Edible cookie dough shop DOHKIE closes after 5 years

Yet another local business has bit the dust. After 5 years of scooping, the edible cookie dough specialty store, DOHKIE, has unfortunately closed down.

Dohkie - storefront

The initial announcement was made via a post on DOHKIE’s Instagram on 10 Sep 2023, which was met with shock and outcry from its fans.

Following the news, customers immediately placed their orders for the final batches of cookie dough, with all flavours selling out quickly.

DOHKIE then confirmed its permanent closure through another Instagram post after its final day of operations, 24 Sep 2023, in which the business explained that the reason for the closure was due to the owners’ time constraints and fatigue from dedicating their lives to DOHKIE since it opened back in 2018.

Regarding whether or not DOHKIE will reopen soon, the business said that it was very unlikely for at least the next 1 or 2 years, though they welcomed potential buyers to make enquiries.

Dohkie - cookie dough

DOHKIE first opened its shop in Havelock II before shifting to North Bridge Road, and then subsequently relocated to NEWest along West Coast Drive, where it would operate until the day of its closure.

The dessert shop was the first of its kind in Singapore, where it sold its delectable edible cookie dough in cute ready-to-eat containers that resembled little ice cream tubs.

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Dohkie - cookie dough

DOHKIE’s products included cookie dough flavours like Original Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter, Berries & Cream and Caramel S’mores, available in 3 sizes: Cup, Tub and Jumbo. The business also had a popular Cereal-Infused Milk creation, which was a hit among its fans.

Customers could even get sampler packs with an assortment of its different flavours, as well as cute merchandise like an enamel pin and a stainless steel shovel-shaped spoon.

It is a shame that this well-loved dessert store has closed down, and we wish its owners and staff all the best in their future endeavours.

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