Usher in Chinese New Year with these witty tees from Cerealbox Tees

Aah, it’s that time of year where supermarkets start playing Chinese New Year songs, and pineapple tarts become a must-have on the snack table. I’m all for celebrating the season, and nothing says Chinese New Year more than these witty tees from Cerealbox Tees. Joshua Chiang of Cerealbox Studios has delivered once again.

Cerealbox Tees 1

Show how much you love the ever-tasty and buttery pineapple with this Ong Lai Liao! (S$24.90) shirt. Not only are you declaring your undying love for this Chinese New Year goodie, but as we all know, ‘ong lai‘ sounds like ‘prosperity is coming’ in Hokkien. I don’t know about you, but I would like all the luck and fortune I can get this Chinese New Year.

Cerealbox Tees 2

That’s not all from Cerealbox Tees—what’s Chinese New Year without someone screaming ‘Huat ah!’ every five seconds. With this Huah Ah!! Fa Gao (S$24.90) shirt, you can now double the ‘huat‘ when you arrive at relatives’ houses, and perhaps a little more luck will swing your way when you play Blackjack. In fact, Cerealbox Tees even has this shirt in a whole range of colours, so make sure you check your zodiac sign this year for your lucky colour.

According to Cerealbox Tees, this Huat Ah!! Fa Gao shirt will also help to deflect nosy aunties who ask all sorts questions. In that case, I’ll take two, please.

Cerealbox Tees 3

The last of Cerealbox Tees Chinese New Year collection is this adorable Baby Lion Dance vs Lettuce (S$24.90). You know the drill, lion dancers would usually ‘jump’ through a few obstacles to get to the coveted lettuce where a red packet would be waiting for them. We can’t help but coo at the baby lion and the animated lettuce who is putting up a brave front to battle, but we all know who the winner will be.

Apart from their Chinese New Year collection, Cerealbox tees are also known for their other quirky tees. You can check out the rest of the collection here.

Cerealbox Tee collection is available here.

Price: S$24.90 per T-Shirt