Don Don Donki releases new ready-to-eat flamed seared oyster bento sets and sushi

Just over a month after a massive social media coverage with the launch of its latest outlet at Northpoint City, Don Don Donki is once again trending on social media because of the quiet release of its new oyster-based ready-to-eat sets.

Don Don Donki - Aburi Terimayo Oyster Bento

Without any announcement on their official social media pages, fans of Don Don Donki took to the internet to spread the news of the new Aburi Terimayo Oyster Bento set (S$15.80).

Many were speculating as to which outlet had them, with Northpoint City, JEM, Tampines, Novena and Harbourfront being mentioned as having very limited stocks of this elusive dish.

However, the actual location of the oyster-based ready-to-eat sets were unconfirmed as some found them in the chiller fridge whilst others found them at the heated counter with the rest of the ready-to-eat items.

Don Don Donki - Aburi Terimayo Oyster Bento

Each set contains 12 glazed oyster pieces resting on a bed of Don Don Donki’s signature Japanese short-grain rice. From its name, aburi means flame-grilled, while terimayo is a combination of teriyaki and mayo sauces.

The oysters are apparently from Hiroshima, where it is seen as the city’s most iconic delicacy.

Don Don Donki - Aburi Terimayo Oyster Bento & Steamed Oyster Sushi & Aburi Terimayo Steamed Oyster Sushi

Early thoughts on the set have been average, with some citing it to be quite ‘jelak’ as there were too many oysters. Some also enjoyed the aburi taste, which went well with the rich and creamy oysters, although views of its freshness are split.

The Aburi Terimayo Oyster Bento isn’t the only ready-to-eat oyster set. There’s also Steamed Oyster Sushi (S$11 for eight pieces) and Aburi Terimayo Steamed Oyster Sushi (S$8.80 for six pieces).

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