Chunky Lobsters: Super Worth It S$16 Lobster Rolls At This New Lobster Shack In Tanjong Pagar

Our prayers have been answered. People, affordable lobster rolls have finally hit Singapore shores. At the newly-opened Chunky Lobsters, you can get one for just $16!

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Lobster rolls have been pretty elusive in Singapore, but for no longer. Chunky Lobsters has opened its flagship store in Tanjong Pagar and opening week queues were insane, to say the least.

The eatery functions on a grab and go concept, with only five seats for dine-in customers. But then again, this is how they manage to keep their costs so low. So if your office is close by in the CBD, this is perfect for da bao. Otherwise, try to come after the lunch peak period.

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For just $16, their lobster rolls seem too good to be true. I was initially paranoid about the amount of lobster in each roll, but Chunky Lobsters quickly eased my fears.

They guarantee that every roll comes with a well-portioned 90g of Canadian Lobster meat. Sometimes a little more, but never less!

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For the indecisive, fret not. Chunky Lobsters’ menu is fairly simple, with only three offerings on the menu currently. All three are lobster rolls, so if you’re averse to lobster (just why?), you have been warned.

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Each type comes with a unique sauce, so naturally, we tried all three to tell you which is the best!

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Chunky’s Original ($16) is the recommended favourite. Sandwiched between buttered brioche buns, this lobster roll puts ‘chunky’ in Chunky Lobsters, because the bun actually bursts with lobster meat!

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The lobster is paired with a tinge of sweet mayo sauce and finished with a sprinkle of herbs. Do squeeze a bit of lemon as the light zest really perks up the flavour.

While the meat could have been seasoned with more flavours, it was definitely a delight to find that the lobster meat didn’t hit the common pitfall of becoming rubbery.

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The lobster chunks were also sized appropriately, and even had the whole claws. These pieces are the softest and most juicy, and thankfully, the good guys at Chunky Lobsters promise that every roll will come with some.

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For cheese-lovers, Chunky’s Cheezy ($16) was made just for you. The thick lobster flesh is topped with a generous amount of cheese sauce made with parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella.

While thick, the cheese wasn’t too spectacular. Perhaps, I’ve been spoiled by the throngs of oozy melty cheese dishes in Singapore, but this dish was a bit of a letdown for me.

Flavour-wise, I found that the cheese overwhelmed the taste of the lobster. Nonetheless, if you’re a huge cheese fan, you might not mind the strong cheese flavour.

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We finished off with our favourite of the night – Chunky’s Connecticut ($16) combines the toasted bread with a melted butter sauce that was to die for.

It may seem like butter-overload with a butter sauce on top of buttered bread, but with a sauce this good, butter me up!

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The sauce, in particular, added more flavour while letting the main star, the lobster, shine.

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The Chunky’s Connecticut was so good that three of us actually bought an extra one home! I wolfed mine down quickly with fervour, which was saddening when I saw the empty box at the end. Probably should have bought two to go.

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Complete your lobster roll with their Lobster Bisque ($3.90). Creamy and smooth, my only gripe with this side dish was that I didn’t find any lobster meat in my bowl of soup.

But kid you not, this was really appetising and a hearty finish to the meal.

Chunky Lobster 16

For a full meal, I suggest getting Set B ($19.90) that comes with a lobster roll of your choice, lobster bisque and lemonade. It’s well worth the value, and perfect for your lunch break!

Considering the affordable $16 cost, the lobster roll really exceeded expectations. And for such an atas ingredient like lobster, Chunky Lobsters manages to do it justice while making it accessible to people who don’t want to break the bank.

This might be ideal for your lunch break if you want to treat yourself to something different. So Chunky Lobsters, hint hint, please open an outlet near our office in Toa Payoh, soon!

Expected Damage: $16 – $19.90 per pax

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Chunky Lobsters: 138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower, #02-03, Singapore 068906 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 11am – 7.30pm, (Sat) 11am – 3.30pm, Closed on Sundays | Website | Facebook