d’Good Cafe Orchard: London Vibes & Interactive Food in The Heart of Singapore

Last Updated: January 8, 2017

Written by Marissa Mir

d'Good exterior

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because d’Good Cafe has already made waves with its first outlet in Holland Village. Expanding with a different theme altogether, the cafe’s new Orchard branch in Takashimaya will transport you to the United Kingdom with its London Underground vibes.

d'Good interior

Replicas of cultural British icons like the red telephone booth and letterbox greet you at the entrance, contrasting very well with the tasteful interior reminiscent of London’s version of our MRT- the London Underground Tube.

d'Good bar

Choose to sit at the bar if you want to watch the baristas at work. d’Good Cafe does after all, specialise in blending and brewing its own coffee and the extensive drinks menu is testament to that.

d'Good coconut cold brew

I was intrigued by the Coconut Infused Cold Brew ($9.50) which promised an interactive multi-sensory experience. I didn’t know how to feel about coconut and coffee together as a drink, but it turned out better than expected.

Dry ice is added to coconut water and the resulting coconut infused smoke is slowly poured into the coffee flask and then into a glass filled with whisky stones. You’re supposed to swirl, sniff, pour and then indulge, according to a little instructional card that comes with it.

The dry ice creates quite a dramatic feel and the coconut and coffee aroma really accentuates the strong brew. It’s quite a sweet drink but I’m sure it will go down well if you’re a fan of cold brews.

d'Good hot chocolate

For something more traditional, try the Hot Chocolate Surprise ($7.50) which is also quite interactive. A perfect chocolate sphere is served in a glass, alongside a piping hot mini jug of hot chocolate.

Don’t wait too long to pour it over, as the liquid obviously needs to be really hot to melt the chocolate ball. It’s a pretty fun process and the resulting glass of hot chocolate is rich and luxurious, just like hot chocolate should be.

d'Good azuki matcha pancake

I’ve always heard good things about d’Good Cafe’s Deutsch skillet pancakes and decided to try a sweet and a savoury option. The Grand Marnier Sweet Potato Matcha ($12) is a picture perfect combination of purple sweet potato, crushed pistachios and azuki beans atop a dense pancake, covered in just the right amount of grand marnier matcha sauce.

Vanilla ice cream is served on the side and ties all the elements of this dessert together. Get all the different textures in one bite to truly appreciate the combination.

I really enjoyed the pancake itself, which reminded me of a thicker version of a crepe with quite an eggy taste that also explains its dense texture.

d'Good duck pancake

The same pancake base is used for the savoury skillet pancake options and the Pomegranate Citrus Smoked Duck ($13) really caught my eye. Savoury pancakes aren’t new to the Singapore food scene so I wasn’t surprised to find that the flavours worked very well together.

The sweet tartness of the mandarin oranges really brings out the smoky duck flavour and once again textures are really the focus of this dish with additions like crunchy walnuts and pomegranate seeds. A must-try for anyone wanting a hearty brunch!

d'Good exterior 2

The overall concept and menu at d’Good Cafe Orchard ensures a pleasant lunch experience, without bordering on tacky. It’s an escape to London for awhile and I will surely be back to try the D’Lobster Roll ($18)!

Expected Damage: $6 – $25 per pax 

d’Good Cafe Orchard: 391 Orchard Road #B1-56, Takashimaya S.C, Singapore 238872 | Opening Hours: 10am- 10pm daily | Tel: +65 6694 1411 | Website

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