Ultimate Foodie’s Guide To Don Don Donki Singapore’s Ready-To-Eat Meals

Despite its irritatingly addictive jingle, Don Don Donki is one of my go-to shops for anything to do with fresh groceries, Japanese produce, discounted merchandise, and more.

Trust me, ask any of my friends—they’re the ones tasked to physically hold me back from buying too many things at one go.

Don Don Donki 0847

While I knew that Don Don Donki had its fair share of donburis and affordable sashimi, I decided to drop by its City Square Mall outlet (which is its biggest outlet by far) to check out the rest of its ready-to-eat meals to see what else it had to offer.

From the expected (sushi, sashimi, and more) to more impressive options like yakisoba, katsu curry rice and even hamburg sets, here’s the ultimate foodie’s guide to Don Don Donki’s ready-to-eat meals.

1. Sushi Platters

Don Don Donki 0680

In Don Don Donki, there’s an entire section specially reserved for salmon sushi alone.

You’ve got Salmon Nigiri (S$9.80 for 10), as well as Salmon Nigiri Terimayo (S$5.80 for five). All sushi platters are priced by type and not by weight (thank goodness), so I spent a good five minutes trying to spot a platter of aburi sushi that looked the most worth it.

Don Don Donki 0678

The one I was most impressed by was the Salmon Nigiri Aburi ($9.90 for 10). Just looking at that gorgeous sear on the top of that thick slice of salmon was enough to make my mouth water.

It comes with wasabi and soy sauce, so all you need to do is remove the packaging, tear open the soy sauce packet, and pop the sushi in your mouth.

Plus, 10 pieces of salmon nirigi aburi sushi cost S$9.90, which is pretty affordable if you ask me. Two pieces of aburi salmon sushi at any other Japanese restaurant could easily cost you S$5 or more!

2. Sashimi Platters

Don Don Donki 0696

Not only do these sashimi platters look gorgeous, there’s also a ton of variety available at Don Don Donki.

The Sashimi Moriawase (S$25.90) we picked up had nine different types of sashimi—it had salmon, tuna, scallops, prawns, swordfish, ikura, yellowtail and more impressively, uni.

Don Don Donki 0694

My best find from the sashimi section was the Salmon Belly Sashimi Slice (S$9.86), which is priced by weight (S$8.80/100g).

I’m not even kidding when I say that the salmon belly slices, when put side by side, were longer than my palm. I counted nine gorgeously fat slices of salmon belly, which averages out to be about S$1 per slice.

3. Sashimi Bowls

Don Don Donki 0691

For those who prefer a complete meal, head to Don Don Donki’s rice bowl section.

There’s plenty to pick from: Unagi Don (S$8.80), Aji Tataki Don (S$8.80), Kani Chirashi Don (S$8.80), Salmon Mentaimayo Don (S$8.80), and the cheapest of the lot being the Saba Teriyaki Don (S$4.80).

Don Don Donki 0872

I immediately spotted Salmon Ikura Don (S$9.80), which was the most popular dish since it was selling out quite fast, and bought it for my colleagues back in the office to try.

Don Don Donki 0899

While the sashimi itself was a tad bit fishy, it’s definitely value for money. I counted at least six or seven thick slices of sashimi, together with springy ikura balls. A major plus point was the Japanese rice, which was sweet, sticky and fluffy—just how it should be.

4. Yakisoba

Don Don Donki 0738

The yakisoba was easily the cheapest ready-to-eat meal out of the whole lot, costing only S$3.90, which is even cheaper than a bowl of ban mian or wanton mee at your local kopitiam.

Don Don Donki 0875

I actually quite liked the yakisoba because of how nicely it was fried. I could taste a smokiness to the dish, as well as a sweet tanginess from the yakisoba sauce.

Don Don Donki 0878

The pork was really tender, sweet and juicy. I honestly didn’t expect it to taste so yummy for just S$3.90!

5. Fried Food

Don Don Donki 0705

While some might consider fried food a snack, others would consider it a full meal, especially if you’re pairing it with alcohol or cooking your own rice at home.

Apart from the usual chicken karaage and croquettes, Don Don Donki has a couple of interesting fried food options, such as Geso Karaage (S$6.90), which is deep-fried squid tentacles.

Don Don Donki 0708

I also spotted large plates of Taru Taru Fried Fish (S$5.80), which came complete with shredded cabbage and tartar sauce.

6. Teriyaki Salmon Head

Don Don Donki 0712

Don Don Donki’s City Square Mall outlet has an entire area dedicated to freshly cooked ready-to-eat meals, but the first thing I spotted was this insanely huge plate of Teriyaki Salmon Head (S$6).

I mean, just look at the size of that thing—it’s bigger than my hand!

I also spotted a large fin or two below the salmon head, so for just S$6, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

7. Onigiri

Don Don Donki 0723

What’s a Japanese convenience store without a staple Japanese dish like onigiri?

Don Don Donki’s onigiris aren’t the cheapest around since each cost around S$2 to S$2.50 depending on the type. But you’re definitely getting your money’s worth because each onigiri was pretty big—it was slightly bigger than my palm!

Don Don Donki 0720

There’s a huge variety of onigiri flavours available: Octopus (S$2.50), Salmon (S$2.20), Teriyaki Salmon (S$2.30), Karashi Mentaiko (S$2), Saba Teriyaki (S$2) and Fried Chicken (S$2).

8. Takomeshi

Don Don Donki 0725

Takomeshi is a well-loved Japanese dish that’s essentially stir-fried rice with octopus and other ingredients. It’s more popular in the Kinki region and was originally a Japanese fisherman’s dish.

Don Don Donki’s rendition of Takomeshi (S$4.20) includes burdock root, Japanese dashi, springy octopus, carrots and spring onions.

While it’s deceivingly simple, it’s said to have tons of flavours from the fresh octopus and the other ingredients, which give it a salty touch, as if you’re eating it by the sea.

9. Omu Soba Sets

Don Don Donki 0747

Don Don Donki’s Omu Soba is priced affordably at S$5.50, and comes with a bed of soba noodles, a layer of silky egg, and a drizzle of mayonnaise and tangy-sweet sauce.

Don Don Donki 0744

I also saw Don Don Donki selling Omu Soba Set (Fish) (S$8.90), which came with a piece of fish that was as large as the entire omelette.

Don Don Donki 0915

If you’re looking for a fuller meal, go for the Omusoba Set (Pork). For just S$7.90, you’ll get a plate of yakisoba wrapped in a soft omelette, three takoyaki balls, and chicken karaage.

10. Takoyaki

Don Don Donki 0750

Personally, I love takoyaki. It’s a great snack and can easily make up an entire meal, plus there’s just something about it that makes it so easy to pop it into your mouth.

Don Don Donki sells takoyaki in two sizes: Regular (S$4.80) and Large (S$8.50). I did a quick count of the Large version and counted about 18 balls. That averages out to about S$0.50 per ball!

However, it might be worthwhile to note that Don Don Donki doesn’t include any toppings in its takoyaki. It’s simply made of a wheat flour-based batter and topped with bonito flakes, mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce.

11. Tamago

Don Don Donki 0751

Tamago is such a traditional Japanese dish. When I was in Tokyo, I remember snacking on tamagoyaki while walking the streets. I was pretty happy to see Don Don Donki sell tamago-based meals, such as Unagi Maki Tamago (S$9.90).

Don Don Donki 0754

If you’re looking for something a bit more simpler, Don Don Donki also sells Tamagoyaki (S$4.90) as it is.

Despite being cooked in advance, the tamagoyaki still looked moist and springy, and I absolutely loved how generous Don Don Donki was with the amount of egg used. Just look at how fat that roll is!

12. Chicken Nanban

Don Don Donki 0756

A popular favourite with the kids, chicken nanban is deep-fried chicken that’s been soaked in a sweet nanban sauce and topped with tartar sauce.

What I really loved about Don Don Donki’s chicken nanban (S$4.90) was how affordable it was, given the large portion! Plus, look at the amount of tartar sauce that had been drizzled on top of the fried chicken. You’re definitely bound to get that delicious crispiness, tanginess and sweetness all in one bite. Mmmm.

13. Hamburg Set

Don Don Donki 0759

While a hamburg set could easily cost you S$15 and above at a Japanese restaurant, Don Don Donki’s Pork & Beef Hamburg Combo only sets you back S$11.90.

It comes with Japanese white rice, a juicy pan-seared beef patty, two grilled pork sausages, and half of a tender soft-boiled ramen egg.

14. Curry Tonkatsu

Don Don Donki 0772

When I spotted the Curry (Tonkatsu) (S$6.90), I definitely knew I had to get it. S$6.90 is such an insane steal, and it’s definitely one of the cheapest curry tonkatsus you can find.

Don Don Donki 0903

The tonkatsu pieces were definitely one of the thickest I’ve seen by far, to the point that I was actually convinced it should’ve been cut in half to look like a regular portion. The meat was juicy, thick and sweet, and the thin batter wasn’t too oily or thick.

This was by far one of the best buys of the entire trip—no regrets!

15. Salmon Belly Don

Don Don Donki 0775

Mention Salmon Belly Don to anyone and ask them how much they think it’d cost. I can bet you that the answer could range from anywhere between S$15 to S$50.

However, Don Don Donki’s Salmon Belly Don only costs S$6.90. It was a pity that too much condensation had formed on the plastic lid (perhaps it had just been cooked and packaged), so I couldn’t capture an accurate picture of the dish. I spotted at least four or five thick slices of salmon belly though, which had all been topped with teriyaki sauce.

16. Unagi Don

Don Don Donki 0777

Ever since I was young, I’ve been a huge fan of unagi. There’s just something about the soft flesh, the smoky skin, as well as the tangy barbecue-like glaze that makes unagi so appealing and yummy.

Don Don Donki sells not only an entire slab of unagi, it also sells nicely-portioned unagi dons for you to indulge in.

Don Don Donki 0792

My personal favourite is the Unagi Tamago Don (S$9.90). It came with a thick slab of unagi, egg, onions and rice.

Don Don Donki 0884

Man, the unagi alone was enough to elicit “oooooohs” from my colleagues. It was pretty thick, tender and fragrant, and was topped with unagi sauce.

Don Don Donki 0886

The best part about this dish was how each of the individual elements worked so well with each other.

The rice was fluffy and slightly sticky, and the egg had been steeped in a dashi-based broth, just like an oyaku don, so the sweet sauce seeped right into the rice. The unagi was soft and delicious, with just the right balance between umami and salty.

17. Sanma Kabayaki Don

Don Don Donki 0781

Don Don Donki also offers Sanma Kabayaki Don, which is pacific saury, a type of fish that’s also called the “autumn sword fish” because of its shape.

It’s prepared kabayaki style, which means filleting the fish such that it’s split down the belly, gutted and boned, butterflied, cut into square fillets, skewered, and dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce before being broiled on a grill.

For just S$6.90, you also get half of a soft-boiled ramen egg, pickles, and rice.

18. Pork Cha Siu Don

Don Don Donki 0790

One look at Don Don Donki’s Pork Cha Siu Don (S$7.90) and I could tell that it was made to appeal to local Singaporeans because of how the cha siu had been made.

Rather than large circle-shaped chashu slices, like those that you typically find in ramen bowls, I saw cha siu slices instead, which had been lathered with a sticky teriyaki-like glaze, sesame seeds, half a ramen egg, and rice.

19. Hotate Scallops Jyu

Don Don Donki 0786

Scallops are known to be pricey because of how it’s grown, farmed, and imported. However, Don Don Donki’s Hotate Scallops Jyu is affordably priced at S$8.90. I actually did a double-take when I saw the price because I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I counted at least 16 scallops on top of a bed of fluffy Japanese rice. A definite steal, if you ask me!

20. Katsu Don

Don Don Donki 0795

Looking for a quick and easy meal that’s still delicious and yummy? Go for Don Don Donki’s Katsu Don (S$6.90), which comes with Japanese rice, crispy katsu, and silky egg.

What I really loved about Don Don Donki’s katsu dons was how well done the egg was. It had been cooked together with onions in a dashi-based broth, and no matter how long it’s been left there, the egg was still runny and savoury—just the way it should be.

21. Sake Nori Bento

Don Don Donki 0797

Can’t make up your mind about what to eat for lunch? Try Don Don Donki’s Sake Nori Bento (S$9.90).

It has just a bit of everything—from pan-fried salmon to fried chicken, and even octopus, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Plus, the staff was thoughtful enough to portion out the deep-fried long beans so it won’t get soggy.

22. Gyoza

Don Don Donki 0801

I’m the kind of girl that walks into a ramen stall and orders a plate of gyoza to accompany my meal. So, when I spotted trays and trays of gyoza at Don Don Donki, I literally did a short happy dance in the middle of the aisle.

Its Chicken Gyoza (L) (S$9.90) is really reasonably priced. I counted 12 pieces of pan-fried gyoza, which meant that each piece cost around S$0.80 only. Super affordable!

23. Porridge

Don Don Donki 0803

Now, this might be a surprising dish to see at Don Don Donki, but this Japanese convenience stall also sells Okayu Chicken Porridge (S$4.50).

When I lifted the packaging up, it was still warm to the touch. It was topped with bits of minced chicken, Japanese fish cake and spring onions, and would definitely suit those looking for a comforting meal.

24. Cakes And Dessert

Don Don Donki 0808

I know, I know, cakes and dessert isn’t considered a meal, but all it took was one look at Don Don Donki’s variety of cakes, puffs and ice cream and I knew I had to add this into the list.

Plus, come on, what better way to end the meal than with an entire cake?

Don Don Donki 0824

From crepe cakes for S$3.90 to melon cream puffs for S$9.90, you’ll definitely find something here to satisfy your sweet tooth, no matter the day, time or occasion.

Don Don Donki’s City Square Mall outlet had so much to offer that I literally had to walk three or four rounds around the deli section before finally purchasing a couple of meals back for my colleagues to try. Plus, the place was actually so big that my colleague and I got lost trying to find the exit. (Not kidding.)

Not only was everything insanely affordable (really, yakisoba for S$3.90?), Don Don Donki also had a wide range of ready-made dishes—from rice to noodles, to fried food, and even a huge range of sashimi and sushi that’s perfect for sharing with friends.

I could literally come here every day for an entire week and find something new to eat every single time.

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Don Don Donki

City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Rd, #B2-05/18, Singapore 208539

Our Rating 5/5

Don Don Donki

City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Rd, #B2-05/18, Singapore 208539

Telephone: +65 6444 2422
Operating Hours: 9am - 12am (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6444 2422

Operating Hours: 9am - 12am (Daily)
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