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Easties rejoice! Mala & Hakka Yong Tau Food joint DaJie opens third outlet in Bedok

Last Updated: December 16, 2020

Written by Basil

The ubiquitous name of Mala (麻辣) has taken our little red dot by storm. Giant bowls piled high with maggi noodles, vegetables, hotdogs, and whatever you can think of. That is the image synonymous with local Szechuan-style cooking. Doused in a fiery, numbing sauce, mala hotpot makes for the perfect sharing option amongst friends and family, or if you’re courageous enough, a dish for one.

Now, everyone can partake in this painful, sweaty affair. DaJie is bringing the beloved dish right to the heartlands. The eatery already has outlets in Clementi and Bukit Batok, both dedicated to serving up local favourites like chicken rice and yong tau foo. On 13 December, DaJie unveiled its third outlet in Bedok, this time with an even more impressive menu.


Easties, rejoice! You can expect the same offerings in their new space. Halal-certified DaJie promises an authentic version of the dish that is bound to leave a tingling sensation in your mouth. Fret not, because there are still different spice levels for one to choose, so you can ease into it. The next time you’re craving some spicy dishes, come on down to customise your bowl of mala, and remember to bring some friends along.

If that isn’t your thing, DaJie also serves up some lip-smacking Yong Tau Foo. For the uninitiated, the Hakka Chinese dish features stuffed tofu, vegetables, and meat cooked briefly in a broth. Here, the choice of broth is also up to you, with options like Laksa and Tom Yum available. Note that the restaurant makes the dish two ways—soup or dry. The latter is cooked in a thick, savoury sauce that pairs perfectly with white rice. Such diversity of food is always refreshing.

For their new opening, DaJie is also offering a 10% discount of all menu items at the Bedok outlet, till 13 January. This is one place to keep in mind when looking for a place to dine with your friends, especially now that Phase 3 is coming (hoho). For more details, do visit their website here.

If you’re interested in more halal-friendly eateries, do also also check out 555 Halal Thai.

Date & Time: Open from 13 December onwards

Price: $


344 Bedok Road, DaJie, Singapore 469528



344 Bedok Road, DaJie, Singapore 469528

Telephone: +65 8222 7845
Operating Hours: 11am-10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8222 7845

Operating Hours: 11am-10pm (Daily)
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