10 must-eat food spots in Causeway Point from sushi to boat noodles

My friend and I would plan to meet at Causeway Point for lunch countless times, and the million-dollar question would never fail to appear: “Eh, eat where ah?” Despite the mall having over 250 shops including food and beverages, somehow we always end up eating at McDonald’s or KFC.

No disrespect to those fast food restaurants, but I can’t help but feel cheated after realising the large variety of food available in a mall that I grew up with (it’s a 5-minute walk from my house). Hopefully, this list will prevent you from making the same mistake that I did for over 10 years! 

Here’s my list of the 10 must-eat food spots in Causeway Point from sushi to boat noodles.

1. Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak (#B1-K15)

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak - Exterior Shot

Considered part of the upper echelons of nasi lemak, Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak has made its way to Woodlands in the form of a kiosk-style joint. And thank goodness for it, as travelling to Boon Lay from Woodlands (via public transport) takes at least an hour and 20 minutes.

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak - Nasi Lemak

What’s on offer is exactly what you’d expect from any classic nasi lemak stall, with items such as the Nasi Lemak Chicken Set (S$5) and Nasi Lemak Selar Kunning Set (S$4.50). If those don’t do it for you, you can opt for a slightly altered rendition such as Nasi Lemak Otah Otah Set (S$4) and Nasi Lemak Fish Fillet Set (S$4).

+65 6200 4682
Daily: 10am — 9pm
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2. 9PM Kkochi (#B1-K11)

9PM Kkochi - Exterior Shot

9PM Kkochi is inspired by Korean night market food, with the intention of balancing both healthy and hearty eating. It also touts to be the first Korean street skewer stall in Singapore, with “kkochi” meaning skewer in Korean. 

9PM Kkochi - Skewered Pig Belly

Unlike most Korean-based food, 9PM Kkochi provides a decent amount of choice when it comes to creating your own Cupbab which has base options such as Keto (S$5.50), White Rice (S$5), Seaweed Rice (S$5.50) and Dry Spicy Ramyeon (S$6)

From there you can choose your proteins, ranging from Pork Zig Zag (S$2), Crispy Korean Spring Roll (S$1.90) and Kimchi Dumpling (S$2).  Each order of Cupbab also comes with lettuce, carrot, beansprout, seaweed, omelette and kimchi.

+65 6219 5884
Daily: 11am — 8.15pm
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3. Bali Thai (#05-05)

Bali Thai - Exterior Shot

Having started in 1993, Bali Thai is no stranger when it comes to providing an almost seamless combination of Thai and Indonesian cuisines under one roof, flavours which I would never think complemented one another. Its outlet in Causeway Point is no exception to the rule.

Bali Thai - Nasi Goreng Istimewa

Expect to indulge in Indonesian classics such as Nasi Goreng Istimewa (S$16.50++) and Ayam Panggang Bali (S$10.50++/S$13.50++). Thai cuisines are also stellar with options such as Pla Nueng Ka Min (Thai Yellow Ginger Fish) (S$19.80++) and Tom Kah (Spicy Sour Soup with Coconut Milk) (S$8.80++/S$17.80++).

Chope Reservations

+65 6894 1363
Daily: 11.30am — 10pm
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4. Poulet (#B1-25)

Poulet - Exterior Shot

One of the newer restaurants at Causeway Point, having launched on 10 May 2022, Poulet is a modern French-themed restaurant that has been serving French roast chicken since 2012! Understandably, ‘Poulet’ literally translates to chicken in French but their menu isn’t limited to it.

Poulet - Half Roasted Chicken

The French Roast Chicken comes in Half Chicken (S$17.90++), Half Chicken served with 2 Sides (S$22.90++), Whole Chicken (S$32.90++) and Whole Chicken with 2 Sides (S$36.90++). Each order of chicken also comes with 3 of its signature choice sauces: Cranberry Sauce, Mushroom Cream Sauce and Diane Sauce. 

It also has other dishes such as Grilled Sea Bass (S$19.90++), Beef Meatball with Cranberry Sauce (S$8.90++) and Pan-Seared Salmon (S$19.90++).

+65 6219 5122
Daily: 11.30am — 10pm
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5. Tuk Tuk Cha (#B1-22)

Tuk Tuk Cha - Exterior Shot

Starting out as a Thai-themed dessert kiosk in 2015, Tuk Tuk Cha is now one of the most recognisable halal Thai food restaurants with over 13 outlets in Singapore, some as booths at petrol stations.

Tuk Tuk Cha - Tuk Tuk Cha Set

Some of its signature items are the Thai Beef Noodles (S$9.90++/S$12.90++), Tom Yum Noodles (S$9.90++/S$12/90++), Phad Thai (S$9.90++), Pineapple Fried Rice (S$8.90++) and Green Curry Chicken (S$9.00++/S$12.90++)

Not forgetting its roots, its desserts and drinks such as Triple Kaya Dip (S$6.50++) and Thai Milk Tea (S$2.50++/S$3.80++/S$4.20++) are also worth a try!

Chope Reservations

+65 6963 0537
Daily: 11am — 10pm
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6. Monster Planet (#05-13)

Monster Planet - Exterior Shot

Originating from the Monster Curry brand established in 2012, Monster Planet is the halal version of the restaurant specialising in Japanese curry. This unique side of Japanese cuisine is cooked over 2 days to fully bring out its umami taste. Why monster? It’s because their Combo Curries are served on a 41cm-long plate meant to be shared!

Monster Planet - Curry Combos

Said combo includes Monster Combo Curry (S$32++), Sea Monster Curry (S$32++), Flame Monster Curry (S$29.90++), Monster Egg Curry (S$30++), Mountain Monster Curry (S$29.90++).

The Causeway Point outlet has an additional Curry Ramen menu that has Curry Ramen (S$12.90++), Chicken Karaage & Curry Ramen Set (S$17.50++), Jumbo Ebi & Curry Ramen Set (S$17.90++) and Chicken Chashu Curry Ramen (S$16.90++).

Chope Reservations

Chope Reservations

+65 6760 0021
Mon – Fri: 11am — 3pm & 5pm — 10pm
Sat & Sun: 11am — 10pm
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7. Sushiro (#05-16/17/18)

Sushiro - Exterior Shot

Established in June 1984, Sushiro has since grown to become Japan’s number 1 conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain. Currently, it has more than 670 branches in Japan as well as the overseas market, with Singapore having 11 outlets spread out all over the island. That’s a lot of sushi!

Sushiro - Sushi Set

Sushiro boasts over a 100 varieties of sushi and side menu selections at an affordable price. Its sushi options include Torched Cod Roe with Cream Cheese (S$2.30++), Tuna with Green Onion (S$2.30++),  Marinated Sesame Red Snapper (S$4.90++) and Premium Grille Eel (S$3.90++). There are also noodle options such as Shoyu Ramen with Egg (S$6.40++/S$8.60++) and Beef Udon (S$6.30++).

+65 6908 5605
Daily: 11am — 10pm
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8. Red Ginger (#02-05)

Red Ginger - Exterior Shot

Red Ginger is a halal cafe that serves classic Malay dishes as well as an extensive nasi padang set. This is perfect for those who aren’t into Thai, French, Korean and Japanese food from this list and just want to grub on familiar cuisines.

Red Ginger - Nasi Padang

Ordering nasi padang starts with selecting your rice, and options include White Rice, Lemak Rice (S$0.60) or Briyani Rice (S$0.80). Afterwards, you choose your dishes from different sets such as 3 Vegs (S$5.80), 1 Meat + 1 Veg (S$6.30) and 1 Chicken Wing + 2 Vegs (S$6.30). Some of the dishes include Ayam Merah, Nyonya Curry Chicken, Assam Pedas, Sayur Lodeh and Beef Rendang.

There are also pre-made meals such as Laksa (S$5/S$6.20), Lontong (S$5/S$6.20), Mee Rebus (S$5/S$6.20) and Nasi Lemak (S$6.70)

+65 9773 6311
Daily: 9am — 9pm
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9. The Original Boat Noodle (#05-12)

The Original Boat Noodle - Exterior Shot

We return back again to Thai cuisine in Causeway Point with The Original Boat Noodle. It initially started out only serving noodles, but has since expanded to include more local Thai street food. Currently, it has 8 outlets and is halal-certified.

The Original Boat Noodle - Boat Noodles

Predictably, its signature dish is the boat noodles that come in a small bowl (S$1.80++). They come in 4 flavours: Sweet Kuey Chap, Creamy Tomyum, Ayutthaya and Pathumthani. If you don’t plan on eating 10 bowls just to feel full, you can opt for the mains such as Bangkok Omelette Rice (S$16.69++), Kra-Pow Chicken Rice (S$16.69++), Phad Thai (S$14.69++) and Ayam Legend Rice (S$18.69++).

+65 6970 0638
Sun to Thu: 11.30am — 8.30pm
Fri & Sat: 11.30am — 9pm
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10. Ajisen Ramen (#B1-18)

Ajisen Ramen - Interior Shot

It’s not often that we hear of food (legit food and not vitamins) that help to prevent aging. Well, that is exactly what Ajisen Ramen does, with its tonkotsu soup that is full of collagen. Even the Japanese Society of Nutrition & Food Science has confirmed that collagen prevents aging.

Ajisen Ramen - Ramen

It’s understandable then that there’s over 14 ramen choices with the tonkotsu soup. Some of the flavours include Ajisen Ramen (S$10++/S$14.90++), Cha Shu Kimchi Ramen (S$10++/S$14.90++), Pork Shabu Kimchi Ramen (S$11++/S$15.90++) and Pork Chop Ramen (S$11++/S$15.90++). Each ramen set includes 1 ramen, 1 side dish and a free drink. Its side contains Cha Shu Maki (S$6.90++) and Gyoza (S$3.90++).

+65 6893 8212
Mon to Thu: 11.30am — 10pm
Fri to Sun: 11am — 10pm
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