox, Tino’s Pizza, Gong Yuan Ma La Tang) | Available on foodpanda (filter according to your location) | Available on Boss Happy Delivery | Facebook | Instagram | Telegram | Website


4. The Alley

Remember when The Alley first came to Singapore? They even opened The Alley Luxe, an Insta-worthy café in Orchard with European pastries.

Don’t fret, you can still enjoy popular drinks from The Alley, such as Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk (S$5.50) and the trending Dalgona Coffee Matcha (S$5.20).

They’ve teamed up with K Food Holdings, which has brought us the likes of Chir Chir, Nipong Naepong and Masizzim. Order your favourite drinks through this form—you can order across these three brands, and there’s island-wide delivery!

Note that there’s a minimum order of S$30 for delivery, and the delivery fee varies according to location. Delivery timings fall between 12pm to 9pm, daily, and your order will be delivered three hours after payment.

Feel free to order in advance too, if you’ve already scheduled your mealtimes and meal options.

You can also order The Alley’s drinks from Chir Chir’s food delivery platforms—GrabFood, Deliveroo and foodpanda.

The Alley: Available on GrabFood | Available on Deliveroo | Available on foodpanda | Available through online order form | Facebook | Instagram | Website

5. Tiger Sugar Singapore 新加坡老虎堂

Aptly named for the signature “tiger stripes” on brown sugar drinks, Tiger Sugar Singapore 新加坡老虎堂 arrived in Singapore to roaring success in 2018.

You can get a taste of their famous brown sugar boba drinks even during this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period. They’ve teamed up with PUTIEN at Kitchener Road, through GrabFood, to bring you delectable brown sugar boba drinks and mouthwatering dishes.

The PUTIEN x Tiger Sugar Boba Milk Set starts from S$17.40, and includes one PUTIEN main course and one selected Tiger Sugar boba drink.

Alternatively, you can also order through Tiger Sugar’s online order platform. You can access the full range of Tiger Sugar drinks, with the option for self-pick-up or same-day island-wide delivery. Delivery hours run from 11am to 9pm daily, while stocks last.

Tiger Sugar Singapore新加坡老虎堂: Available on GrabFood through PUTIEN at Kitchener Road | Available through online order platform | Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Milksha 迷客夏

Unlike most bubble tea stores that place more emphasis on the “tea” component, famous Taiwanese bubble tea brand Milksha 迷客夏 prides itself on the quality of their milk.

If you’ve got a craving for their Fresh Milk series, don’t worry. You can get your fix when you order through Yum Cha Express, because why not pair your milk tea with dim sum? I definitely recommend the Fresh Taro Milk—the subtle earthy sweetness of taro paired with creamy fresh milk is lovely.

Yum Cha Express offers island-wide delivery with a S$5 fee, and minimum order of S$50. Perfect for a dim sum dinner with the family, and get some Milksha drinks to liven things up too.

You can also order Milksha through oddle.

Milksha 迷客夏: Available on oddle | Available through Yum Cha Express | Facebook | Instagram

7. R&B Tea

I have to admit, R&B Tea is my favourite of all the bubble tea brands. There’s an outlet near my office, so my lunch routine used to include making a small detour to pick up a refreshing cup of Peach Crystal or a tasty Brown Sugar Boba Milk.

Luckily, R&B Tea is also available for takeaway and delivery, through foodpanda.

If you stay near Thomson Plaza, the R&B Tea outlet located within the Koufu Foodcourt is open for takeaway as well. Of course, we should still maintain safe-distancing—try not to rush down and queue for your bubble tea.

R&B Tea: 301 Upper Thomson Road, Koufu Foodcourt, #01-106, Singapore 574408 | Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Daily, subject to stock availability) | Available on foodpanda | Facebook | Instagram

8. CHICHA San Chen 吃茶三千

First opened in May 2019 at 313@Somerset, CHICHA San Chen 吃茶三千 has taken Singapore by storm (even if some of us still struggle with pronouncing its name).

Tongue-twister name aside, the freshly-brewed teas from this Taiwanese boba brand will have you licking your lips. Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea, anyone?

Well, now you can savour CHICHA San Chen’s famous teas from the comfort of your home. They’ve collaborated with healthy Japanese roast chicken brand, Kemono, to bring us the winning combination of roast chicken and bubble tea.

With islandwide delivery available from 11am to 11pm, you can simply WhatsApp +65 8600 5997 or order from Kemono’s website. There’s a delivery charge of S$5.90, and an additional S$1 surcharge for peak hour deliveries. Worth it? Hardcore boba fans will say yes.

Bubble Tea Delivery Guide Singapore 2020 Chicha San Chen Online 1


CHICHA San Chen has also teamed up with Yu Kee on GrabFood for island-wide delivery, and foodpanda from the Fusionopolis outlet.

CHICHA San Chen 吃茶三千: Available on GrabFood | Available on foodpanda | Available through Kemono’s website | Facebook | Instagram | Website

9. Xing Fu Tang 幸福堂

Another boba brand from Taiwan, Xing Fu Tang 幸福堂 arrived on our sunny shores in June 2019.

Famed for its freshly-made brown sugar pearls that are stir-fried in a wok, Xing Fu Tang even torches the top of its signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk—all for that extra burnt caramelised gooey goodness.

Xing Fu Tang has teamed up with Wooshi on GrabFood and The Fish Hut for islandwide delivery, to bring us bubble tea along with food.

Bubble Tea Delivery Guide Singapore 2020 Xing Fu Tang Online 3


At Wooshi, choose from Brown Sugar Milk Tea (with Grass Jelly) or Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Tea (with Grass Jelly), available with the purchase of any main roll or bowl.

If you’re looking to get your drink from The Fish Hut, you can opt for Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk, Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea, or Brown Sugar Boba Oolong Milk Tea. You’ll have to purchase a food item from The Fish Hut to go along with your drink. With a minimum order of S$20, there’ll be a S$5 flat delivery rate.

Xing Fu Tang幸福堂: Available through The Fish Hut x XFT website | Available through Wooshi on GrabFood | Facebook | Instagram | Website

10. Bober Tea

For more bubble tea options, try Bober Tea. Not only do they offer brown sugar boba drinks, you can also choose more refreshing fruity drinks like Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea or Yakult Green Tea.

Head to Bober Tea on oddle to place your orders, available for both self-pickup and delivery. Note that there are limited delivery slots each day, so even though you can order between 11am to 10pm daily, you’ll want to order earlier in the day. There’s a minimum order of S$15, and a flat delivery fee of S$7.90.

The full range of teas are available on oddle, so you’ll be able to find your favourite drink.

Bober Tea: Available on oddle | Facebook | Instagram | Website

11. iTea

One of the less well-known brands, iTea offers a decent selection of boba drinks at affordable prices. Milk Tea from S$2.50? Yes, please.

And it’s easy to get your bubble tea fix, too. iTea is available for delivery on foodpanda. Just remember to check whether you’re within the delivery radius, as they’re delivering from the central kitchen in Tampines.

For GrabFood users, you can get your bubble tea fix when you order from iPOT in Paya Lebar Square. Fragrant, spicy mala xiang guo with bubble tea? Sign me up!

You can also download the iTea app to order online—you can order between 10am – 8pm, and your drinks will be delivered between 11.30am – 10pm, within two hours. Note that there’s a minimum order of S$28, including the delivery fee of S$8 (so you’ll have to order S$20 of drinks).

iTea: Available on foodpanda | Available through iPOT on GrabFood | Available on iTea app | Facebook | Instagram | Website

12. Woobbee

Remember the (in)famous pi pa gao milk tea drink? Woobbee is the brand behind that controversial drink (for the record, I like it), and lucky for you, they’re available for delivery during this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.

Hop onto their website, and place your order. They offer free delivery for orders above S$25, but note that there’s no delivery or takeaway on Sundays and public holidays.

To maintain the quality of the drinks, Woobbee has a 1km delivery range, so check to see if you’re within range of their outlets. A HerbalMint Milk Tea (Pei Pa Koa) sounds rather refreshing right now!

Woobbee: Available on Woobbee’s website | Facebook | Instagram | Website

13. Each-A-Cup

Ah, the bubble tea brand of my schooling years.

Each-A-Cup offers bubble tea delivery together with F&B outlets ENAQ and Chuan Shi Dai. For those of you staying in Pasir Ris, Tampines, Bedok, Yishun, and in the West, you can get bubble tea delivered to your doorstep.

For those staying in Jurong, you can opt for self-pick-up from ENAQ as well. Note that you need to order from both ENAQ and Each-A-Cup—just think of it as lunch or dinner with a bubble tea drink.

Each-A-Cup offers island-wide delivery if you order from Chuan Shi Dai. You’ll need a minimum order of a Drumlet (S$2) and Nugget (S$2) set, but those are actually pretty good snacks to enjoy with a cup of bubble tea. There’s a minimum order of four cups, with a delivery fee of S$6.

Each-A-Cup: Available for delivery to Pasir Ris, Tampines, Bedok, Yishun and the West | Available for self-pick-up in Jurong | Available for island-wide delivery with Chuan Shi Dai | Facebook | Website

14. Playmade by 丸作

Everyone’s favourite bubble tea store with flavoured pearls is available for delivery too! Yes, I’m talking about Playmade by 丸作, famous for their pink cactus pearls.

You can order your go-to Playmade drink on oddle through Jiak by 金峰. While you can just order your drinks, why not get a set? The Best Of Taiwan Bundle (S$16.40) comes with a large-sized lu rou fan, a large-sized chicken chop and a large-sized bubble tea. Perfect for lunch and tea break rolled into one!

Alternatively, you can also get Playmade drinks when you order from Froroll. Self-pick-up is free, but if you opt for delivery there’s a charge of S$6.

Here’s the catch: you’ll have to order one food item before you can order up to four Playmade drinks. Considering you can choose from burgers, pizzas, and waffles, I wouldn’t say hitting the minimum order of one food item is hard.

Playmade by 丸作: Available on oddle through Jiak by 金峰 | Available through Froroll | Facebook | Instagram

Now that we’ve covered the ways you can still get your favourite bubble tea brands, here’s an easier, visual representation.

Bubble Tea BrandHow to orderRequirementsDelivery fees
KOI ThéThrough GrabFoodOrders below S$8 incur small order feeVaries according to location (islandwide)
Through foodpandaN.A.
Through GrainMinimum order of S$10S$4 – S$12 (islandwide) | Free self-pick-up
Gong ChaThrough Wolf Burger’s websiteMinimum order of S$35Free
Through Express by Chatterbox on oddleMinimum order of S$15From S$5 (islandwide)
Through Chen’s Mapo Tofu on oddle
Through Professor Brawn Bistro @ Enabling Village on oddleMinimum order of S$50
LiHOThrough Paik’s Bibim on GrabFoodOnly from Bedok Mall, NTU, Tiong Bahru Plaza & VivoCityVaries according to location (islandwide)
Through Woo Ricebox on GrabFoodOnly from Orchard Xchange
Through Tino’s Pizza on GrabFoodOnly from Tiong Bahru Plaza
Through Gong Yuan Ma La Tang on GrabFoodOnly from Changi City Point, Funan Mall, Heartland Mall, Orchard Xchange, Suntec City, Westgate
Through Boss Happy DeliveryMinimum order of S$30S$5 | Free for orders above S$45
The AlleyThrough K Food Holdings with online order formMinimum order of S$30Varies according to location (islandwide)
Through Chir Chir on GrabFoodOrders below S$8 incur small order fee
Through Chir Chir on foodpandaN.A.
Through Chir Chir on Deliveroo
Tiger Sugar Singapore 新加坡老虎堂Through PUTIEN on GrabFoodOrder PUTIEN x Tiger Sugar Boba Milk Set (from S$17.40)Varies according to location (islandwide)
Through online order platformN.A.
Milksha 迷客夏Through Yum Cha Express on oddleMinimum order of S$50S$5 (islandwide)
R&B TeaThrough foodpandaOnly from Thomson Plaza outletVaries according to location
CHICHA San Chen 吃茶三千Through Kemono on its websiteN.A.From S$3.90, depending on order timing
Through Yu Kee on GrabFoodOnly from Connexis outletVaries according to location
Through Yu Kee on foodpandaOnly from Fusionopolis outlet
Xing Fu Tang 幸福堂Through Wooshi on GrabFoodN.A.Varies according to location
Through The Fish Hut x Xing Fu Tang websiteMinimum order of S$20 | Max. 10 cupsS$5 flat rate (islandwide)
Bober TeaThrough oddleMinimum order of S$12Varies according to location (islandwide)
iTeaThrough foodpandaOnly from i.Tea Central Kitchen (East)Varies according to location
Through iPOT on GrabFoodOnly from iPOT in Paya Lebar SquareVaries according to location
Through iTea appMinimum order of S$28 (inclusive of delivery feeS$8
WoobbeeThrough Woobbee’s websiteMinimum order of S$25Free (1km delivery radius) | Self pick-up for orders under S$25
Each-A-CupThrough ENAQMust order food item from ENAQ | Only for Pasir Ris, Tampines, Bedok, Yishun, JurongS$5 – S$8
Through Chuan Shi DaiMinimum order of Drumlet & Nugget Set from Chuan Shi Dai | Order one day in advanceS$6 (islandwide)
Playmade by 丸作Through Jiak by 金峰 on oddleMinimum order of S$10S$10 (islandwide) | Free delivery for orders over S$65
Through FrorollMust order minimum one food itemFrom S$6 (islandwide) | Free self pick-up

Be sure to let us know if you find out any other ways to get ahold of your favourite boba drinks during this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period!


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