New in town: Cing Tea, Tanjong Pagar — Popular Taiwanese BBT reaches SG’s shores

Last Updated: November 3, 2021

Written by Ariel C.

I remember my friend and I making pacts in 2018 to reduce our excessive consumption of bubble tea to just one cup per month. Needless to say, this pact failed spectacularly. How could a bunch of sugar-dependent 18-year-old girls follow through, especially when there’s a bubble tea shop on every corner? Joining the ranks at Icon Village is popular Taiwanese bubble tea brand, Cing Tea—and you’d best believe I’m getting an L-sized cup.

We all know that Taiwanese bubble tea comes second to no one, and every vacation there wouldn’t be complete unless you’ve had a cup of bubble tea. Quench your wanderlust at Cing Tea—a good place to start would be their immensely popular Oolong Tea (S$2.50/S$3.30), though if you want something more decadent, opt for their Oolong Tea Latte (S$4/S$5), or Oolong Milk Tea (S$3.40/S$4.50).

This range goes out to all the cheese foam fanatics. If you had to be persistently convinced by a friend to try it for the first time and haven’t looked back since, Cing Tea’s Cheesy Series will be right up your alley. They’ve got Cheesy Oolong Tea (S$3.50/S$4.30)Cheesy Green Tea (S$3.50/S$4.30), and Cheesy Winter Melon Tea (S$3.50).

If you’re feeling more adventurous, opt for some of the unorthodox flavours under Raymon’s No. 1 and Raymon’s Specials series. There’s a Grape Vinegar with Jelly (S$5.80) flavour that’ll raise some eyebrows, along with the Apple Vinegar with Jelly (S$5.80).

I know that I’m the type to stick with the tried and true, so my visit to Cing Tea will definitely consist of the staple options—Yakult Green Tea (S$5.30) or Milk Tea (S$3.40/S$4.50). I’ve never had any iteration of these two that I didn’t like, and I’m pretty sure these two options won’t fail you, seasoned bubble tea drinker or not.

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Price: $

Cing Tea

12 Gopeng Street, Icon Village, #01-89/90, Singapore 07887


Cing Tea

12 Gopeng Street, Icon Village, #01-89/90, Singapore 07887

Operating Hours: 11am - 10.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 10.30pm (Daily)
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