Fatburger: Hollywood’s Famous Four-Patty Burgers + Thick Creamy Milkshakes At Novena

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The famous Fatburger has opened their doors in Singapore, serving up thick and juicy burgers! With their second outlet opening at Velocity @ Novena Square, we took our chance and headed over for a burger-licious experience.

Being a huge fan of beef burgers, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw their outlet. The spacious outlet seats up to 80 people, and lines started forming as soon as lunch hour starts.

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The Novena Fatburger outlet even has a milkshake counter. For those who want to get their milkshake fix, you can skip the burger queue if you just want a thick and creamy drink.

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Of course, we went straight for their burgers. We tried the Western BBQ (S$9.90), which has a single beef patty, cheese, bacon, and a crispy onion ring. This is topped with lettuce and tomato, all sandwiched between golden toasted brioche. What’s not to love about it?

As I bit into this well-made burger, the sweet tomatoes filled my palate. Together with the savoury grease from the juicy beef patty, I just couldn’t get enough of it. The perfectly fried onion ring also gave the burger some crunch.

The best way to enjoy the burger is to get all the components in one bite, so that you can experience all the textures and flavours together. This burger was the right size for me, though if you’re a big eater, you might want to try getting the double patty.

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Fatburger wouldn’t be “fat” without their Quad Burger (S$15.90), which is also known as their XXXL burger. This burger had four patties sandwiched between two toasted brioche buns, and the towering creation doesn’t exactly hold together for long.

We took it up a notch by adding a fried egg and slices of cheddar cheese. As it was impossible to get everything in a single bite, it took me two or three bites to taste every part of this burger. Adding the egg and cheese also gave the burger a more buttery taste.

It was a little overwhelming after a while, especially since I’m not a big eater, but I liked that the beef patty stayed tender and juicy, and the whole burger was still warm even after a good 30 minutes.

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Apart from serving fat, juicy burgers, Fatburger also offers delicious sides to go with the meaty mains. We tried three sides, and they definitely met our expectations. Their perfectly-fried fries are lightly salted and not too greasy, which means it isn’t too heavy on the palate.

But if you like your fries with stronger flavours, their Chilli Cheese Fries (S$5.90) is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Loaded with a generous portion of sauces and cheese, it’s full of tasty and oozy goodness. However, it’s a little on the salty side for me.

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I absolutely loved the Onion Rings (S$5.90)! Freshly cut and battered daily, the rings are only fried upon order so they’re always hot and fresh. Crispy on the outside, the onion within was soft enough that it almost melted instantly in my mouth.

Fatburger uses a light batter which balanced out the sweetness of the onions, making it pretty addictive. Out of all the sides we tried, the Onion Rings was the first dish that we finished.

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The Singapore outlets are one of the few Fatburger outlets in the world which offer Buffalo Wings Bone-In (S$5.90/6 pieces, S$7.50/8 pieces, S$11.50/12 pieces, S$14.50/16 pieces). These wings come in seven different sauces ranging from the ordinary Plain to a lip-burning Death Valley. 

Of course, we had to try the spiciest buffalo wings they offered, and I can only describe it as death on my tongue! Though I enjoy spicy food, these wings were just unbearable for me. My partner, on the other hand, handled it with ease, and she easily ate two to three wings.

The sharp spiciness overpowered the flavour of the chicken, so unless you’re up for a heavy kick of spice, get something lower on the heat level.

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To ease the heat of those spicy wings, we got the Strawberry Milkshake and Oreo Milkshake (S$5.90 each). The shakes were extremely thick and rich, due to generous scoops of ice cream in it. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, these milkshakes are a great choice for you.

Fatburger Singapore offers quality beef burgers, and you can also count on them to serve you hot sides and cold creamy milkshakes. So head over to Novena Velocity or Kinex Mall for some good old milkshakes and juicy burgers!

Expected Damage: S$10 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


238 Thomson Road, #01-09 Velocity @ Novena Square, Singapore 307683

Our Rating 4/5


238 Thomson Road, #01-09 Velocity @ Novena Square, Singapore 307683

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
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