Churro 101: Singapore Korean Cafe Review

Last Updated: November 3, 2017

Written by Sally Shoult


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Churro 101, the famous Korean churro cafe, is launching it’s first outlet in Singapore. This, my friends is very exciting news indeed and a welcome addition to the churro scene. The 20 seater cafe located within Bugis Plus is modern, cheeky and highly instagrammable.

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If you’re looking for somewhere relaxing to catch up with friends over coffee and some warm churros, look no further. For those of you who aren’t yet au fait with this sweetest of treats, let me get you up to speed.

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Whilst it is arguable where churros originally hail from, some say Portugal, some say China, some say Spain, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t care who invented it, but whoever it was I salute you. This addictive fried dough pastry is one of my favourite ways to consume calories.

If you’ve ever wondered how they are created, the open kitchen at Churro 101 allows you to see all of the action and you can watch as your churros is piped, fried and decorated right before your very eyes.

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At Churro 101, the dough is a closely guarded secret created by it’s founder – Iris Choi. Whilst she wasn’t giving anything away, Iris did inform us it doesn’t contain any butter. This left me feeling slightly less guilty about the fact I was just about to consume my entire body weight in churros.

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The batter is piped into hot oil and fried until golden and crispy on the outside. The key to the perfect churro is to ensure it’s constantly rolled whilst frying to prevent the batter cracking and to get an even colour all round.

After frying, the churro is traditionally dipped in sugar, cinnamon, or both. The crispy outside contrasted with the soft, fluffy centre is heavenly.

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Churro 101, however, have elevated this humble snack to the next level. As well as offering the conventional churros described above – which are actually very good in their own right – Choi has added a touch of magic by creating two unique versions. After reading the menu and watching them being fried right before our very eyes we couldn’t wait to dig in…

Churro - FilledChuro (1 of 1)

First up is the filled variety. Yes, you read that right – churro filled with delights such as chocolate ($4.50), cream cheese ($4.70) and milk custard ($4.50). We tasted all three versions and can assure you they are all delicious, though our favourite by a whisker was the cream cheese filling. Our eyes widened with joy as we bit into the crisp dough, only to have a soft, smooth, slightly sweet lemony filling ooze out. Impossible to eat only one.

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The second variety is a churros coated with dark chocolate and then rolled in either ‘strawberry crunch’ , coconut powder or almond slices (all $5.90). Again, all so delicious it was nigh on impossible to choose a favourite. If I had to though, the sweet coconut combined with the bitter dark chocolate was a real hit. That said, the chocolate coating is quite rich and filling, so I’d probably advise sharing one of these with a friend.

If you needed to indulge yourself even further, you can even add a scoop of soft serve ice-cream into the equation ($7.80). Warm churros with cold ice-cream? Yes please – it’s a match made in heaven.

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Churro 101 is no gimmick, these home-made doughnuts are addictive and seriously good. I for one cannot stop thinking about the cream cheese filled version and am already planning my first trip back to fuel my latest addiction.

Now, who needs a boyfriend when you have churros?

Expected damage: $5 – 8 per pax

Churro 101: Bugis Plus, 201 Victoria Street, #04-01, Singapore 188067 | Facebook

Opening Hours: Daily 10.00am – 10.00pm

Simple recipes: Skull Devilled Eggs with Polish eggs from Fermy Wozniak

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