DOCO Donburi: Gobble Up Rice Bowls With Fish Skin Sh-prinkles At This Kiosk In Tanjong Pagar

With protein bowls becoming commonplace in Singapore, a new donburi (rice bowl) shop may not seem all that exciting. But donburi with crispy fish sprinkles?

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Springing up in the heart of the CBD, DOCO Donburi is a small five-seater food kiosk at International Plaza. ‘Doco’ comes from ‘donburi‘ and ‘coconut’ so expect a menu featuring bowls of donburi, and a coconut-flavoured drink and dessert.

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With a self-service system and counter-top seating, DOCO’s layout is reminiscent of the quick grab-and-go style kiosks in Japan. The donburi can also be prepared in five – ten minutes, ideal for a quick lunch bite. Diners can finish their meal on the move as the food is served in eco-friendly disposable containers.

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When you come to DOCO, you must try their exotic specialty fish sprinkles that come in generous portions with all the donburi. Or as they call it, fish sh-prinkles for the added sh-iokness.

Lightly salted and crispy, the fish skin sh-prinkles are the perfect indulgent treat for sprucing up the rice bowls.

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For those feeling a little adventurous, you can choose their spicy cajun fish sh-prinkles instead. Dusted with cajun spice, you can expect a tongue-burning experience that will make your tastebuds tingle.

However, I found that with the additional cajun seasoning, the spicy sh-prinkles were a tad too salty.

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My favourite of the three donburi flavours was the Sh-nack Don ($9.90) or beef bowl. Filled with a generous helping of grilled beef, fish sh-prinkles and even an onsen tamago, this less-than-$10 bowl is definitely worth its price. All it’s missing is some greens to cut through the jelak-ness.

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The beef is marinated with in-house teriyaki sauce and pepper, before being scorched dramatically with a blowtorch. While the meat was juicy, it could have been a little more tender. More importantly, I liked that the beef wasn’t over-seasoned, and paired well with the saltier fish skin.

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Those seeking donburi with a more local flavour can try DOCO’s Sh-otah Don ($9.90). You’ll get three thick chunks of spicy fish otah (grilled fish cake), which was just as good as those you’d find at hawker centres. For this bowl, I recommend getting the original fish sh-prinkles as the otah was quite spicy.

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While an unusual choice of protein for donburi, I actually really liked the otah combination. The thick otah was soft and the coconut milk added a creamy sweetness that was quite delightful. Those who can handle the spice level should definitely give the Sh-otah Don a go!

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DOCO’s Sh-ken Don ($9.90) is a chicken bowl that’s perfect for those wanting a sweeter alternative. Glazed in honey miso, the chicken meat was the right balance of sweet and salty. The miso chicken was also sous vide to achieve a soft tenderness that contrasted the crispy fish sh-prinkles well.

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I simply couldn’t resist bursting the delicate onsen egg. The yolk that oozed out added a creamy flavour to the Japanese rice bowl. Mix the yolk in thoroughly to enjoy the donburi at its best!

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Donburi might not be the healthiest of meals, but DOCO’s newest addition is! The Sh-alad ($9.90) is a no-carbs alternative, and diners can get any of the three proteins with salad and of course, fish sh-prinkles.

With a choice of five toppings from a selection spanning cherry tomatoes to lotus root, you can craft your salad bowl to your liking.

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To pair with the saltier fish skin, DOCO offers a refreshing Coconut Shake ($3 add-on with any donburi order/$4.90 ala-carte). Disclaimer — this isn’t a coconut milkshake.

Mixed with fresh coconut water and soft coconut flesh, the Coconut Shake was naturally sweet, making for a healthier blend. Just the ideal cooler on a hot day!

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To end off on a sweet note, I had DOCO’s signature dessert, the Coconut Soft Serve ($3 add-on with any donburi order/$4.90 ala-carte). Unlike typical soft serve, DOCO’s rendition is made without any dairy or gluten.

Concocted from coconut water and a bit of coconut milk, the soft serve was light with a smooth slushy-like consistency.

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The soft serve is then finished with 100% organic gula melaka, which added a caramel-like sweetness. To my delight, I also found bits of coconut flesh in the soft serve that gave it a bit of texture. Altogether, this was just the thing to cleanse the palate after the heavier donburi.

With the protein bowls, DOCO serves up a wholesome meal that would fill your belly for under $10 a bowl. Their natural coconut drink and dessert also provided a refreshing finish to the meal.

As for fish sprinkles on donburi? Even though I did find the sh-prinkles a little salty, they did provide an interesting crunch to the donburi. Sinful, yet absolutely delicious! I approve, so sh-prinkle some love on DOCO and take a bite of this unique donburi with delicious fish skin.

Expected Damage: $9 – $20 per pax

DOCO Donburi: 10 Anson Road, #01-16, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 | Tel: +65 9049 9926 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 10am – 8pm, Closed on Saturdays & Sundays | Facebook