Burger King Launches Uniquely Singaporean Laksa And Rendang Burgers At All Outlets For A Limited Time

Have your favourite Singaporean foods at Burger King with their new limited promotion as they feature our famous laksa and rendang dishes reinvented as burgers!

The laksa burger is recreated with either choice of protein in chicken or beef. The Laksa Tendercrisp Chicken Burger (S$6.50 for a la carte) features their signature Burger King tendercrisp chicken patty, slathered on with laksa sauce made from dried shrimp paste.

Burger King Laksa Burger 2
Credit – Burger King Singapore

The laksa burger also is available as a beef version. The Laksa Double Beef Burger (S$6.50 for a la carte) is stacked with two beef patties, slices of boiled egg and fresh cucumbers and then topped off with the laksa sauce.

Burger King Laksa Burger Online
Credit – Burger King Singapore

The Burger King rendang burger has casually made limited-time appearances at Singapore outlets before, so this is a chance to have that familiar tasting goodness again!

A choice of tender grilled chicken or double beef patties will be topped off with rendang sauce, freshly sliced onions and a sesame bun to complete the burger.

The Rendang Tendergrill Chicken Burger and Rendang Beef Burger are also available for S$6.50 each when you order them as a la carte items.

Burger King Rendang Burger Online
Credit – Burger King Singapore

Opt for a value meal set with a top-up of S$1.40 for a total of S$7.90, which is inclusive of a small drink and medium fries.

Burger King’s rendang burgers are a huge treat and we can’t wait to add them into our weekly diet. Hurry and get them before they have gone!

Dates & Times: Available from 16 July 2019 at all Burger King outlets 

Prices: S$6.50 – S$7.90