Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun launches S$4 Coriander Cheong Fun for two rolls

One of my fondest memories working at is the big debate my colleagues and I had over coriander. You either really hate it with every fibre of your being, or you’re the type to ask for an extra serving of those bright green leaves whenever you order mala—there’s often no in-between. You’ve heard of coriander cake, coriander lollipops, and now, you’re going to hear me talk about Coriander Cheong Fun.

Coriander cheong fun

If you’re a fan of Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun, this one’s for you. The beloved chee cheong fun stall has added a new offering to their menu—Coriander Cheong Fun (S$4). Your plate of soft rice noodle rolls are served wrapped with fresh coriander leaves before they’re topped with… you guessed it, more coriander leaves.

Coriander cheong fun

Turns out, coriander isn’t just a garnish, because, in this dish, it’s the star of the show. The chee cheong fun is not served with any other ingredients or fillings, just the rice noodle rolls and enough coriander to satisfy the most ardent of fans. I’m personally on team nay, but if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, give this Coriander Cheong Fun a go.

Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun will be offering this Coriander Cheong Fun at all four of their outlets—Upper Changi, Clementi, Bangkit Road, and Ang Mo Kio. If you’re a fan of the peppery green herb, this is your sign to grab your coriander-loving best friend and try this out together.

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