Senior Food Content Writer – Job application

We want writers who are passionate about food, nightlife and travel and are able to express their thoughts on paper well.

We are always looking for stellar food writers in Singapore to work with us.

If you are a strong writer, take good photos and have an eye for discovering food trends, join our team! is one of Singapore’s highest-read digital food publications with over 2 million page views a month. We are the authority in good food and cuisine utilizing striking honesty and fairness in our articles.

For those with an eye for viral topics, and don’t mind eating their way there. Our company is looking for food writers who are passionate about food, nightlife and travel and are able to express their thoughts on paper well. Good photography is always a requirement to tell a visual story along with words.

As our content writer, you will need to enjoy going to events, talking to people, being proactive, and always be improving your writing/photography. Odd hours are common in this industry and not suitable for those who like a corporate job. You’ll need to proofread and edit article posts before publication and submit your work to editors for input and approval.

As a food writer for, you are a curator of great gastronomy and need an eye for the next latest big food trend. Can you tell the latest tiger palm sugar bubble tea trend from last year’s rainbow trend, or suss out the hidden local food gems no one has heard of?

The work we do is neither a corporate 9-5 job, nor a childcare facility; applicants need to be motivated, adventurous, have self-discipline and be serious in developing their professional work skills, hit company objectives, and align with the company’s innate passions. If you need adult supervision to function, work in a bank or something instead.

If you have no prior writing/photojournalism experience, you might be more suited to start as an intern, then work your way to conversion.

Job responsibilities:

  • Contribute F&B story ideas, finding new viral content angles
  • Attending adhoc food events
  • Adhering to SEO rules of writing content
  • Keeping track of article view performance and suggestions to improve
  • Ensuring writing and photography are professionally executed
  • Maintaining a constant flow of organic and client articles
  • Crafting effective social media captions and article titles
  • Fast turnaround of news-related articles, including weekends if news drops then
  • Providing guidance to new writers/interns

What kind of qualifications do I need?

  • A recognized Diploma/ Bachelor’s Degree in Literature/ Mass Communications or equivalent
  • You’re a foodie – Good knowledge and exposure to local food culture and heritage
  • Good photographic eye
  • Perfect grammar and spelling
  • 1-2 years of proven work experience as a publication writer or similar role
  • Portfolio of published articles
  • Experience doing research using multiple sources
  • Creativity to think of eye-catching headlines
  • Familiarity with web publications
  • Excellent writing and editing skills in English
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines in digital media space