FeedLot Steakhouse Bar and Grill: Singapore Food Review

 “Rustic, cowboy ambience”

Feedlot steakhouse bar and grill

On the search for Singapore’s best steaks, I’ve arrived at FeedLot Steakhouse for judgement.

The front end restaurant arm of Swiss Butchery, FeedLot Steakhouse Bar and Grill aims to showcase what can be done with it’s own high quality meats by shifting from Bukit Timah to Tanglin and rebranding themselves.

feedlot tanglin singapore

The use of materials such as dark wood and grey stone within its interiors show a sense of warmth and groundedness, giving FeedLot steakhouse a modern farmhouse vibe. Other rustic-chic design elements include leather-clad menus and steel sculptures for the inner cowboy within.

Feedlot grilled tenderloin salad

Char-grilled Tenderloin Salad with Sweet Lemongrass Soy ($20). Juicy tenderloin grilled and topped on mesclun salad. The Lemongrass flavour could be a bit stronger though, and steak was a bit cold.

feedLot bone marrow

Bone Marrow ($18). Oven-roasted bone marrow, topped with capers and shallots. Very simply done and very tasty; you can savour the soft gelatinous tissues that just melt in your mouth. Easily accessed as well when it’s cut in half like that.

Feed Lot Tomato soup

Soup of the Day: Tomato Soup ($8). Thickly flavoured with Cheese, very flavourful and has chunks of tomato. A pretty well-done simple soup I’d have to say.

Feedlot steakhouse lamb leg

Lamb Leg (part of weekly set lunch menu).  A single skewer as part of the main course of the set lunch menu here, the lamb is grilled and marinated with spices and mint. Quite juicy but still has hints of the gaminess.

I’m afraid as a main in the set lunch, this portion might be a bit small for me.

feedlot swordfish steak

Swordfish Steak (Part of set lunch). Topped with agrodolce sauce, a sweet and sauce Italian sauce, the swordfish which tends to be a bit less flavourful goes well with this more flavorful topping. Not overly cooked, the meat is still firm yet soft.

feedlot steakhouse burger

Swiss Portobello Burger ($24). Grilled Angus Beef Patty with bacon and emmental cheese. Big and juicy handmade patty, the burger is actually really good here, although a bit on the pricey side. Excellent portobello and cheese melted on the beef patty. A huge portion as well though to go with the price, so it makes sense in the end if you’re feeling hungry.

Feedlot steakhouse wagyu

Wagyu Ribeye ($89). 300 day grain fed Australian wagyu with a marbling score of 6-7, simply seasoned with pepper corn and a pepper sauce. Although very buttery as expected of wagyu, I found it to be a bit under-seasoned (more salt please), and perhaps cut too thin.

Thin steaks tend to cook too fast, and you can’t get a nice char finish without overcooking the entire steak and melting all the fats. Also, it reduces the amount of bite you can get in a steak, so it doesn’t seem as juicy as it should be when sinking into a thick piece.

FeedLot Angus Beef prime rib

Angus Beef Prime Rib ($185). At 1.2kg, this was the best and biggest beef of the night. A nice char finish with evenly cooked rareness throughout. It is also lightly flavoured with truffle for a bit more dimension.

I also tried the 500g T-bone steak ($75), but didn’t manage to get a photo as it was attacked before I knew it. Taste wise as well wasn’t as promising, as it was overcooked more to medium well.

FeedLot lamb rack

Char-grilled Lamb Cutlets ($45). Soft and tender, but still not the ‘fall of the bone’ kind of state yet. Still has that hint of lamb gaminess.

Feedlot restaurant tiramisu

Classic Tiramisu ($12). This was very well done, with good flavours of Coffee Liquer soaking the biscuit and balanced by the mascarpone cheese cream. Not overly sweet, but sweet enough to match the coffee intensity.


Green Apple Rhubarb Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream ($12). Sour green apple and rhubarb mix, covered by biscuit crumbs. Good contrast in texture between the crumbs and the filling, while the ice cream provides a hot and cold sensation. Not overly sour like some rhubarbs, this was a pleasant, warm ending.

feedlot steakhouse

Perhaps it was because the steaks were all cooked and came out at the same time for this tasting session, resulting in continuous internal cooking- steak continues cooking even after it leaves the grill, thus it might be overdone by the time we reached the steaks after we went through the first few dishes first.

No doubt a good, fresh meat supplier by Swiss Butchery the parent company, I feel the restaurant cooked steaks might need a bit of refinement on the technique.

A rustic and very enjoyable ambience to chill, FeedLot is ideal for close friend gatherings and not that pricey if you order the burgers for example.

Lunch set is at $28++, including one appetizer (soup or salad), main and dessert. Items are changed weekly for the lunch set.

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Expected Damage: $90-$120/ pax

FeedLot Steakhouse Bar and Grill: 56 Tanglin Road #B1-01 Singapore (247964) | Tel: 6463 8080  | Website

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