The Entertainer & Cheers 2017 Promo Code for Singapore!

Entertainer Promo Code 2017: Discount $20 off the app!

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Looking for the Entertainer Singapore promo code?

Available to download for free on IOS and Google App stores, The ENTERTAINER App has premium 1-for-1 deals to save you tons of money when dining out in Singapore. In 2017, The Entertainer App is bigger, better and even more value for money .

At the price of just SGD 105 (after a $20 discount with our promo code) for the whole year of 2017, look no further because this is the money saving app to rule them all and save you tons dining out.

In Singapore alone, there are over 1,700 Buy-One-Get-One-Free deals to be had. The hottest contemporary restaurants, cafes, night spots, casual dining, attractions, leisure activities, spas, hotels, fitness centres and more, are yours to enjoy!

entertainer singapore app savings

In 2016, the average customer of the Entertainer app in Singapore saved more than SGD 650 and for the new year (2017) — the app promises to get bigger (on savings) than the last, with unbeatable offers that will allow the heaviest of users to save up to thousands. If you’re still not convinced, read on.

Simply use our Entertainer 2017 promo code: SETH2017

Entertainer promo code 2017 singapore

…and baby you’re on the right track.

The full Entertainer Singapore 2017 can be yours for only SGD 105 if you use my promo code after downloading and purchasing the complete – there’s a trial version with limited merchants too so give it a shot!

Simply key in what criteria you’re searching for and the Entertainer will search for merchants with 1-for-1 deals based on your filters.

Our promo code also works for the CHEERS App, a new 1-for-1 drinking app by the Entertainer too!

Enjoy another $20 off the Cheers app, which also costs SGD 125 to purchase. It’s $20 off each app with our code!

For the sceptics, including the voice in my head that always tells me something is too good to be true. This is one investment that’s worth making — especially if you’re always looking to… well entertain.

Exclusive offers such as new restaurant launches, special events and promotions will constantly be updated, making you more royal than ever. Simply download the Entertainer App from the App store, Google Play and Samsung App Website.

So remember, use our promo code for $20 off the app: SETH2017 

Not too sure on how to do it? Here’s a comprehensive article on how the Entertainer app works.

Psst, there’s a selection of free offers to try out before committing to buying the app.