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Pinch Yourselves, It’s Not A Dream — Crab Cola Now Available From Niigata, Japan

Last Updated: March 26, 2019

Written by Nicole Lam

I’ll make this snappy: Japan has come up with Crab Cola. Yup, I’m as shell-shocked as you.


Takuyo Fisheries Industry, a fish packing company in the Niigata prefecture is the one behind this wacky flavour.

From the looks of it, it appears to be like regular cola. Called Cani Cola (JP¥300), this is just like your regular sugar-laden drink but infused with ‘genuine crab essence’.

Brave taste testers have said the crab flavour is not as pungent as they would expect, which is perhaps a relief and there is only a delicate whiff of crab flavour.

This crab cola has to be one for the books in terms of weird flavour combinations, but unfortunately it’s only available at local convenience stores in Niigata. I suppose if you’re planning a trip there any time soon, it’s worth a try?

Dates & Times: Now available from Niigata, Japan 

Prices: JP¥300 (S$ 3.66) per pax

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