Make Your Own Gourmet Sandwich With Bourbon Japan’s Sliced Chocolate, Mayonnaise & More Now Available In Japan

Last Updated: February 27, 2020

Written by Stacey Hong

Sliced condiments have been all the rage in Japan since 2015 when Bourbon Japan first introduced the sliced chocolate to the food scene.

I feel like these are the kind of food trends that make you go, “I didn’t think I needed this until I tried this!”—yes, it’s just that convenient.

Making a sandwich has never been easier. All you have to do is slap each individual slice on white bread and you’re good to go. 

Because those chocolate slices were such a big hit, Bourbon Japan is now looking to expand its “Easy Cooking” line with sliced mayonnaise and mentaiko mayo sheets. The apple butter white chocolate sheets will remain on sale with a revised version of the sliced chocolate.

What’s interesting about these slices is that Bourbon Japan also provides some simple recipes on how to use these flavourful sheets. 

Personally, I really like the idea of sliced condiments—there’s no need for any hassle in preparing food anymore, especially when you’re tired. If you’re interested in purchasing some of these delightful sheets, make sure you check out their “Easy Cooking” website on 2 March 2020

You can also grab yours in bulk on Bourbon Japan’s site for 12 bags of four at JP¥2,592 in the flavours Tuna Mayo and Basil Mayo. If you’re looking more for the sweet condiments, the Raw Chocolate and Raw Strawberry Milk flavours come in 12 bags of five at JP¥3,240. 

Do take note that the whole website is in Japanese, and there’s only so much Google Translate can do. Take your sandwich game up a notch with Bourbon Japan’s condiment slices today!

Dates & Times: Available from 2 March 2020 

Prices: JP¥2,592 – JP¥3,240 per 12-pack

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