Chee Cheong Fun Club relaunches at Ang Mo Kio after 2.5 months closure

Maxwell Food Centre was home to Chee Cheong Fun Club for over 5 years before the stall decided to shut down in Jul 2023. Thankfully, the owner, Youngg wanted to keep the brand going with their existing regular clientele and has just reopened in the Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 neighbourhood on 13 Oct 2023.

Youngg expressed, “The coffeeshop was lacking a vegetarian and breakfast stall so it was the perfect opportunity to come here.”

chee cheong fun club - new stall front

The Malaysia-style chee cheong fun spot specialises in simple and traditional variations. Don’t expect to find the Hong Kong style ones which are typically filled with a variety of ingredients such as prawn and char siew.

chee cheong fun club - cutting ccf

Customers will have a choice between the round and flat rice rolls for all options. Youngg recommends the round ones for the various sauce choices while the flat kind is more suited for the curry ones.

The Ang Mo Kio outlet will retain all of their signatures from their previous Maxwell outlet, but will now cater to vegetarian guests by offering their curry chee cheong fun without any onion and garlic.

chee cheong fun club - red sauce

I headed over on the first day and the full menu wasn’t available yet. The full offerings will be available on Sunday, 15 Oct 2023 on their grand opening day. I tried the Traditional Red Sauce CCF (S$2 for small) which consisted of plain round rice rolls coated in a sweet red sauce, accompanied by a side of chilli sauce and a garnish of sesame seeds.

chee cheong fun club - red sauce closeup

The flavour took me on a delightful journey down memory lane to my primary school days, when life was simpler. During that time, I had yet to experience the more elaborate Hong Kong-style versions, making this experience especially nostalgic.

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The rice rolls were silky smooth and soft and the mellow sweetness emanating from the gravy was perfect.

chee cheong fun club - black sauce closeup

I also had the Classic Black Sauce CCF (S$2 for small) which had more savoury notes. The chilli sauce had a kick without overpowering the taste of the chee cheong fun.

chee cheong fun club - combination gravy
Credit – Chee Cheong Fun Club

The menu will also sell the 3 Sauces Sampler / Mixed Sauces CCF (S$3.20 for small) which contains black sauce, red sauce and sesame peanut gravy. Try each kind of sauce one at a time then mix everything together for a unique experience.

chee cheong fun club - curry gravy
Credit – Chee Cheong Fun Club

There will also be plain Curry Chee Cheong Fun (S$3 for small, S$3.80 for normal) and Curry Chee Cheong Fun (with ingredients) (S$4 for small, S$4.80 for normal).

Do note that there is a pre-opening promotion going on between 13-14 Oct 2023 where the classic black sauce, red sauce and old-school white are going at S$1 for 2 pieces.

Head on down to Chee Cheong Fun Club this weekend for some old-school breakfast delights.

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Chee Cheong Fun Club

202 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #01-1690 , Singapore 560202

Chee Cheong Fun Club

202 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #01-1690 , Singapore 560202

Operating Hours: 7.30am - 2pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 7.30am - 2pm (Daily)
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