Direct to Masses lets you serve restaurant-quality dishes right from the comforts of your humble oven

Have you ever attempted the viral air-fryer pork belly recipe on YouTube only to end up with a slab of pork belly with a skin so hard you could knock yourself out in an instant? Well, if that was what happened during your last sio bak endeavour, I’m here with a ready-made solution that guarantees crunchy and crisp pork belly in a matter of minutes. Introducing Direct to Masses Crackling Roasted Pork (S$38)

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Created to bring about mod con (modern convenience) restaurant-quality products to your doorstep, Direct to Masses is a one-stop solution that delivers good food at affordable prices. Prepared fresh daily without the use of MSG and preservatives, all produce are vacuumed packed to ensure freshness. The products have a shelf life of three months to a year depending on the ingredients used. 

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Boasting a golden-brown char with a crackling that shatters with every bite is Direct to Masses’ signature Crackling Roasted Pork. Be it eaten alone or with a dip of mustard, this roasted pork is sure to delight with its stark contrast in textures and mouth-wateringly tender lean meat.

Alternatively, there is the Duck Leg Confit (S$28), a French classic well-loved by many. Instead of spending 12 hours rendering your duck leg in fat, this option will save you the trouble by having the time-consuming process done on your behalf. All that is required is 15 minutes of your time and voilà, the decadent Duck Leg Confit is yours to enjoy. 

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With the festive season just around the corner, Direct to Masses is also offering two X’mas Bundles (S$60 for two to three pax; S$138 for four to six pax) for those of you looking to spend Christmas at home over a hearty meal. 

Classic Duck Leg Confit aside, both bundles also come with X’Mas Porchetta, Braised Red Wine Beef Cheek, a side of DTM Mash Potato and sauces to complete your table of Yuletide delights!

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Just like the Crackling Roasted Pork, dishes for their X’mas Bundles are also delivered to you frozen. With a few minutes of heating, you can serve them piping hot to your guests. Orders are now available with the delivery window only until 6 December 2020. So hurry and place your orders online before the delivery window closes!

Date & Time: Now available for order online here

Prices: From S$28

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