Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser: Super Cool Dispenser Fills Your Cups From The Bottom To Prevent Spillage

Last Updated: February 18, 2017

Written by Cheryl Tan

Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser-1

Beer bottles are great; they’ve been around for hundreds of years as a safe way of storing beer, and we’re used to seeing them. But sometimes, people rather drink their beers from glasses — and with good reason.

Pouring beers out from a keg or a bottle into glasses risk the chances of spillage and wastage. But, with Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser, pouring a perfect pint will be an ease.

Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser-2

This system works with magnets in the base of the cup, allowing the beer to fill up from the bottom and thus avoid any spillage while filling the cup nine times faster than normal pouring.

So, save the poor sap who got the designated bartender job and get this dispenser to make sure you enjoy every drop of beer!

Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser: Rent here | Facebook | Website | Rental Rates

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